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:2thumbsup: Night of Rage Begins ---- Roe v Wade Megathread :angry:

:#2thumbsup: Welcome to RDRAMA Biggest Megathread. prepare your :#popcorn: and enjoy :#smoke:

The seething is EVERYWHERE on reddit. go and look at any subreddit and report your findings if u can. I'll only post a few of what i caught. I missed a lot even from the thread i posted. There's literally 40k posts on the /r/news post alone for one. Also make sure you use unddit (and controversial tag) too as jannies are in overdrive. Its also not only reddit but also tiktok and facebook and twitter. Thread will be edited to include new seething. Currently at 17000/20000 word limit. Cannot add text posts as the limit started. will only add new images. Check pinned comment for more text


The civil war starts today. :marseyflamewar:

I'm just here for history. :marseyexcited:

/r/AmerExit is about to grow a lot. :marseyhomestar:

our country is fucked. Handmaid's Tale wasn't supposed to be a goal. :soycry:

Fuck them all. They literally voted to tell states they can't make their own restrictions on guns, but states can determine when a pregnant person has to stay pregnant? This is absolutely a war on women and uterus owners. There is no balm in Gilead. :marseyraging:

This will be the end of America. States are about to go to war with each other. :marseymushroomcloud:

“Supreme Court” has no credibility and the American people need to dismantle it. :marseyrevolution:

I have a sinking feeling the US will not be experiencing a summer of love this time around. Wonder what the streets will look like tonight. Its summer, it's about to be the weekend.... :marseyflamewar:

They could come for us too and it seems like they are going to. I’m a lesbian trans woman and I already have enough issues and I live in a red state. I didn’t feel safe in this country before and now I feel worse. One of the justices even admitted that he wanted that. What is wrong with wanting to marry another woman or date another woman? It’s love and that’s all that matters. Same with the other way around. I was going to move already but now I’m moving out of the country sooner. I don’t see how they could do this. The United States isn’t a beacon of freedom our government leaders constantly preach about how bad other countries are without looking at the country they run. People shouldn’t have basic rights like bodily autonomy stripped away from them and without protections that’s what red states will do. We need to do something before they go for other important court cases. Please if you have the ability protest speak out do anything you can to get the word out. :marseywitch2:

Men are already claiming overturning roe v wade is just a distraction for “something worse” like a recession :marseybluecheck:

Am I the only one annoyed that men don’t see this IS the something worse? Recessions happen ever 3.25 years on average. There is no “something worse” unless you mean abolishing rights of same sex marriage and contraception which was outlined in the document. Recession is not “something worse.” Corruption is not “something worse.” This is not a bargaining chip. That makes it sound like women losing bodily autonomy and the right to health care is non consequential. This IS the fucking end game you dumbasses! Womens rights are not a simply stairway to something “worse” happening. The recession is not unexpected nor is it worse than women rights moving back half a century.

I’ve been saying it and I’ll say it again WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE ECONOMY! It’s unstable! It’s always been unstable! I was a child in 2008 and I don’t care jack shit about the economy :marseybluecheck:

I just got this through as Breaking News on my phone here in the UK - I'm horrified and sickened. I guess I thought.. naively, hoping.. it wouldn't actually happen... I am so incredibly sorry, to all people in the US with a uterus right now. I wish there was something I could do from here. :soycry:

Time to start breaking shit. :marseyflamewar:

Blue states need to decide what kind of country they want to live in and make it happen. :marseyflamewar:

I hope the dissents are absolutely brutal. :marseyflamewar:

We need a hell of a lot more than voting. We need civil disruption and disobedience on a mass scale. :marseyflamewar:

Burning. They don't like when things are burning. :marseyflamewar:

I am on the verge of tears. The desperation and fear I feel.. how am I supposed to focus on my job? This is a dark day. :soycry:

Just read that only 51% of americans is pro abortion rights, man your country is so fucking weird. :marseysipping: (you wouldn't know from browsing reddit kek)

This website is actually complicit with this ruling. All conservative subreddits should be banned from this website. It's time to take a stand and side. Enough giving these theocratic fascists a platform. :soycry:

