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@Lv79_Lich failed the smell check today while on my bathroom break and got written up for it. :marseywagie::marseywagie::marseywagie:

And on top of that my boss doesn't even believe that trans lives matter

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Manager: Hoo boy. I really, REALLY hope I don't have to reprimand whoever is in that bathroom :marseybrap:


Oh yeah! Definitely don't have too remind this boy. sssssssnnnnnnnnnnoooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffff

trans lives matter

In this world, you're either a braphog or a tootlet, and now you know where you are in the pecking order.

They assume you'll eat your own product and have shits that stink. A healthy vegan diet will produce odourless stool. You should educate them. People really like when vegans educate them on the benefits of veganism!

odorless braps


Well that was a lie. :marseymad:

All Democrats are bastions of purity and wisdom while all Republicans are Adolf Voldemort.

:#marseyyes: :#marseyridin:

:#marseyno: :#marseymagahat:


Shit in the urinals and sinks

Go to college


Just don't shower, it will always stink :marseybigbrain: