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The submission in question use one of mottoes of the fascist poet D'Annunzio, which I won't transcribe here to avoid providing the Oxygen of Amplification but roughly translates to who surrenders gets a one way trip to the executioner, a way to glorify the warmongering typical of the fascists ideologies.

Why is the author of that submission yet to be permanently suspended from the platform?

This behavior is disgusting and it really shows the TRUE COLORS of rDrama's administration.


In particular I want the heads of the following fascist adjacent bad faith actors:

  • idio

  • carp

rDrama can't no longer be considered a safe space until those FASCISTS are allowed to operate on the platform.


I'd now like to conclude with some Umberto Eco's points to identify fascism:

  • Contempt for the weak. “Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology.”

  • Everybody is educated to become a hero. “In Ur-Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.”

  • Machismo and weaponry. “Machismo implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality.”

Literally all stuff glorified by that submission, with the complacency of rdrama's administration.

OK, so -

Yesterday, Reddit, Inc. (the platform we use) superseded the historic and much-misunderstood Moderator Guidelines for Healthy Communities

with the

Moderator Code of Conduct.

From this point forward, Reddit, Inc. expects certain conduct from moderators acting in the official position of moderator-of-a-subreddit, whether that action is officially designated (moderator-distiguished, accomplished through moderator privileges)

  • or simply under the colour of operation of a subreddit

(someone who is a moderator making a comment or post which is not moderator-distinguished, or taking other actions with respect to a subreddit they operate, in that subreddit or anywhere else on Reddit, as long as it's done with respect to the subreddit they "moderate")

This is going to be long - if you want the breakdown, CTRL-F "Executive Summary" to skip to the breakdown.

Beginning of the language we will discuss of Reddit's Moderator Code of Conduct

Moderator Code of Conduct:

Rule 1: Create, Facilitate, and Maintain a Stable Community

Moderators are expected to uphold Reddit’s Content Policy by setting community rules, norms, and expectations that encourage positive engagement. Your role as a moderator means that you not only abide by our terms and the Content Policy, but that you actively strive to promote a community that abides by them, as well. This means that you should never create, approve, enable or encourage rule-breaking content or behavior. The content in your subreddit that is subject to the Content Policy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Posts

  • Comments

  • Flairs

  • Rules

  • Styling

  • Welcome Messages

  • Modmails

Rule 2: Set Appropriate and Reasonable Expectations

Users who enter your community should know exactly what they’re getting into, and should not be surprised by what they encounter. It is critical to be transparent about what your community is and what your rules are in order to create stable and dynamic engagement among redditors. Moderators can ensure people have predictable experiences on Reddit by doing the following:

  • Providing a clear and concise description of the topic(s) discussed by your community.

  • Properly labeling content and communities, particularly content that is graphic, sexually-explicit, or offensive.

  • Creating rules that explicitly outline your expectations for members of your community. These rules will help your community understand what is or isn’t permissible within your subreddit.

  • Explicitly marking your community as “unofficial” in the community description if the topic concerns a brand or company, but the community isn’t officially affiliated.

Rule 3: Respect Your Neighbors

While we allow meta discussions about Reddit, including other subreddits, your community should not be used to direct, coordinate, or encourage interference in other communities and/or to target redditors for harassment. As a moderator, you cannot interfere with or disrupt Reddit communities, nor can you facilitate, encourage, coordinate, or enable members of your community to do this.

Interference includes:

  • Mentioning other communities, and/or content or users in those communities, with the effect of inciting targeted harassment or abuse.

  • Enabling or encouraging users to violate our Content Policy anywhere on the Reddit platform.

  • Enabling or encouraging users in your community to post or repost content in other communities that is expressly against their rules.

  • Showboating about being banned or actioned in other communities, with the intent to incite a negative reaction.

Rule 4: Be Active and Engaged

Whether your community is big or small, it is important for communities to be actively and consistently moderated. This will ensure that issues are being addressed, and that redditors feel safe as a result. Being active and engaged means that:

  • You have enough Mods to effectively and consistently manage your community. This involves regularly monitoring and addressing content in ModQueue and ModMail and, if possible, actively engaging with your community via posts, comments, and voting.