Let’s goooo! No more infanticide! (jannied and -40) :gigachad2:

Watching several very young women cheering about the ruling on msnbc right now not realizing how they just lost a constitutional right. Makes me quite sad for the future. :soycry:

Based :gigachad2:

What a sad opinion to hold :soycry:

[removed within 11 seconds] :gigachad2:

I honestly hope all Repubicans die. :soycry:

I have an pit in my stomach. I am Canadian and I feel the waves all the way here. I just cant understand... this is a horrific day in history for human rights. I feel sick to my stomach for you americans. :soycry:

I'm SO glad I was able to get my tubes removed, but I feel so bad for all the women who are not able to do this. We just regressed 50 years because some old men want to stay in control. Anyone else thinking of buying torches and pitchfork's? :marseyflamewar:

I'm a British female who will never marry out of desire to spend my life with someone. I'd honestly consider marrying an American woman to give her a chance at British citizenship. :marseyqueen::marseybong:

I’m terrified and calling my doctors to remove my medical records from their online system. :soycry:

As an European I can't believe Americans let that happen without mass shootings everywhere. Same with Jan 6. :marseyflamewar:

My husband thinks I’m too stupid to have an informed opinion. He won’t discuss it with me without demeaning me. I feel very alone. :soycry:

I want to kill myself. :marseyrope:

I fucking HATE this country and wish so bad I could get out of it. Makes me sick as fuck to my stomach. :marseycrying:

Ok tech companies, this is your chance to gain big favor amongst the group that know your daily underhanded tactics. Now is your chance to do something useful with all that power :marseyobey:

As someone with a female reproductive system, I'm upset and scared. :marseysnoo:

If seventy million voted for this very thing, can you call them a minority? Seriously, at this point, just throw up your hands and admit your country wants women back in the kitchen and gays in the closet or better, dead. :marseyauthright:

Keep. Your. Legs. Shut. Problem solved. :gigachad2: (-160 Jannied with 20 comments under it seething)

Not surprised. Replace real woman with transwoman then ban the real woman from having abortions. Ensuring that men can have a family at home while keeping the faux one at work providing the nation with the elusion of upward mobility of woman in the work force. What did bio-woman expect supporting their replacement. :marseysuffragette:(Jannied)

So it looks like they have snipers on the roof of the court now. :marseypedosnipe:

The inside job for Jan 6 is becoming even more obvious now. Remember the BLM protests/riots in 2020 and the welcome response they received? Yeah big difference for the traitors on Jan 6.:marseyschizowall:

A minority power with fascists intentions are trying to mold America into it's sick desires. Americans have numbers on their side, but the legal process has been captured by republican terrorists.:marseyreich:

I can feel the freedom:marseysaluteusa:

A ruling so popular they need miles of fencing, guards and snipers to protect their decision. So much for a democracy. :marseyannoyed:

Call upp the french. They know how to handle this kind of bullshit. :marseyflamewar:

Behold, Christian fascism in America :marseyimmaculate:

Nazis are quick to protect their own. :marseyreich:

Didn't think I'd have to be ashamed to be an American today. What an absolutely disgusting decision. :soycry:

I'm ashamed just about everyday, just because of...well...gestures broadly :soycry:

what happened to America? :soycry:

Christian Taliban. :marseysnowglobe:

That armor ain't gonna help ya when we rip it off ya and beat you with it! :marseyflamewar:

Fuck that just use paint, cooking oils, and literal shit. :marseyflamewar:

When as the last time liberals rioted? :marseyflamewar:

Yesterday :marseysipping:

George Floyd has entered the chat. :marseyneet:

That wasn’t a liberal riot, that was a fuck you riot to the government after a law enforcer killed an American with the assistance of other enforcers. :soymad:

Funny how it’s always the same crappy states, with the worst education rankings, highest infant mortality rates, highest crime rates, highest poverty rates, receive the most federal aid while contributing little in return. These are the same shitty Red states that our holding our country back. From getting things like rest of the developed world like universal healthcare and sensible gun laws. These states should cut off and form with Texas as the leader. Take their shitty right wing SCOTUS, take their shitty Republican :marseyreich:

