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Caption: They also want to harass Hong Kong Student Union. At this point, all Chinese related club should be shutdown by the school. The whole point of these clubs is spying for China.

I never thought I would be making a post like this. Today in front of my house in Mira Mesa a man was laying on the side walk screaming at the top of his lungs, incoherently. I ignored it for a good 15 minutes, hoping he would just move on. No such luck, he was obviously was on drugs. He then began screaming obscenities. I have a toddler in my house and started getting worried. I went outside and asked the man if I could help him. He screamed at me to stay away and called me the devil. Then he started pleading for help and said he was getting attacked by demons. I didn't want to get too close to him because he seemed that he might get violent. After all the screaming and cursing, I called 911. After explaining the situation, they said there is nothing that they can do and that I should call the san diego city non urgent dispatcher. We went inside and tried to ignore him. The situation then escalated when the man took his clothes off and started masterbating right on the side walk AND DOING FULL BLOWN SEXUAL ACTS. He was saying obsense things to me and my wife across the street. At that point my todler woke up scared. I went outside and the man started threatening me.. My wife and I called 911 3 times after that pleading for help and, guess what.... they told us that if he didn't physically attack me or my family that I should go inside and close my windows and doors. We called the non urgent line and after being on hold for 20 minutes, the line hung up. After an hour of this, my wife and child were scared. We can hear him threatening us while naked. At that point I had enough, I grapped my water hose and blasted and he didn't move. I ended up grapping a shovel and began walking towards him and, finally, at that point he grapped his bag and started running. My blood was boiling I chased behind him a couple of blocks. I'm really a very nice and civil person, but everyone has their limit. I don't want to take matters in my own hands. If you ever see this man, be careful. And shame on you san diego police. SHAME ON YOU!

Isn't this what BB guns are for?

"Is he harming you? Is he harming somebody else? No. So why call the police?"

Don't want your toddler to see things like this? Invest in curtains.

Article https://sfstandard.com/politics/san-francisco-housing-todco-amazon-tax-prop-k-guaranteed-income/

In true San Francisco fashion, Prop. K might have been crafted with noble intentions, but it has since blown up in the face of its backers. It was intended to tax Amazon and perhaps some other large e-commerce companies. But because the authors apparently misunderstood both Amazon’s business and the nature of many local enterprises, Prop. K would instead ding hundreds of bars, restaurants and small brick-and-mortar retailers while draining millions from the general fund.

“So what?” Elberling said. “Because you might make a mistake, you shouldn’t do anything? That’s their argument? Yeah, well, fuck that.”

Elbering doesn't live in SOMA, he just has a rent free affordable unit he doesn't pay taxes on.


2nd thread https://old.reddit.com/r/BlockedAndReported/comments/ww1vug/mazal_tov_to_barpod_production_assistant/ilka8jq/

The only reason I'm aware of your "furry" status is because you're proud of it. You hoaxed LibsofTikTok with a story about putting litter boxes in schools. That hoax shows that you know that "furry" is associated with children. Calling it "anthropomorphic art" doesn't change the fact that you're proudly sexually aroused by pictures of characters that are primarily geared toward children engaging in sex acts. I don't care that you're gay. It doesn't matter. It doesn't shield you. Pretending that "furries" aren't "queer" is nonsense. I think you are a liar. That was my first introduction to you.

I am tired of all this nonsense being framed as "queer" and you're part of the problem. I don't think it's all right for a grown man to get his sexual kicks out of child-focused art. I really don't like being associated with you as part of the "community." I think you are part of the problem.

The segment they're spazzing about is around 1h48m


/r/TimDillon reaction: https://old.reddit.com/r/TimDillon/comments/wxgo4y/image_having_on_a_top_comic_blindside_him_with_a/


"caught multiple times damaging water pipes

"walks around with wrench and hammer"

"he defecated on that corner"

"been busted for cutting electrical wiring on streetlights"

"no one does anything about it"

"he's also been cutting the internet wiring"

"the police say there's nothing they can actually do"

"it's only a misdemeanor"

Ctrl-f "trans" or "groomer" for more moral panic

Russan bots of r/bayarea EXPOSED

Background: Dalle2 "improved" the diversity of their prompts by silently adding diversity keywords

tldr: it's the diversity stuff. Switch "cowboy" to "cowgirl", which would disable the diversity stuff because it's now explicitly asking for a 'girl', and OP's prompt works perfectly.

And turns out that, like here, if we mess around with trying to trigger or disable the diversity stuff, we can get out fine samples; the trigger word appears to be... 'basketball'! If 'basketball' is in the prompt and no identity-related keywords like 'black' are, then the full diversity filter will be applied and will destroy the results. I have no idea why 'basketball' would be a key term here, but perhaps basketball's just so strongly associated with African-Americans that it got included somehow, such as a CLIP embedding distance?

Reported by:

No effort, just reposting the top of /r/politics (ctrl-f inflation)

IDK I can't think of a good title CLEAN IT UP DANG

BIPOC furries terrorized by Tarkov cosplayer

This literally has ruined my whole con. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed during a panic attack caused by this person who terrorized our safe BIPOC space and con staff could give TWO FUCKS

A dude in cosplay riot armor invading BIPOC spaces & terrorizing & harming the people there. Anthrocon gave them a 'stern warning', and then decided to kick them out only hours later.

did NOT appreciate the riot gear cosplayer intimidating the furry bipoc meet and greet at anthrocon today, and hope you all know that your pain is completely valid. regardless of intent, having a cop cosplayer at a bipoc-centered event is inappropriate and unacceptable.