  • Camping or sitting on a community is not encouraged. If a community has been empty or unmoderated for a significant amount of time, we will consider banning or restricting the community. If a user requests a takeover of a community that falls under either category, we will consider granting that request but will, in nearly all cases, attempt to reach out to the moderator team first to discuss their intentions for the community.

End of the language we will discuss of Reddit's Moderator Code of Conduct

Moderators are expected to uphold Reddit’s Content Policy by setting community rules, norms, and expectations that encourage positive engagement. Your role as a moderator means that you not only abide by our terms and the Content Policy, but that you actively strive to promote a community that abides by them, as well. This means that you should never create, approve, enable or encourage rule-breaking content or behavior.

Given that AHS is a community whose collective goal is:

The countering & prevention of hatred, harassment, & violent extremism as enabled by misfeasant or malfeasant "moderators" of subreddits

Moderator Code of Conduct Rule #1 is therefore our tool.

"Moderators" of subreddits who use their position to promote (or who, through purposeful or studied inaction fail to counter & prevent) hatred, harassment, & violent threats (all of which content & behaviour is forbidden by the Content Policy / Sitewide Rules) are therefore explicitly violating the Moderator Code of Conduct.

Rule #2 is also our tool - if someone has a subreddit which they claim to be ... oh, let's say they claim to be "Opposed to Communities of Hatred" but which group is simply organised on the principle of promoting hatred through the universal application of antiphrasis throughout their group's expressions - a rhetorical mode which they know Reddit AEO has severe difficulty understanding - and thereby are operating with the intent of fooling or tricking a prospective audience as to their group's intent, and the intent & communications of another group - ?

That would violate Moderator Code of Conduct #2.

As would any assertion that "We, r/[Opposed to Communities of Hatred] are the real fighters of hatred; r/AgainstHateSubreddits are fake fighters of hatred".

As would Offensive Joke subreddits which aren't marked NSFW; subreddits which have sidebars or rules which violate or seek to negate the Reddit Sitewide Rules / Content Policy; etc.

And now we get to Moderator Code of Conduct Rule #3.

While we allow meta discussions about Reddit, including other subreddits, your community should not be used to direct, coordinate, or encourage interference in other communities and/or to target redditors for harassment. As a moderator, you cannot interfere with or disrupt Reddit communities, nor can you facilitate, encourage, coordinate, or enable members of your community to do this.

Let's break that down.

While we allow meta discussions about Reddit, including other subreddits, ...

in other words "The existence of a subreddit which criticises the failure of other subreddits & their operators to operate in accordance with the Content Policy / Sitewide Rules - for example: r/AgainstHateSubreddits - does not itself constitute a violation of the Moderator Code of Conduct, Content Policy, or Sitewide Rules"

your community should not be used to direct, coordinate, or encourage interference in other communities

And here we're going to point out r/AgainstHateSubreddits Rule #1

Report Hate, Don't Participate!

Per Reddit Sitewide Rule 2, Vote Manipulation & Interfering With \ Disrupting Other Communities are Prohibited.

When you view linked subreddits, posts, or comments, Do Not Vote or Comment. Why?

If you do so, we will ban you from participating in /r/AgainstHateSubreddits.


"There is no form of protest against racism that is acceptable to racists." - Bernice King


As a participant in /r/AgainstHateSubreddits, your personal interest is in doing everything in your power - while abiding by the Content Policies - to starve, defeat, and thwart the platforming of bigotry and prejudice on Reddit.com, and assisting the other members of /r/AgainstHateSubreddits, Reddit's Administration, journ*lists, and others in preventing cultures of hatred and harassment from using Reddit to harm others.

Participating in Hate Subreddits only helps perpetuate and serve Bigotry.

When someone participates in a hate subreddit, they are volunteering to become human shields for the bigots -- Reddit's administration acts most swiftly to shut down hate subreddits when the hate subreddit does not have any other purpose. Reddit is strongly protective of legitimate free speech; Your right to assemble and protest bigots is one of those legitimate expressions of free speech.

Bigots know this - and part of their strategy is to trick you into acting on your own disgust, anger, indignation, and conscience to try to "push back" on their rhetoric, in their controlled space - their hate subreddit - where they can control your experience and leverage their mod privileges to emotionally manipulate you, to encourage you to continue to engage them. It also means that the bigots control the forum which the protest exists in (which is a Bad Thing).

