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present day. present time.

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"serious discussion"

["Feature" Idea] Cycling accent colors on iOS Safari

With iOS 15 Safari, by default, will change it's accents to match the website's CSS. (Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds.)

Currently rdrama's is displayed as an ugly pink which is great but I think it could be more annoying.

sixcolors.com somehow gets it to cycle slowly through the six (apple) colors.

I think adding a cycle of ugly colors, in a similar manner to sixcolors, would be distasteful and make good retribution against iOScels.

Maybe similar to the icon at the top?

u/Aevann u/Q

This is :taygrimacing:

Three big gulps worth of fat drama.

More threads from re-runs:



This was made for u/idio3 because he is special!

Radiolab apologizes for using the w-slur.


ASCII Marsey v2

This was made using this website http://www.robertecker.com/hp/research/image2asciiart.php?lang=en

"ASCII" Marsey

I used the libcaca output on mpv, took a screen shot then resized it in gimp.

I'm useless when it comes to art, anybody able to make a lain marsey?

no marseymexican ?

/r/stupidpol on the fatty question

Personally, I support heavy sugar taxes and "Obesity passports" similar to what vaccine passports are, to incentivize getting healthier.

we need a marsey with a vaccine passport

Obese people are disgusting