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:marseychonkerfoid: Sneeds About Paying 8 Dollars More for A Massive Shirt

A bigger item means more fabric, sad but true. (-16)

wouldnt that also apply to medium - xl?

Not really as they are common sizes and are factored into the manufacturing.(-28)

If more fabric = should be a higher price then that should be true for all sizes. Get out of here with your shitty logic. 😂 You just don't care about plus size people and you want to justify the outrageous pricing because you simply don't understand how things work.

"outrageous pricing" being 8 dollars more for XXXXL shirt

Yeah its upsetting, but it is simply the truth and makes sense, please use more common sense people. The bigger the amount you buy, in this case fabrics, the more it costs, it counts for everything

I would honestly say to google things instead of stating things are true/make sense. This might sound harsh but wouldn't you rather know instead of spreading misinformation / supporting harmful practices?


Seriously just ask yourself why you think it's fair and okay to simply add a fat tax for one size type over the other. What's the point in clothes being $30 and up if taller/bigger people would have to add on an extra $10 just to be clothed?

Because there is more material and less volume. This isn't some evil fat phobic cabal trying to charge people 2 extra dollars out of hatred.(-8)

It isn't that hard to check the other comments here to figure out why you're wrong and how it IS fatphobia at play regarding the "fat tax" so do us all a favor and educate yourself before you continue speaking from a place of ignorance.:marseylongpost2::marseylongpost2::marseylongpost2: Seriously, go reflect on why you took time out of your day to argue against this instead of educating yourself. Stop wasting people's time and energy.


Ahhhhh the fat tax. Love that. If they were truly worried about how much fabric was used there would be a increase in price for every size.

This user posted about having a meltdown because a doctor told her to stop eating her "comfort/safe foods" to prevent acid reflux

it’s literally a ick of mine, I don’t think they are good people when I see extra added on, especially small shops on etsy (I expected more acceptance from them)

Is it not more likely a smaller shop on Esty will be more aware of their margins and can't just eat disparity in manufacturing costs due to volume? Legit question: has anyone here asked these sellers why these things are more expensive.

Yes, I have. I message every seller I see do this.

It varies. A few “the shirts cost more” when getting a custom tee made, one told me they had to order plus sizes from a different vendor (bs), about half don’t respond. “I have to use a different pattern” - okay, but you already have the pattern, so why the extra cost? No one has ever given an answer that passes the logic/smell test.


Downvoting someone who points out the reason behind this doesn’t make much sense….? I’m plus size, I pay more for my clothes because I NEED MORE OF THE CLOTHES. It’s logic. (4) controversial

[I highly doubt any plus size person would actually go out of their way to support clothing brands that exist to extort us...Just because you think that it should be the status quo doesn't mean you're right! And if plus size people have to pay EXTRA... how would we cloth ourselves to begin with? It doesn't make sense to have a whole section of people pissed off when the easier solution is making sure everyone pays the same price for the piece...It's about 1-3 inches of fabric being added to the chest or length, there's no reason it should be an extra $2 per plus size.]


This isn’t true and not how garment pricing works. You should also start working on your internalized fat phobia. Your need for skinny peoples validation isn’t flattering.


All the fatphobic people who agree that fat people should be charged extra are not fighting for the right to spend less money, they EXPECT us to be punished and suffer for our bodies being a different size from them. They are fighting the wrong battle here and they're not even bothering to do research on the topic because they feel entitled to making outrageous claims against our bodies...

IF YOU ARE PLUS SIZE THEN YOU WOULDN'T BE THROWING DOWN WITH THE FAT TAX. There are other places who treat us fairly by not increasing the price from a certain size. Don't support companies that want to extort us, simple as that.


Your fat

Fat L


From the OP's post history, she's bipolar, cries about her doctor not letting her mix weed and adderall, and is a seething starbucks barista



:marseychonkerfoid::marseychonkerfoid::marseychonkerfoid::marseyslime: Can't believe this is real, lol.

Cartoonish af...