Posting, Commenting, and Voting in a subreddit or on an item is a signal to Reddit that the participant believes that the community or comment or post has a legitimate reason for existing and serves a purpose for them.


Reporting Hatred is a signal to Reddit that the reporter believes that the community, comment, post, etcetera DOES NOT have a legitimate reason for the act.

In No Uncertain Terms:


ONLY VIEW THEM FOR THE PURPOSE OF REPORTING CONTENT POLICY VIOLATIONS - https://old.reddit.com/r/modsupport%2Fwiki%2Freport-forms

Interference includes:

  • Mentioning other communities, and/or content or users in those communities, with the effect of inciting targeted harassment or abuse.


  • Showboating about being banned or actioned in other communities, with the intent to incite a negative reaction.

In order to prevent and avoid even the appearance of impropriety with respect to the goals and mission of r/AgainstHateSubreddits,

Henceforth, in AHS,

  • You may not mention being banned from a given community - AHS is for providing evidence & arguments that a given subreddit's audience & operators are violating Reddit Sitewide Rules or aiding & abetting violating Reddit Sitewide Rules, with the effect of promoting hatred, harassment, or violent extremism -

    & it is now (and previously was) the official position of AHS moderation policy that subreddits are free to ban users from participation for "any reason or no reason at all".

It's not our business or our concern that a subreddit has banned a user account - only that they fail to ban, from their subreddit(s), user accounts that repeatedly post content & engage in behaviour which violates Reddit Content Policy / Sitewide Rules / User Agreement / Moderator Code of Conduct / applicable laws.


  • You may mention if a modmail or other notice or communication you received from a subreddit or its operators - through private or public channels - contained language or content which is abusive, hostile, harassing, abusive, or otherwise violates the Content Policy, so long as you have already reported that to the Reddit administration through the use of a Formal Moderator Complaint or https://reddit.com/report as appropriate, and so long as you do not incite the effect of other people attempting to reproduce that abuse through inciting participation or engagement with the subreddit. The best way to do so is to specifically disclaim, in your observation report, that others should attempt to reproduce the reported abuse: Hammer Home AHS Rule #1.

  • You may not celebrate or encourage any act or mode of behaviour that results in a user account or subreddit being banned.

Henceforth, all Crab Raves and similar celebratory activity in /r/AgainstHateSubreddits may not be about "Hate Subreddit XYZ got themselves banned", and can only be about "Reddit, Inc. has once more fulfilled the promises they made to us in Reddit Sitewide Rule #1: "Communities and people that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.""

  • Crab Raves and other celebratory posts or comments in AHS are formally, and only, despite any representations to the contrary: celebrations of Reddit, Inc. taking responsibility for the operation of their sitewide rules, and Reddit, Inc. taking responsibility for the social impact of the use of their site.

Chuds being banned is merely a regrettable highly-correlative condition of the proper enforcement of Sitewide Rules; Nevertheless of the regrettable status of this condition, we do hope and petition that chuds remain forbidden from future use of Reddit.

We officially abhor, discourage, condemn, repudiate, disavow, abjure, and in all other ways reject the actions, expressions, modes, and behaviours of hatred, harassment, and violence - even when those result in bigots being deplatformed in an entirely reasonably expected and appropriate fashion.

  • You may not, in AHS, name the moderators / operators of hate subreddits, or any subreddits which we criticise.

  • These above "You may not" boundaries are established - not because the behaviours they proscribe are asserted to be violating the Sitewide Rules / Content Policy / Moderator Code of Conduct, but solely to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. We specifically do not assert and we specifically disclaim that the behaviours proscribed by these above "You may not" boundaries do, in and of themselves, constitute a violation of Reddit's User Agreement, Sitewide Rules, Content Policies, and/or Moderator Code of Conduct.

Rule 4: Be Active and Engaged

We at AHS encourage subreddits we criticise to recruit more moderators whom they reasonably believe will moderate / operate their subreddits in accordance with the Reddit Moderator Code of Conduct & to the requirements of the User Agreement & to the Sitewide Rules / Content Policy, who will take appropriate actions & will escalate incidents of hatred, harassment, & violence to Reddit administration.

