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SRDines discuss latest ban wave

TIA gone

SJIA gone

Opioid Church gone

I know it's pathetic but I did have a soft spot in my heart for TIA. It was the sub that first got me to reddit, back when reddit looked like a shitty craigslist. I stopped really checking it by 2016 when it was starting to focus less on otherkin and other wacky shit. And near the end it was just non stop train posting. But I'll still pour one out for a real one, an example of what reddit used to be like back in the free speech days.

It's a tragedy that /r/subredditdramadrama is mostly dead. Anyway SRDines jerk themselves raw over callout post number 12 this week. JK SRD doesn't allow that many posts.

JK I love lawlz

SRDines: this make me sad

Then why click on it?!?

SRDines fine they can't clown on Depp fans lmao.

Lol they're talking about Rittenhouse. Dude most of America was cheering him on

In America, everything's for sale. Even the courts.

Yeah because rich people don't have nice layers in other countries. Also 5k ain't a lot for a lawyer.

Of course it's Des Moines

I knew a guy in college who was sent to live with an aunt in the Midwest from his parents west coast house for a summer. This was because he was annoying his parents. Anyway the only thing he "leaned" was the fact that 1/4 people on the road were blitzed.

(white) Dude killed a 18 year old girl in cold blood after luring her our to a remote place. As usual SRDines are unable to understand how the average real person may have some hold ups with his release.

Why yes children once upon a time Drama was about general celebraty drama and SRD was for subreddit drama.

Look how clean this comments are, the lack of snappy. But we were always catty bitches.

Inadvertently proving drama was the only community that could survive off site cringetopia has now become a furry hang out. SRDines of course are high on their own farts about this.

The kicker is that the mod is trying to get the whole sub banned by reddit admins in order to oush people to his shitty website. 4d chess

Sorry SRDines, this is real life. The off-site website only works for drama tards.

As a furry, i

Yeah that checks out.

Some prime threads:




You can be right about pay equity and still be a massive piece of shit. Will reserve judgment until the facts come out.


White People Twitter in shambles.

This is the dude who is posted all over WPT. Like twice a day, I wonder if they'll end up deleteting the posts.

That's right folks the autist who spergs out and beats your child has every right to stay in the class room. Disagree and you're racist.

Seriously I can't wrap my head around how the whole class has to be paused and all the other kids pulled out of someone's having a violent tantrum. Bring back beating children. After the second time this happens just drop them off in detention with a textbook and worksheets to do for the rest of the year.

Yes kids, back in the day this was peak internet drama!

NTA. Children deserve more beatings CMV

Bruh weed has no addictive chemicals.

Yet you still smoke it every day

How many families have been ruined by a potheads dependency?

Not ruined but plenty of fail sons that would just sit inside all day.

I'm being dead serious. Special note of:

As they say "multiple paths" the on screen chart shows all paths go to the same point

The sheer fact that anyone would want to be a Jannie for a steamer.

The fact that this went so poorly, the video was pulled and we haven't heard anything since as everyone involved kamakazied their careers in one tweet.

Link: https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/08/controversial_fmv_title_g*mer_girl_remains_silent_on_september_launch

SRDines do be seething tho

"gate keeping!"


It really does feel like reddit is cracking down on different opinions.

Credit to https://old.reddit.com/user/RIPGeorgeHarrison

And credit to this chad: who exposed the cheater: https://nypost.com/2019/11/02/after-marathon-cheats-suicide-man-who-busted-him-said-he-would-do-it-again/

If this drama interests you, this newyorker bit is also a fun read: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2012/08/06/marathon-man

1000 DC to who ever works out how Litton cheated.


They've probably been wanting to bring it back for years, but didn't want it getting swastikas / commie flags all over the place. They knew there would be much better coordination the next time around. They probably were aiming for 2021, but then had to wait for the GME cultists to die down a bit.

You know what I miss about the old SRD? They had threads on all sorts of random shit. Now if it's not one of their three approved mega threads it gets chucked.

Reported by:


Apparently the removal of dramatic subs was a good thing for SRD. Still a reminder of how spicy drama used too be on the internet before everything mildly offensive got removed.

TL;DR Trees was hard on the trump train. Then when the Trump Train rolled into the station they learned what they have voted for. Seethe ensues.

TL;DR; TL;DR; Dude druggies, lmao.

Title. Guy defends trans rights all the time. Still not enough. Banned for comments on women's sports. You can guess the comments.