True Story! :marseymanysuchcases:
My Queen...
Hello based dept
The Best of Fat People Breaking Stuff

Just a friendly reminder that vegans are morally superior to you because they're thinner than carnists as a class. Meat is murder - at least until bloodmouths drop fifty pounds each.

The average dramatard has no argument against this because I'm right.
















:marseychonkerfoid: :marseyfellowkids:
Morbidly obese (BMI 52.8) femcel smugposts about dying alone

Even reddit isn't buying her shit lmao. If you click on my of these links you'll see a ton of people roasting her. Some choice samples:

A man intentionally goes out with this hambeast and she rejects him for wearing a shirt with a skinny cartoon character on it

TL;DR I don’t know if I, as a fat woman, want to go on a second date with this guy because he had a picture of a skinny cartoon girl on his shirt.

So I met this (26m) guy on tinder, we’ve been talking for around a week now, he’s decently nice and okay to talk to.

After a few days in, I asked him if he wanted to go to an antique mall with me sometime. I figured it would be a good no-pressure, free first date. The antiques and old junk in the store would keep things from being awkward, and they’d be good conversation pieces. He said yes. I did let him know that I am fat (I preface it in my tinder bio as well) 5’1 and 285 lbs, and he said he didn’t mind.

Anyways, we finally went the aforementioned antique mall yesterday. I wasn’t particularly fancied up, I wore an everyday cardigan with black pants and a white shirt, did my makeup and hair. But I was a bit uncomfortable with his choice in shirt when I first saw him get out of his car.

It was a tie dye/stone washed t shirt with a picture of a skinny cartoon character (Poison Ivy) on it. It was pretty front and center. I was a bit uncomfortable but I didn’t say anything.

I tried not to let it spoil the date, I really wanted some company. So we spent 2 and a half hours walking around the antique mall, laughing and having fun. We both had a good time. I wish I would’ve grabbed his arm or held his hand or something but A) I feel like we’d get looked at weird because of the cartoon character on his shirt and B) I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable if he wasn’t attracted to me.

After the date he told me he had a really good time and invited me to dinner this Sunday. I tentatively said yes but I don’t know if I can look past the shirt. What if he’s really only attracted to the kind of girls that were on the shirt? What if he’s only hanging out with me because he feels like he can’t get anyone better?

Am I being crazy or is this something I should be worried about?

I'm glad to see she's schizomaxxing in addition to foodmaxxing.


Bitter rambling abt how nobody loves her cuz she fat

I could call you my sweet handsome boy every day, but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

I could give you lots of gentle kisses across your forehead and softly stroke your hair, but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

You could move into a comfortable, clean, nicely decorated space, but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

You could have a girlfriend that makes the best chocolate chip cookies that stay soft for days (if they last that long) but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

You could have a girl who would eventually give you children, but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

You could have a girl who is completely devoted to you and only you, who is obsessed with you, but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

You could have a girl who would be willing to move across the country to be with you, but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

You could have a girl who’s independent, who works nonstop, who is nurturing and funny, but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

You could have a girl with an interesting personality and music tastes, but you don’t want me because I’m fat.

Men only value physical perfection in women and they wonder why they keep getting the short end of the stick. I could give you everything, but you won’t date me because I’m fat.

The "gentle kisses across your forehead and softly stroke your hair" made me physically shudder with revulsion.

I'm dying alone and I'M NOT UPSET

i’ve honestly given up on finding a guy.

it’s not like im super particular or anything. someone on my last post said i must be looking for ryan gosling, but like, i’m honestly not. i mean, i’ve got a thing for white guys with long hair. they could be balding as long as it’s long, i don’t really care.

it’s just difficult when you’re obese. and like, i don’t really have any desire or want to change it. i don’t see a need to change it. i get along just fine with my weight as it is. i still have a full time job. i still have a good car, good license. i keep my place almost spotless, cute, nicely decorated. i keep up with laundry (mostly). i can keep up with my two cats. plus i can basically eat whatever i want.

men are attracted towhatever they’re attracted to and honestly, if i have to change how i look for them to be attracted to me, then i don’t really want to be with them.

i’ve got my cats, as cliche as it sounds. i’ve got my friends i can hang out with. i have my romance novels i can read. i’m self sufficient. i don’t need or want a man anymore.

it’s funny because most men can’t clean up after themselves anyway. men also don’t provide anymore. men don’t really have anything to bring to the table. i’m funnier than they are, i listen to better music than they do, i’m more interesting than they are. i do all my own stunts.

so i’ve honestly given up. so i won’t have kids with any guys, so what. so i won’t get married, so what. i can write about it. it’s really not a big deal. fat women are bottom tier when it comes to dating. i don’t really care if i end up alone anyway.

In case you couldn't tell from the previous ramble, she is NOT UPSET about dying alone :marseyrage:

Being morbidly obese makes you a better person, CHUD

The only part of being overweight that effects your personality is that being overweight actually DEVELOPS the personality. Most fat people have way more interesting hobbies and are funnier and more interesting than skinny people (who like doing shit like drinking and going to clubs, MAYBE hiking if they really want to be deemed as “too good” for the fatties)

Fuck you for suggesting that being overweight negatively effects your personality. i’ve met countless people like you who say shit like “oh being overweight means they have an unattractive personality because they’re a bunch of lazy disgusting slobs!” meanwhile their own house and car are in absolute fucking shambles on the inside and everything they own is fucking trashed and disgusting, and they can’t take care of simple things like animals because they simply don’t fucking want to.

Go fuck yourself.

I fucking love that she can't imagine anyone actually enjoying hiking so they must be doing it solely to dab on fat people lmaoooo

She's tried EVERYTHING guys, she's just MEANT to be fat

I’ve tried putting in effort hundreds of times. Every fat person has. I’ve done cico. I’ve done keto. I’ve done intermittent fasting. I’ve tried everything. I’m morbidly obese at 5’1 and 285.

I’ve already come to the conclusion that I’m dying alone. It’s sad and disappointing but there’s nothing i can do anymore. Men are entitled to their physical preferences and I was meant to be alone.

It's disappointing but she's also NOT UPSET ABOUT IT

anyone else notice that white men aren’t interested in white women anymore?

recently (in the past 4-5 years) i’ve noticed that white men aren’t as interested in white women anymore. i see it in relationship advice subreddits. i see it on tiktok. i see it in real life. white guys everywhere seem to only be getting in relationships with african american women, asian women, latinx women, racially ambiguous women. but never white women.

i have a theory. i believe that more white women are becoming overweight, this being why white men aren’t dating within their race anymore. white men hate overweight women more than anything.

has anyone else noticed this trend? anyone else have a theory?


Investmaxx in fatbitch activewear now.



We joked they must work for @MDLZ, the nutritionist actually does! So first libs love Pfizer, now Mondelez? I don’t recognize Dems anymore. So glad i left last year.




even redditors call the poster out for being r-slurred

Poor and fat makes me hate this plebbitor even more.

Also, tarot reader lmao. God I hate redditors so much.

:marseyflagrussia: obesityshill has an epiphany :marseyandjesus: after his 1st real art contract, clientele :marseychonkerfoid::!marseynut::marseycoomer: is having none of it

Morals have nothing to do with it lol

But this is an important component of your spiritual self-organization) Do you not believe in God?) Buddha, Adlah, Jesus, anyone - do you not understand the value of abstaining from vice?)

Really easing 'em into this one: https://twitter.com/cozynakovich/status/1562388690445426688

Obesity harms the circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and digestive systems - any depiction of such a perversion is harmful

>Okay, you know what? If you don't enjoy it, you can just NOT draw it. I'm not going to force you to do anything, and you don't need to throw a fatphobic temper tantrum...

t. ![](https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1484315515120095234/Gj4tKx30_400x400.jpg)

Americans attack me with the idea that "obesity is good")


It's not just about NS-2 anymore...


Ты предал не комьюнити, а страну свою блять, тем что ты позоришь русских перед ино-комьюнити. Теперь они будут думать, что мы все такие же истеричные нытики с шизой, как ты

>:marseyrussiaglow:: You betrayed not the community, but your fucking country, by disgracing the Russians in front of the foreign community. Now they will think that we are all the same hysterical whiners with a shit like you.

Ok, there was a lot of controversy and criticism) I'll just say that I mself weighed 176kg (~380lbs) when I was 19lvl) You know, once I realized that I just had no self-control and I was killing myself, I lost it to 200lb, which at 6.6 feet is the norm I have experience of fat)


Comes out as an Obesity Survivor of average male height.

(((Also, what's with the parentheses?)))

At this point, you're doing this shit on purpose to piss people off. No one cares that you lost weight. You're actively avoiding the part where you profited off a community you clearly hate. You're a fucking clown.

Mod him.

You're such a contrarian. You seem to disagree with everyone here. Why do you think fat people are inherently bad? That's an issue. Are you even attracted to them? Stop denying your nature.

I'm not attracted to anything - I'm asexual)


By the way, what does it mean that I "betray" the community? I once swore to you in love? This all sounds like a conversation with an ex-girlfriend who is trying to humiliate you)

Why not understand the bipolar position: "My holy soul hates fat, but my penis loves this shit?" I suffer, accept me

It's so cool - I share my sincere opinion, and each of you hates me) Surely someone has already experienced this and was also happy)




It just goes on and on.

Won’t say I’m not sometimes torn on this, but I will say Jesus cared way more about reaching and helping people than pointing the finger and going “You’re bad, you’re wrong, you’re a sinner, you’re going to Hell” and so on. If anything he lashed out the most at the people who did that (the often hypocritical Pharisees judging all the people Christ ate w/). Doesn’t mean we should sin, but if making this is indeed a sin, then in my honest opinion you acting in this way yet still making it makes you one of those people Christ specifically spoke against

I think in the grand scheme of things, morally speaking, keeping your family alive takes precedence over the spiritual dilemma of drawing women big and round my man.

Christ didnt stop feeding the 5000 just cause one was a prostitute. he fed them because he knew some of them were. he made sure each one was fed, and that plenty remained. when asking the priorities of god, take into very little consideration the socializations of man and how they construct purity. God wants you and your family fed. that is why god forgives. He does not forgive because you fulfill various rules, but simply because the world is hard to live in and therefore must be taken into consideration. Do as you need to, not by the expectations of others or the constructions of men and their interpretations on something they do not comprehend, instead of ask if you are hungry and seek to solve that

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Reported by:

:marseychonkerfoid:Dove says get fat foids :marseywholesome:

A 12 year old 8 kg overweight :marseysigh: Childhood obesity, so empowering :marseysuffragette:

Can we please make fun of these fatties? They clearly think there's something wrong with "fat-shaming" or "fat-phobia"

How do they even get him in court?


Apparently fellow fatty Chantal Sarault dunked on her by eating cheese in honor of her death


Pre-Hurricane fitness thread

You dramatards better not be gaining fat. As usual post fitness questions here, as well as any other fitness related topic

It's been two months when I last spoke about my dietry plan of three day fasts - what I consider perhaps the easiest way to lose weight quickly.

Yes it's a bit painful, BUT SO WORTH IT. There's no point in insulting other fatties elsewhere on the web if you can't see the fleck in your own eye.


I haven't just been a fad "get quick rich" dieter either. The weight I lost two-three months ago, has STAYED lost. In fact I'm lighter than ever, around 16kg (or 2.5 stone) lost since my heaviest, and 6.4kg (1 stone) lighter than when I started the 3 day fasts.

To make myself more human, ironically I am now the weight of the Beast - 66.6kg :marseychinesedevil:

I can now breathe easier, run up the stairs much easier, put my socks on without having to sit down, perform activity sports such as skiing with less chance of injury and more energy, and my shirts actually fit me now! And between the three day fasts, I still occasionally (even often!) gorge on my favourite foods, crisps, chocolate, yes even McDonalds which I love. You just need the willpower in between.

I have now added exercise to my lifestyle too. Bike for cardio, and arm/leg lifts.