We also encourage all subreddits to recruit more moderators whom they reasonably believe will moderate / operate their subreddits in accordance with the Reddit Moderator Code of Conduct & to the requirements of the User Agreement & to the Sitewide Rules / Content Policy, who will take appropriate actions & will escalate incidents of hatred, harassment, & violence to Reddit administration.

Countering & Preventing Hatred, Harassment, & Violent Extremism begins with Community Moderators.

It cannot be relegated to a few people who - by definition - cannot do it 24/7/365, nor forever / indefinitely.

If your community is not actively recruiting moderators & actively removing inactive accounts from moderator positions, your community is contributing to the problem of hatred, harassment, & violence persisting on Reddit.

How many moderators is enough?

I gotta fever - and the only prescription, is more moderators





How do we use this Moderator Code of Conduct to counter & prevent Hatred, Harassment, & Violent Extremism from being promoted on Reddit?

Two ways:

Report posts & comments which directly violate Sitewide Rules via https://reddit.com/report;

Report "moderator" activity which violates the Reddit Moderator Code of Conduct : https://reddit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=179106

Executive Summary:

There's a New Reddit Moderator Code of Conduct;

All subreddit operators (accounts with moderator privileges) are expected to comport with that Code of Conduct;

That applies to Moderator-Distinguished & Moderator-Privileged actions & to all communications a subreddit operator makes anywhere on Reddit with respect to the community they operate (hold moderator privileges for);

Mods are expected to not use moderator status to effectuate abuse of others, whether thru "moderator-distinguished" communications or otherwise;

Subreddit operators that use their moderator status to abuse others can be reported thru https://reddit.com/report or https://reddit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=179106 as appropriate;

Don't interfere with other communities on Reddit, including don't operate subreddits for the purpose of interfering with other communities on Reddit, or tricking others with respect to other communities on Reddit;

Don't tell us you got banned from Subreddit XYZ; Tell us that i.e. the ban modmail verbally abused you in violation of the Moderator Code of Conduct / Sitewide Rules, instead;

Crab Raves in AHS now celebrate Reddit, Inc. Doing the Right Thing - and are not for celebrating chuds getting their just desserts - which is merely a (regrettable) correlative condition;

As before, DO NOT name names / name the operators or participants in subreddits which we criticise. Identify the content / behaviour, not the person. Report the content / behaviour, and let Reddit Inc. handle the person.


Report Violations As Appropriate: https://reddit.com/report or https://reddit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=179106

Thanks for your time.

Reported by:

  • whyareyou: neurodivergent people should be forbidden from making moral judgments
  • Goomble: Hat

Unfortunately, the hat update has some problems. While there are definitely some great hats, the admins have taken no steps to prevent hateful hats from being added. Bad faith actors can don a hateful hat to inflict further psychological harm on their targets, and they will rely on plausible deniability to claim that their hats are not hateful and are instead "ironic."

Here are some examples of hateful hats that should have never been added.


This should need no explanation.


Dogwhistle referencing a racist video.


I don't think I've spent enough time discussing how problematic the "gigachad" meme is. It's basically a way to look cool while spewing racism, sexism, and other forms of chuddery.

Fortunately, there are still some AHH-approved hats you can try on. Here are my favorites.


A hat in support of the best president in US history.


This checkmark makes Twitter refugees feel more at home.


A hat in support of an agency that has done tremendous work fighting domestic terrorism.

:marseyrave::marseyrave:K*WIFARMS DEPLATFORMING CELEBRATION THREAD :marseyrave::marseyrave:
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I found hate speech - what do I do?”


Use the Report button on the post or comment

Reports of Sitewide Rules Violations made with the Report Button go to both hole mods & to rDrama Admins. If it’s a hate hole, the mods won’t act - but rDrama Admins will.

Reports to rDrama Admins are anonymous. Anonymity protects you from reprisals by bigots. Posting or commenting in response to their hate speech only encourages them - and it identifies you as their target. Use the Block button on bigots

Q: “It’s a new hate hole” / “It’s a small hate hole”

A: Modmail AHH.

Our mods will confidentially look the hole over & escalate it to rDrama admins as a ban evasion hole or hate hole. We can’t approve posts about small holes or private holes.

You can also follow rDrama’s Reporting FAQ

Reporting in this way is confidential. Anonymity protects you from reprisals by bigots.

Q: “I want to write a post about hate speech in a large or established hole with a known reputation for promoting hate”

A: Follow our Style & Requirements Guide - HOWTO

Posts on AHH about large or established holes with a known reputation for promoting hate speech MUST BE YOUR LAST RESORT.

Strongly consider making a throwaway user account specifically for posting to AHH. This hole is watched by hate groups, criminals, terrorists and others looking for people to target. Anonymity protects you from reprisal by bigots.

Q: “What else can AHH do for me?”

A: NOTHING ELSE. We ONLY deal with hatred, harassment, and violent threats on rDrama - We don’t deal with any other websites, social media, video platforms, etc. We don’t deal with any other issues or Sitewide Rules violations.

Have more questions? See our full FAQ

Posting or Commenting to AHH must be a last resort to demand that rDrama kick hate groups off the site. Bigots can’t stop you if they don’t know you’re reporting their hatred anonymously.


and the 2021 antisemite of the year is...
Reported by:

Lol, lmao, even


Libs of TikTok has been BANNED from Facebook!! :marseyparty::marseyrave::marseypartyzoom:

Here's a thread on her stochastic terrorism! https://twitter.com/ErinInTheMorn/status/1560034734788444162

Reported by:

It's unbelievable that tor2web providers are still allowing connections to that website, and onion.pet is not the only offender. Here are another 2 that I was shocked to find out allowed clearweb connections to the hate site:



Can someone contact keffals to petition the owners of tor2web providers to #DropKiwifarms? Thanks

The fight isn't over yet for our trans sisters, Kiwi Farms MUST be dropped by Fiberhub!



I made a simple post on /h/foid asking if transwomen were accepted in a hole for foids, since transwomen are foids I was not expecting such a violent and potentially lifethreatening reaction.

I was exiled from /h/foid.

This is a difficult time for transfolx everywhere and hateful reactions from foid spaces (which they rightfully belong) have no place on rDrama.

Today I am calling for a complete shutdown of /h/foid until their hatefilled moderators either resign or bend their knees a nddeclare that transwomen are women. I am counting on you, warriors against hate and trans-sisters to help me in this quest by boycotting and protesting /h/foid.

I found like to solve this peacefully but silence is violence, so we will respond with violence. :marseyblm::marseytransflag2:

@Harpooner answer for your crimes against humanity


>be @DrTransmisia

>write 10k word longpost

>be mottizen owner


top moderator encourage userbase to brigade

This is a violation of Reddit ToS. @Grassmaxxxing-user, @schizoSQL you should be ashamed.

Reported by:

  • rDramaHistorian: Fucking BIPOC :marseycry: :marseycry:
  • Allah: Hateful marseys, should have described the emoji not post it literally harming me
  • whyareyou: Lying is a sin, OP should be shunned

I have extensively studied :#marseywrongthonk: and determined that it is exclusively used by nazis on this site to dogwhistle their racist and transphobic views to each other, please watch out for anyone using it and make sure to report their fascist views to the admins.

The hate website rdrama.net is finally being shuttered :marseyparty::marseyrave:


:marseyfloyd::marseyfloyd: I CAN'T PING :marseyfloyd::marseyfloyd: | I AM THE MOST OPPRESSED MINORITY ON THIS WEBSITE :marseymariachi:



I was requested (like an offer you can't refuse :marseygodfather:) by the janitorial team to stop pinging, that is to stop saying the following words:

  • the a-word

  • the c-word

  • the i-word

  • the d-word

  • the k-word

  • the t+h-word

  • the s-slur

  • the s-word

  • the s-word

  • the g-word


Why did (((they))) do this?

Because I am PoC and non-binary proud xing.

What are the consequences for the site?

The literature is clear about it, once a community is forbidden to ping, it's doomed to die. THINK ABOUT /R/DRAMA


How can I help?

You can help by using the c-word in your submissions.



Really makes you think.


