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Libs of TikTok has been BANNED from Facebook!! :marseyparty::marseyrave::marseypartyzoom:

Here's a thread on her stochastic terrorism! https://twitter.com/ErinInTheMorn/status/1560034734788444162

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The :marseytrain: who tweeted this has this on xher arm


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And jannies /r/egg_irl + received a court order not to wear xis ex wife's clothes + was convicted for pill pushing = top notch moral compass :!marseythumbsup:



court order not to wear xis ex wife's clothes



received a court order not to wear xis ex wife's clothes

This is honestly the most nuclear L I've ever seen online, how does one even recover from that?

I was aware of it, I've read that cow's thread. I think it's one of the most mind boggling things I've ever heard. How creepy does one have to be to have a judge forbid someone from crossdressing with his ex-wife clothes?

Oh those are for the lurking trains and normies who might not believe me




Also a Presbyterian deacon!

Xhe is a great moderator of /r/eggirl!!

What's xir's username /u/?


Xhe resigned from the janny team though

Is there a Dramatic story behind they/thems resignation?

It seems like kiwicels claim they drove xer off but I kind of doubt it tbh. They do have a long thread about xer though lol https://kiwifarms.net/threads/erin-reed-anthony-reed-ii-erininthemorn-erininthemorning-erininthenight-supernovasky-beholderseye-realitybias-anonymousrabbit.112364/

Probably advice from xher lawyer due to an ongoing case involving minors

this one again lol

She's single and ready to mingle, ladies :marseybutt:


Literally looks exactly like a normal woman

Remember, when rightoids say they can clock trans people: They're lying


deaf too?

dramatard moids have the worst eyesight

Are you kidding? Trains have NO IDEA how to do their eyebrows (most just don't even tho it could fix the unfortunate moid brow ridge condition)

Wtf does "doing eyebrows" even mean!?

huh I thought u a straggot tbf

alls it means it plucking the strays hair usually under the brow bone into a nice arch shape, filling in with pencil, powder or gel any sparse areas and defining the point n setting with eyebrow gel

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Jfc who made this bot is this u @HeyMoon (n sry to sperg at u earlier bb 😣😖)

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@InternetCustodian aren't you in the moderator union? Now might be the time to fight back to prevent losing your job

fucking your eyebrow. with xer barbie wand.

or their brow ridge, nose, jawline, cheekbones, or penis


Penis? I dunno about that. I heard girldicks were for girls or something :marseyhmmm:





Faceblindness is a sign of autism.

The letter i


_ _ _ _ _ - _ _ E S S E S - _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ S - _ I T _ - S E _ E N T _ - T _ O - _ _ _ S E _ S - I N - _ _ N N _ _ -- :marseyno: G

Allah bless all dramatards with seventy two Marseys in jannah

ahh, so close but not quite right




I have a small part of it but can’t figure it out from there 😩


You can guess again, friend :marseyexcited:


A _ _ A H - _ _ E S S E S - A _ _ - _ _ A _ A T A _ _ S - _ I T H - S E V E N T _ - T _ O - _ A _ S E _ S - I N - _ A N N A H

Allah blesses all dramatards with seventy two marseys in Jannah


A _ _ A _ - _ _ E S S E S - A _ _ - _ _ A _ A T A _ _ S - _ I T _ - S E V E N T _ - T _ O - _ A _ S E _ S - I N - _ A N N A _




_ _ _ _ _ - _ _ E S S E S - _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ S - _ _ T _ - S E _ E N T _ - T _ O - _ _ _ S E _ S - _ N - _ _ N N _ _ -- :marseyno: G

D pls

A _ _ A H - _ _ E S S E S - A _ _ - D _ A _ A T A _ D S - _ I T H - S E V E N T _ - T _ O - _ A _ S E _ S - I N - _ A N N A H

Allah blesses all dramatards with seventy two marseys in jannah

How does that work? After 6 guesses you reveal the :marsey41:?

It ends when someone guesses the answer and gets a lil' prize :marseyexcited:

Then I'll do one more guess and wait a while to give someone else a chance. V?

_ _ _ _ _ - _ _ E S S E S - _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ S - _ I T _ - S E V E N T _ - T _ O - _ _ _ S E _ S - I N - _ _ N N _ _


pick one, please :marseyexcited:


All blesses all dramatards with 72 marseys in jannah



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I thought i was first :marseydepressed:

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Allah blesses all dramatards with seventy two -a-se-s in jannah


dammit carp, you are so close!!

Go on a date to the beach, xhe can use that chin to dig in the sand.

>shitlibs on reddit:

>"reddit is full of racism and right wingers"

Meanwhile on a :marseytrain:'s arm:


Old news, sister.




What's his reddit username?


Some of the commenters seemed very concerned about teaching children how to "tuck" safely. I didn't realize that teaching a child exactly where to place their dick in their underwear was something that required the active assistance of an adult, but maybe that's just my inner chud talking.


I think a lot of people here replaced 'h' with 'x'. We need to fix that.

Inglorious Bastards IRL?

Truly an anti-hate soldier


TWITTER MUST FOLLOW, or it will be complicit in what is to come.


did they mean by this

Sounds like a stochastic terrorism threat to me


Someone should swat them.

Be the change you want to see in the world :marseybow:


asking people to follow her twitter account