Southern states secede, what could go wrong :marseythonk:

The USA ends up with a extremist Christian state similar to an Evangelicalist Iran/Afghanistan type country south of it's border. :marseyreich:

Considering all these red states (apart from Texas afaik) depend on funding from blue states, it’s a non-issue really. :marseyshrug:

I mean, the alternative is the entire country is going to end up as an extremist Taliban state because the fringe right radicals have put themselves into full and total power. :marseysnowglobe:

Anyone saying abortion should be left to the states are the same people who would have said slavery should be left to the states. Treat them accordingly :marseyflamewar:

Can’t wait for all the “iMaGiNe bEiNg uPsEt ThAt bAbIeS geT tO LiVe” bs memes being shared all over again by various (religious) nutjobs :soymad:

Conservatives are a cancer on society. We better see the right wing start adopting babies left and right after this. :soymad:

Wow, we banned abortions before we banned assault rifles. :soymad:

I hate everything about my scotus atm. We need to remove them all. :soycry:

At this point every woman should be gifted a vibrator. :marseykink:

Those states voted and their votes represent the will of the people via the democratic process. I thought Reddit loved Democracy? Or is that only when it goes their way... :marseythonk:

People's rights shouldn't be up for a vote. States made the same stupid argument over slavery, interracial marriage, gay marriage, segregation, and more. Guess what side "states rights" arguments came from. Guess who is remembered as the villains of American history. :soymad:

Feel free to look up the % of people who support banning abortion. It's smaller than you're brain, as hard as that is to believe :soyjakanimeglasses:

America is no better than any Middle Eastern country they condemn now. Theological state with backwards misogynistic laws :soycry:

Go wear a pink hat and protest in a Middle Eastern country. Report back on how America is no better. That's absurd. :marseysmug2:

Exact same result. Homophobia and danger to my life. :soycry:

What part of taking away people's rights is democratic? :thinking:

These fascist Christian nationalists are the enemy of freedom and a real and present danger to democracy itself.They are willing to do anything it takes, including subverting our secular law to install a theocratic autocracy. After this, storming the capital, killing people at women's health clinics and firebombing the buildings, showing up to public libraries to intimidate children, constantly threatening a civil war and electing that racist, orange sex offender to president, they are clearly a terrorist entity and need to be dealt with accordingly.Purge these treasonous religious zealots from public office, they do not want a democracy, they want the power to force their backwards, ignorant, beliefs on everyone else. :marseyflamewar:

Conservatives in 2021: "You can't make me get vaccinated! My body my choice!" Conservatives in 2022: "Your body, our choice!" Seriously Republicans are the biggest hypocrites!!! :soycry:

I still have a Tinder profile and in my bio I state very clearly NO hookups until abortion is legal. You should see the messages I get from thirsty men begging me to reconsider! Sisters if we all went on a sex strike we could get abortion back within the month. :hump:

I’ve been saying this all day. :nod:

Why stop at abortion? We can probably get free access to birth control for all women, free feminine hygiene products, and universal healthcare for all within the year with a sex strike. Men are silly. My vibrator does the trick just fine but they need us. :argue:

Stop having sex wil ALL MEN. Fuck your liberal ass boyfriend! It benefits him too. Stop having sex / relationship with any man even if he is your liberal ass bf idc. STOP HAVING SEX WITH ALL MEN. :roar:

Overturning Roe v. Wade hurts women who can't afford to travel most. Even in a "safe" state, I feel angry and want to help. The people who did this don't care if we protest in the streets. So fuck the streets. Go on strike: Stop shopping. As of today, I will step back from buying clothes, books, purses, jewelry, furniture, housewares, shoes, or anything non-essential, except from independent women entrepreneurs who I can reasonably discern are pro-choice. Make each other rich and let the rest feel your absence. Nothing can change what happened today, but doing nothing means more like this will keep happening. Women have a voice in household spending, let's use it. That's what I'll be doing. :pikachu:

I agree with you. Also, it'd help if you stop consuming food, make it one time. Starve yourself from sex and the food. :wink:

I’m planning to go to college in 2023 but if they try to run me out of university they can expect my resistance :cry:

Run you out of university? What do you mean :thinking:

They might take my right to college next :tantrum:

just go to university abroad :stare:

If I can get a full time job and off disability and food stamps then for sure. I have Aspergers so it makes it hard :sadeyes:

posts from 4chan pol salt thread. don't know where they're from. use camas if u want for the reddit posts :marseyshrug:


























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Julio will be on the scene.