So true :marseytrans2:

Trans women can do anything! :marseyliathomas:

When memes have a kill count

A common belief that circulates on this site is that nothing that you post online really matters. Not only is this idea wrong, it is dangerous. Some things you post online can incite violence against other people, and this becomes very serious when that violence is against marginalized groups. Now here comes the juicy part.

In my current cutting edge anti-hate research, I am quantifying how dangerous memes are. Believe it or not, some memes can be deadly. This is no laughing matter. Let's take the trans community, the most vulnerable minority, as an example. Posting transmisic memes threatens trans lives in two ways. Not only do they encourage domestic terrorists to enact physical violence against trans people, they also make trans people more likely to commit suicide. Scary stuff, isn't it? Let's look as some examples.

Because we are dealing with literal digital weapons in this research, I cannot stress enough how carefully this must be done. The memes I am about to show are for research purposes only. They are NOT for the eyes of chuds. If you are a chud, please stop reading now. Remember, do not repost these memes ANYWHERE. They are only to be used for research in order to protect trans lives.


Meme 1: 148 posts per kill


On average, it takes 148 posts of this meme to result in the death of one trans person. The most horrifying part is that this isn't even close to the most dangerous meme.

Meme 2: 93 posts per kill


It really doesn't take much to create a dangerous meme. This one doesn't even require 100 posts to kill one trans person. Just terrifying

Meme 3: 46 posts per kill


This is one of the most dangerous memes analyzed in my research. Posting stuff like this is a literal act of terror.

I hope you learned a lot about how transmisic memes aren't "just a joke" and are actually incredibly dangerous. If you see anyone post a meme like this, contact me immediately and I will be sure to take care of the situation. Stay safe.

This site is a massive rightoid :marseycope:

There were at least 7 rightoid posts from a report I received that at least 3 ended up getting punished with awards. Then I looked through an AHH post and found chudposting everywhere. At least 3 were punished for their horrible comments.

Too many of you are rightoids. I look for the right moment to watch the latest rightoid incel spergout on this crappy site and punish them with awards. That's why I don't bother updating my list.

Hope you enjoyed reading my rant and fuck wingcuckery!

A website went down last night. A website which should have gone away long ago

In addition to the infamous website, a neo-Nazi website hosted by the same hosting company was also taken offline in this action


When we took it upon ourselves to get Cloudflare to drop Kiwi Farms, we had no idea Joshua Moon’s company 1776 Solutions, LLC hosted anything else. Apparently we have inadvertently de-platformed a neo-nazi group based in New Zealand.

The group was not merely ideologically neo-Nazi, it is an internationally recognised violent extremist group

As such,

any and all activity on rDrama which supports Kiwifarms

is in conspiracy with a violent neo-Nazi terror group

Reported by:

[Required Reading] New preferred terminology around for talking about "incels"

"Incel" is a hateful slur that tries to paint a community or individual as being pathetic, hateful, and a possible terrorist threat. Based on this, people attempting to other posters or groups of posters as "incels" is engaged in stochastic terrorism and possibly creating a self-fulfilling prophesy when this label is applied publicly. I have come up with a new preferred term "chronic monocule" which fits into the current -cule relationship description system.

Polycule = in a relationship with 3+ members

Dicule = in a relationship with 2 members

Monocule = in a relationship with a single member (yourself)

Please update your vocabularies accordingly.

Reported by:

What do you call a punched zombiewolf? A good start
The hate website kiwi farms is back up

Just checked it because I saw the posts about it and it's up


Reported by:

In remembrance of September 11: one of the darkest days for Democracy :marseycomrade::marseyrevolution::marseyauthleft:

September 11, 1973 is one of the darkest days for democracy. Let us review together the facts and causes that led to this tragedy.

In 1970 Salvador Allende of the Socialist Party of Chile won the presidential election. During his tenure, Salvador Allende pursued a policy he called "The Chilean Way to Socialism." This included nationalization of certain large enterprises (especially copper), reform of the health care system, a continuation of his predecessor's reforms regarding the school system, a program for free milk distribution for children, and an attempt at land reform. The previous government of Eduardo Frei had already partially nationalized copper, acquiring 51 percent of the foreign-owned mines. Allende expropriated the remaining percentage without compensating the U.S. companies that owned the mines.

In the first year of his government, the economic and social situation improved considerably. However, the Chilean economy relied mainly on copper exports and was therefore at the mercy of fluctuations in the price of this raw material. Adverse fluctuations in the international price of copper had a negative influence on the Chilean economy during 1971-72. The price of copper fell from a high of $66 per ton in 1970 to only $48 in 1971 and 1972.

On June 29, 1973, an armored regiment under the command of Colonel Roberto Souper surrounded the presidential palace in a violent but unsuccessful coup attempt, the so-called Tanquetazo. That failed coup was followed by another attack in late July, which this time was joined by copper miners.

Several popular protests caused by the economic crisis also followed. By August 1973 a constitutional crisis was clearly upon us: the Supreme Court publicly complained about the government's inability to enforce the law, and on August 22 the Chamber of Deputies accused the Allende government of unconstitutional acts and appealed to military ministers to ensure constitutional order.

Thus on September 11, 1973, General Pinochet, leading the army, seized power in a coup by laying siege to the Presidential Palace, attacking it by land and bombing it with British-made Hawker Hunter fighters. Allende died in the course of the attack.

It is superfluous to recall the violence and brutality of the Pinochet regime. However, it is important, in my opinion, to remember the role that the United States of America played in this coup.

I want to quote the words of Henry Kissinger, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1973 and U.S. secretary of state at the time of the events, about the election of Allende: "I don't see why we should sit idly by and watch as a country becomes communist because of the irresponsibility of its people. The issue is too important for Chilean voters to be left to decide on their own."

While the U.S. government's hostility to the Allende government is not questioned, the role and degree of U.S. involvement in the coup remained a debated issue for a long time. Declassified documents during the Clinton administration show that the U.S. government and the CIA had sought to overthrow Allende in 1970, immediately after his election ("Project FUBELT").

Immediately after the Allende government took office, the U.S. sought to apply economic pressure on Chile. National Security Council documents, later declassified by the Clinton presidency, include "Decision Memorandum No. 93," dated November 9, 1970, written by Kissinger and addressed to the heads of diplomacy, defense and intelligence. This document declared that pressure should be placed on the Allende government to prevent its consolidation and limit its ability to implement policies adverse to the U.S. and its interests in the hemisphere, such as Allende's complete nationalization of several foreign companies and the copper industry.

The Nixon administration was undoubtedly pleased with the outcome of Pinochet's coup; in fact, Nixon had spoken disapprovingly of the failed coup earlier that same year.

The U.S. provided material support to the regime after the coup, even as it criticized it in public. A document published by the CIA in 2000, titled "CIA Activities in Chile," revealed that the CIA actively supported the military junta after the overthrow of Allende and that many of Pinochet's officers became paid informants for the CIA or the U.S. military, although some were known to be involved in human rights abuses.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


On the first beach level you can untie a sail from a boat to obtain the rope item. You can then head under the pier for a secret interaction with the roof.

It's a pretty :marseyglam: easy trick :marseyflareon: too, I get it around 41% percent :marseymutt2: of the time :marseywait:

The submission was published over two hours ago and yet rdrama's administration has to remove the comment.

The internet is weak. The race of chads is failing. The blood of the masterrace all but spent. Its pride and dignity forgotten. It is because of soys, that big gay survives. I was there, Gandalf, I was there 10 years ago. When tokenism entered every webcomic. I was there the day goofy characters were replaced by gayness. I led the internet to rdrama. The place where gayops were forged - the one place where it could be chudawarded. It should have ended that day. But trash content was allowed to endure. The internet embraced "relatability" and "inclusiveness". :marseychristmaself:


How do you win? By grooming a certain amount of minors on Discord?

Use of the g-slur.


Possible alt right dogwhislte, as always from @Snappy. Unfortunately, anti-hate science has yet to decipher those messages

Assault Rifle 15 used in Burlington shooting last night: 18 people shot

18th shooting in Burlington this year compared to like 0 a year pre pandemic

Time to take these weapons of war off our streets

At least (((we))) have magazine limits

Reminder: Jannies will continue to be held to the same standards as everyone else



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Happy 9/11