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Cultural warfare: Who is winning?

If you follow the top scientists you would know that genetically we have hardly changed much in evolutionary terms in the past thousands of years yet our societies and our ways of life are completely transformed. The primary reason theorized for this is that we have moved from biological evolution to a far faster cultural evolution. However, if cultural evolution is real then it would imply that some cultures are more likely to survive and thrive long term than others, or possibly that multiple cultures compete with each other in a healthy stable ecosystem.

I am personally a believer of the former scenario, a culture completely dominates a region then splits off into multiple branches of that similar culture which again fight to form the most perfect variation which again splits off into multiple even more similar threads compared to the past threads.

Currently the way I see it Japanese culture is going to die out over time. It's too isolationist with a dying out population.

Other than that western culture is the most widespread and the one that is dispersing the fastest around the world even today. Chinese culture is limited to the mainland. European cultural norms are limited to Europe, Indian ones to India. However even Islamic cultures of the middle east are starting to become more westernized in sentiment.

So do you think western culture would spread all the way till the border of Russia in the East, and all the way to the bottom of Argentina in the South, then break off into 2-3 pieces? Or do you figure that the current cultural lines are pretty much set or that the Eastern world is suddenly going to figure out cultural expansion and win?

What in your individual opinion is the most successful cultural tradition for the future in terms of cultural evolution and future thriving?

I think it would be either conservative western with some tweaks over time or Indian culture which is harmless to the point of easy spread with very high populations all over the globe.

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The American culture wars hogwash is being exported to many countries world wide. The United Kingdom has already fallen victim to this, I am assuming all other western (white) nations are soon to completely adopt this nonsense.

Not only this but this liberal vs conservative discourse from the USA also invaded my country where everyone I don't like is a Nazi is extremely prevalent now in both sides of the political spectrum.

The rise of right-wing nationalism is undeniable across very many countries right now, I believe this is entirely the doing of the progressives and ultra-liberals. A good analogy is depicted below


They stretched the rubber band until it broke.

Interesting but I meant more like in the long run which culture on the global stage outside of the west do you see dying first?

I don't know, maybe yours?

Why would ours die first? Our population is still rising and we are culturally unique enough to stay that way.

It's not about who dies first, it's about who dies period. And your population may be rising now, but that won't last forever. Sooner or later your culture will disappear, just like all the others have.

Again, we are a billion plus people, and unlike China we didn't sterilize ourselves to an early grave. EU has a lower fertility rate and also sucks at taking in immigrants to the levels required. Only the US itself is comparatively stable enough to keep growing even if the people are all outsiders because they are less a specific people and more a mindset. They have practically separated the two.

India will likely be worst case the second longest lived civilization of all those still alive today.

What a load of crap. India is not and will never be the second longest lived civilization. The only reason it's even still around is because of China.

wrong! we are numbah 1!

tell me 3 things bad abou india i will wait.

  1. India is a poor country with a lot of poverty and misery.

  2. India is a dirty country with a lot of pollution and filth.

  3. India is an overcrowded country with too many people and not enough resources.

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seethe indiacels

I'd say any of the european "cultures". Asia and SA has the population to sustain their cultures for a long time. My bet is soon all european (including UK) becoming/merging with American culture

Very likely. So A singular Anglospheric western hegemony. Neat.

Beyond that you figure Chinese culture will end up dying out?

not die out, but will be homogenised across china, no more multi cultural societies under the ccp, uyghurs etc reeducated into one

neat, a continental scale genocide. Who they going after after the uyghers?

whichever group the han chinese decide needs some re-education, maybe @chiobu can chime in on this question

If I told you I'll be sent for re-education sweaty