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Donations are needed for /h/Dinosaur

Many dramatards are wondering what happened dinoposts and when they will return. Lots has been going on to keep me busy but I have heard your cries! Your need for dino content will be satiated my friends once I have created /h/Dinosaur! But I can’t do it alone! I need your support! I shall be accepting donations for the creation of our community and all dinoposts shall be posted there henceforth

Edit: we are 1/10 of the way there!!!

Edit2: 1/5 of the way there!!!

Edit3: 3/10 of the way there!!!

Edit4: we are only 13000 coins away!!!!

Thanks for the donations and pins!

Edit5: 4/5 the way there let’s go!!!!

@TED_SIMP 4261 coins!

@TwoLargeSnakesMating 5000 coins!

@Crabby_Cummy 97 coins!

@King_of_the_r-slurs 970 coins!

@LongNose 100 coins!

@WeeabooRunner 388 coins!

@DudeBussyLmao 500 coins!

@MyPasswordwas12345678 1249 coins!

@uwu 290 coins!

@MrPennySlavaUkraini 3554 coins and pin!

@AAVE_Mathews_Band 970 coins!

@Elon_SUSk 1000 coins!

@YourMom 1001 coins!

@Aevann 1194 coins, progressive stack, and pins!

@Infidel 2018 coins!

@HepCardiB 242 coins!

@lx238u3rux 1000 coins!

@Tomboy_Respecter 500 coins!

@Detroitvelvetsmooth 970 coins!

@champion_of_zoz 2155 coins!

@SkabaDabaDoo 500 coins!

@AverageBen10Enjoyer 1000 coins!

@Chtorrr 357 coins

@dont_log_me_out 776 coins!

@Pomodorodorodoro 1097 coins!

@DahvieVanityFan 500 coins and pin!

@Nipsu 500 coins!

@Grand_Imam_Talichad 5500 coins!

@Dramacel 500 coins!

@Maximus 1000 coins!

@TheOverSeether 109 coins!


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u should say the names of ppl who donated, it incentives others

You right I should’ve realized that


u should also write the amount they donated