Once again, I'm reminded that fur cons will gladly take BIPOC money but do jack shit to protect them. Why am I surprised If this Tarkov cosplayer harassed White con-goers, I theorize their punishment would have been swift & immediate. I'm going to need White furs to really step up to the plate and be allies to the BIPOC at AC. Cause this isn't fair that they can't have a good time w/o intimidation

More tweets: https://twitter.com/search?q=anthrocon%20riot&src=typed_query

You guys are the real underdogs. A generous fuck you from the bottom of my heart. Maybe shit is bigger than making it to work on time. Maybe people shouldn’t get mad at protestors and maybe should be getting mad at the cause of their protests.


^ found another pro birther who is cool that women right now are in forced pregancies

I literally said go to DC and make some change. Or are you just happy with your little $2 sign and IG post?

what are you talking about. people are making changes by sitting on the computers and phones and posting viral protest videos

the one from the LA protest got hundreds of thousands of views.

Never support nazis in any way whatsoever, what the fuck.


Ohnoes our M16 is getting shit on, better start selling fucking UZIs

Gun manufacturers do this constantly. During the AR ban, starting in 94, they just built guns outside of what was legally considered an AR and kept selling. $$ and grievance is their aim.

spazzing over muzzle velocity: https://twitter.com/ryandbusse/status/1537441541735624708

Possibly more (jannied) drama in the H3H3 episode thread https://old.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/v9fspk/chelsea_manning_h3_podcast_252/ibw9o7k

“ Here is the thorniest factor: Americans are not behaving well. Aside from rejecting vaccination in shocking numbers, many have discarded their masks, even in high-risk settings. And they are increasingly putting themselves in those situations, such as class trips, parties, concerts, conferences, airplane flights, and cruises.”

I swear - these articles sound like old school southern baptists getting angry that people are dancing somewhere.

Humans showing behavioral autonomy and making their own risk evaluations? What a travesty! /s

EDIT: I genuinely cannot fathom why someone would read a sentence like "Americans are not behaving well." and not want to puke in their mouth a little. This is a gross, completely out-of-touch view of the average person and what's important to them.

Sounds a lot like the moral scolding from religious leaders about HIV

Ingress is a game by the same company that made Pokemon Go with the same concept: visit places IRL to capture them ingame. In Ingress, nearly every action (with its IRL location) is broadcast on the world map; this leads to stalking, nerds coding tools to scrape this data, and g*mer rage brought into IRL.

ENL = enlightened = green team = "frogs"

RES = resistance = blue team = "smurfs"

We were physically blocked by an opposition player (not all smurfs are bad, just this guy). He even called the police, thinking he would get us into some kind of trouble. When the police did arrive, we explained exactly what we were doing including showing them the game interface. They told him to move his vehicle and let us pass while they held him back for further discussion.

A few local players tried pulling that on one of us. Our guy patted his hip and warned them that he plays armed and shoots to kill.

They didn't try pulling that on any of us again.

But it is part of why I often play armed, as well. Before I moved, one of the local ENL players used to stalk me around a couple of square miles of territory every few nights. Didn't matter if I was getting home at 3:00 AM or 5:00 AM, they were following me...

I believe that a couple of years ago someone did get fatally stabbed for ignoring the other team's warnings and going off to play in gang held territory alone at night. He thought they were joking and trying to scare him off.

On my way out an oncoming car was approaching that veered into my lane and headed straight for me and accelerated. It was our regional spoofing, backpacking, data mining ENL agent pissed off cause I had interrupted his nap I guess. I kept going straight at him and he did get out of the way at the last minute.

These escapades have been going on for well over a year now. In return I admit I have pulled up on him at portals and intentionally blocked him in on at least one occasion.

just outside a Walgreens, I notice that the player who previously owned the nodes had called me out in chat, and had included a short little string of letters and numbers—upon my insistence he confirmed my suspicion, clarifying, "thats your license plate" (it wasn't)

He proceeded to reassure his local group of Enlightened teammates that he had tailed me for awhile, which would have been a lot creepier had he actually been doing so

The story doesn't end there—about a week later, I'm finishing a cigar out in the smoking area in front of a little college town bar I frequented at the time, about a 20-minute drive away from the aforementioned nodes, and in the middle of whatever conversation I was having with my friends, I notice that I'm sitting right next to a big black SUV with the exact license plate that creepy ENL asshole had spent nearly an hour following around thinking he was some kind of secret agent super spy

Sea World is full of rednecks




post thumnail

A few criticisms leveled at this piece are worth addressing:

  1. Some view it as a sick "how-to" for would-be buyers of assault rifles, but the point is to demonstrate that it requires no how-to whatsoever. It's one thing to know how easy it is, but a lot more powerful to see it.
  1. Others think we glossed over the requirement to show up in person at a dealer and pass a background check. We didn't, it's all over the piece. You have to show ID when picking up your online alcohol order, too.


is this a how-to to help more people buy these guns? what are you doing?


It’s nice of you to make a little “how to” for anyone who wants to copy this massacre.


Ok great. You still have to go to an FFL and get a background check before you can actually take possession of the gun. Notice you left that part till the very end of the article hoping nobody would see it..


"It was like ordering groceries" so when did you have to file a 4473 to pick up some milk? 💩💩💩💩