Another twitter that is following.

After setting a small fire to an American flag in the middle of the street in DC, the Antifa crowd chanted “Burn it down!”

BREAKING: According to federal law enforcement sources, "at least" 2 Supreme Court justices have been moved to "safe locations"

White NYC libs yell and scream at black man who disagrees with their abortion politics at Union Sq Park


Antifa has come back to SCOTUS.

Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.

More sneed:

House Democrats sang God Bless America on the Capitol steps as the chants of protesters could be heard from the Supreme Court after the decision to strike down Roe v Wade was announced.

On Friday, the 1973 landmark ruling making abortion federally legal in the US was officially struck down. As the group of lawmakers gathered to bizarrely sing in response to this moment, critics quickly slammed them on Twitter for their stunt.

“It is almost comical how absolutely f***ing useless Democrats are at doing anything to stop the extremists bent on destroying people’s rights,” Noel Berry tweeted.

“Not the time for kumbaya, Dems,” Bloomberg columnist Tim O’Brien added.

“You performative f***s. This is fiddling while Rome burns and you are Nero,” another Twitter user said.

“Hey Siri, what songs did the leaders of the Weimar republic sing while Hitler was being sworn in as chancellor?” Oliver Willis wrote.

“WTAF are y’all doing stop this — no one wants to hear you sing. Please DO something,” Michelle Kinney wrote.


“Look I’ve really been trying to stay off Twitter today but to log on real quick and see Dems trying to Hamilton America back together truly makes me want to take a long walk into the sea,” Ann Marie Awad added.

“What are you gonna do, sing about it? Read poems? Send emails asking for money? Eat s**t you fraudulent relics,” another Twitter user said.

“I cannot believe this is real. I’m sorry but they are so stupid it hurts,” Chris Stedman added.

Twitter user Joshua Gale tweeted: “Leave it to Democratic leadership to bring a sing-along to a gunfight where Republicans are using Bazookas and Jet fuel to torch our rights.”

Ben Jones wrote that he was “constantly amazed by this group’s ability to hold legislative power, popular opinion on most domestic policies and still get run over by a handful of people only to respond like clockwork with performative bulls**t”.

“The difference between elected Democrats and elected Republicans is that Democrats fantasize about being the band that plays as the Titanic sinks and Republicans fantasize about being the iceberg,” account holder Velodus said.

Former Ohio State Senator and congressional candidate Nina Turner asked, “This is their solution?”

“Things that would not have happened had I been up in that mf’er. Nah. They need to get to work,” she added.

“One of the most useless political parties to ever exist,” YouTuber Carlos Maza tweeted about the Democrats.

“What the actual absolute soul-crushing f*** are Democrats doing?” Kaili Joy Gray added.

“Obviously there are a lot of important things that need to be done right but certainly near the top of the list is finding out precisely which psychopath came up with this,” Ashley Feinberg wrote.

The Supreme Court struck down constitutional rights to abortion in a landmark ruling that could lead to far-reaching and potentially life-threatening consequences for millions of Americans.

Six conservative justices, who now make up a majority on the nine-member court, have ruled in favour of a Mississippi law that outlaws abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy while also overturning key precedents established by the 1973 decision in Roe v Wade as well as an affirming decision in 1992’s Planned Parenthood v Casey.

“With sorrow – for this Court, but more, for the many millions of American women who have today lost a fundamental constitutional protection – we dissent,” reads the dissenting opinion from Justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.

“Whatever the exact scope of the coming laws, one result of today’s decision is certain: the curtailment of women’s rights, and of their status as free and equal citizens,” they wrote.

A decision from the nation’s high court on 24 June marks a stark reversal of abortion rights protections that could force women to carry pregnancies to term or seek care in states or countries where it is protected, ending 50 years of federal protections for abortion access and leaving it up to states to determine whether to ban the procedure – which will quickly become criminalised or effectively outlawed in roughly half the US.

The militant abortion rights organisation Jane’s Revenge appeared to call for a “night of rage” ahead of the ruling.

A flyer signed with the group’s name circulating in Washington, DC stated, “THE NIGHT SCOTUS OVERTURNS ROE V. WADE HIT THE STREETS YOU SAID YOU’D RIOT.”


Those threats may not be idle. Jane’s Revenge has taken responsibility for the firebombing of multiple anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers since a draft of the high court’s looming Roe v Wade opinion was leaked to Politico in May, claiming attacks in Madison, Wisconsin, Des Moines, Iowa, and other locations.

Very little is concretely known about the group, which operates a website and has spread its messages with graffiti and flyers, but has said that it is comprised of multiple other unidentified groups and does not have any known core members. Some have expressed scepticism that the group is in fact a left-wing militant organisation and postulated that it may instead be a right-wing organisation manoeuvering to turn people against the group’s goal of abortion rights for all.

A man who was arrested near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh‘s home in Maryland earlier this month pleaded not guilty Wednesday to trying to kill Justice Kavanaugh.

Nicholas John Roske, 26, of Simi Valley, commiefornia, remained in custody after his arraignment on one count of attempting to assassinate a Supreme Court justice.

During the arraignment, he bowed his head and clasped his hands around his neck as he answered US Magistrate Judge Ajmel Quereshi’s questions. His public defender, Andrew Szekely, told the judge that he was satisfied his client was getting the medical care and unspecified medication that he needs while in custody.

Quereshi set a tentative trial date for 23 August.

A grand jury in Greenbelt, Maryland, indicted Roske on the charge last week. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Pro-life and pro-choice activists confronted each other outside the Supreme Court on Friday.

Protests were quickly planned all across the US, including in Los Angeles and New York City.

National campaign Bans Off Our Bodies encouraged people to join rallies at courthouses all over the country “to demand control over our bodies, our lives and our futures”.

Rise Up 4 Abortion organizer Annie Day said the group were starting to protest from 12pm on Friday at the courthouse in downtown LA and would march across the city in the evening.

“I’m deeply furious. It’s a gut punch,” Ms Day said, according to Bloomberg. “This decision must not stand. We’re going into the streets to fight for legal abortion on demand.”

“People should drop out of their jobs, cancel whatever they’re doing and go into the streets,” she added.

The Women’s March Foundation said they plan to congregate at City Hall in LA, wearing red, at 5pm.

“Women and our allies — who make up the majority of the country — will not stand idly by and watch our rights stripped from us without recourse,” Executive Director Emiliana Guereca said. “We will fight back. We will take to the streets in red to show the blood they have on their hands.”

Rallies were planned in New York City for Union Square and Washington Square.

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Hey cis gay men! :marseyeyeroll2::marseyeyeroll2::marseyeyeroll2::marseyeyeroll2:

I so wish everyone dropped the T

The SCOTUS decision is one of Putin’s machinations - David Hogg names the Russoid

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

Someone shot up a gay bar in Norway

This is supposed to be footage but who the fuck knows?


Some threads

Redditors are some of the most disgustingly self centered people on the internet. I know you're mostly very young children, but good God, how can you read an article about two people in Norway being murdered, think "I need to use this as a chance to talk about the Republicans," and not feel embarrassed by your very existence?


Crazy that happened in Norway. Honestly, i think it might be horrible American politics bleeding into the world.


Obviously, it was a hate crime perpetuated by right-winged extremism. Shooter probably goes to some church that preaches intolerance.


Guessing gun control is the answer? Oh wait, Norway already has incredibly strict gun laws 🤦‍♂️


Probably a Republican sympathizer



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If you could just abort babies because they have clear identifiers of r-sluration then this site wouldn’t exist

Think about that.

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

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Shower chair :marseychonker::marseybath: - privated




All of twox is a gold mine right now for drama, I'm sure many are repeats.

Protest church's like abortion clinics yeah videos harassing seniors on their way into Sunday service will look real good.

If a gun has more rights than me, I will kill you with it

SCOTUS made me gay

I hate my husband for keeping me in the shithole county

Boycott boycock

Linked post got jannied, text below:

>I'm so tired of seeing posts along the lines of "oh my boyfriend/husband/significant other/hookup partner, etc. is anti-choice and I don't know what to do :/"....

>Honestly at this point if you have been watching everything that has been going on leading up to Roe V. Wade being overturned and you're STILL voluntarily having sex with people who do not respect you or your right to bodily autonomy... we frankly don't give a fuck lol and we don't feel bad for you.

>(Disclaimer: I am not speaking about and I will never speak for people in abusive relationships. If you are in a situation where it is not easy or safe for you to leave, I am sending you my love and I wish you soon find peace and escape that situation. This post is strictly about people who are choosing to continue entertaining the men in their lives (be it friends, boyfriends, sexual partners) who are anti-choice and refuse to reevaluate the damage their beliefs are causing on our rights.)


>The whole reason we are in this position is because we have stigmatized calling people out for their fucked up, regressive political beliefs. It's not a personal choice if it infringes on people's rights to live. If you are anti-choice you are NOT my friend, and you will NEVER be my sexual partner.

>I'm personally just so baffled and confused every time I read a post about people staying with their partners despite them being anti-choice because I just can't imagine how that wouldn't be a dealbreaker for you. Millions of women and girls and people with uteruses will be affected by this decision permanently, for the rest of their lives, and you want us to feel bad that your boyfriend is anti-choice? We don't care lol. Just keep it in the drafts, no one wants to hear it.


Count Dankula changed his twitter to "Justice Dankula", replied to the Joe Biden tweet about the supreme court decision, and braindead twitter users are mistaking him for a justice.

![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

a new low for anxietycute twinks
:marseytrans2: Trans people everywhere should be celebrating today :marseytrans2:

Republikkkans were gonna sweep in the fall cuz Biden is ass but the Dobbs decision gives the demonrats another chance

Poor Women in shithole redstates are getting fucked, literally and metaphorically, by this decision

The 🚂🚃🚃s will win because they don't lose out by this decision and the demonrats will continue to focus on stupid gender war 🚂🚃🚃 shit

They will refuse to let Berniebro candidates win because the science says the culture war things are more important and Rethuglikkkans would never vote for evil socialists and this election is too important so we need moderates to restore a woman's right to choose

How will stupidpol ever recover?

Vermont is voting on adding the right to abortion to the state constitution in November and I'm going to vote in favor of it. Proposal 5 says "That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means." We are also one of the few places in the world where third trimester abortions are legal and I unironically support that too.

Does this make me transphobic?

Discuss I guess, or don't this post is pretty low effort but I already wrote it out so ima post it

Trans lives matter (but womens' rights matter more)

@JoeBiden @Absinthe @Swagman


If someone is sitting in the waiting room of a clinic that offers abortion services and is playing a game on their phone, that app might be collecting location data

Wow, so how long before they start nabbing women just for walking past a clinic?

Lawn honkey…go get you a brain. Do you think they are not tracking you ALREADY!

Least dramatic twitter foids :marseyunamused:

I started refusing to answer my ob/gyn when she asks my date of my last period. I won’t even have it in my medical records.

Surprisingly a legacy foid. Posted this a few days ago in regards to gun control :

Every SCOTUS decision gives me less will to live.

Hope this one seals the deal! :marsey57:

It seems like there's a need for an open source :marseysoypoint: period tracking app that does NOT collect any data at all :!marsoy:. All stored on your phone, all immediately deletable, all out there for public oversight :marsoyhype:. Would people use this?

Unsurprisingly, someone already made one, and even less surprisingly, they use a placeholder that says they will immediately give in to any request, legal or not, meaning they don't actually care about privacy.

Clue is safe. In the statement they released on IG immediately after the ruling, they verified that since they are a European company, their data is secure. Their IG post explains this in more detail. Please circulate it for those who rely on tracking apps.

Basically burgers lusting after yuro privacy laws but not reading the fine print : It isn't made to make it harder for governments to get the data. Case in point : Telegram cucking out to germany not long ago. They also refuse to believe that they could simply force the host, which is Amazon 99.9% of the time, to release their data, even though the government tracking your abortions trough appstore shovelware is an obvious thing.

Another solution is considered but unfortunately it's ran by moids :marseyitsover: and, "it doesn't fit right", so this totally organic post says to just refer to the app above.

Meanwhile in Europe this isn't concern. But keep saying US is the land of the free, what a awful joke. Politics are so twisted

More burger thinking yurop is more progressive, even though we are far below blue state abortion laws.

There is also broader advice for people of breeding in these trying times

Every woman needs to withhold sex from men. A 30-day boycott of all sex will help men understand what the fuck they just did to us. We hurt, they need to really hurt.

This doesnt effect me since im a maidenless virgin :gigachad2:

just stop having sex with men. we will get everything we want.

Anal :coomer:

There's a thing known as rape :marseydisconcerting:

And a lot more sneeding but it's mostly the same recycled garbage.

r/Iowa thread revedit link

r/cederrapids thread revedit link

Liberal media article

After doing some research it appears these protesters were jaywalking, from a trustworthy eye witness:

>The truth of the matter is that the protesters were walking across the street when the truck had a green light. We had stopped for a red light. The light turned green and they kept walking when they had a don't walk. The light turned red again and they kept walking. When the light turned green for the second time the protesters were still crossing the street and the truck went up slowly to go when the protesters had a don't walk and they started grabbing his truck and hitting him. My husband and me turned around about that time because the protesters wouldn't let traffic go when we had a green light.


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Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade :marseyhanger: sneed tsunami incoming :marseysurfing:

Scotus opinion here:

For future threads, generic reddit malding here:

And here:

The Supremes - Baby Love:

read me: 196 is going private. : 196

50 years of precedent have been undone. In protest of the overturning of the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade, we're going private tonight at 9pm Eastern time.

Marriage Equality and the national ban on Sodomy laws are next. Over 350 anti-LGBT bills have been introduced this year, taking away access to lifesaving medical care for trans kids to censorship in schools.

Fuck America. Go protest (peacefully).

Donate to Planned Parenthood, National Network of Abortion Funds, Human Rights Campaign, and American Civil Liberties Union. Seriously, donate money to your defending institutions.

Chuds get fucked.

Edit: yes, the sub will come back. this is temporary. like our rights if we don't act.

Gonna chud post there some until they lock it up. Knowing the :marseytrain: zoomers that run that sub, it probably won't be gone more than 24 hours

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  • collectijism: Millennia of the chud is here
TheOnion is melting down on twitter

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Q IS BACK :marseyqoomer: (possibly)
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Non-strag women confirmed to be mentally ill by SCIENCE



:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

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Sundown. Weekend. Beautiful weather. War on women won. Will there be riots?

I believe we’ll see some incredibly minor vandalism. No looting. It’ll be done in full by Tuesday. Nothing like 2020. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • No one was killed by police

  • Biofoids are old hat. Unironically. No one cares about them

  • No one outside of commiefornia and New York actually believes this is a women’s rights issue

  • No lockdown cabin fever


Will we see massive riots?

Poll ends Tuesday and betting shuts down in THREE hours.

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji


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rDrama HQ (2022)
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I'm back bitches

My holiday is officially over and so are straggots 😎😎😎😎😎😎


DM ME FOR A GOOD TIME :marseyhomofascist:

Random Twitter User says g*mer Word at Justice Thomas.

7700 quote tweets, which means 7700 people just wanted an N-word pass by proxy. "It doesn't count, she said it, not me."

Bonus: people also took screenshots instead of just quote tweeting: and a DOUBLE use here