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Sex work is work until a teenager signs up to do it lol, then it's child pornography



Is it really that hard to make a paypal for porn kind of payment processor? They'd leapfrog all of the others in their first day.

The modern LGBT movement, regardless of your moral compass, is a glimpse of the ideal in a dystopian capitalist technocracy. They signify the quintessential consumer, one who's identity is derived from the brands, movies, fashion, gay clubs etc. in a symbiotic relationship with the capitalist system, as opposed to previous organic identities derived from Tradition.

A trans person, for instance, is a being who lives, day to day, on a cocktail of hormone pills & ointments, whose life is punctuated suddenly by a series of violent surgical interventions, all designed to make of them a man or woman. This is the end of our civilizational narrative concerning the sexes (and indeed all identity).

Traditional, organic identities have been replaced by synthetic, disaggregated attributes (hormone level, facial structure, sexual organ etc.)

Now that man as such has been replaced in his war-making capacity by the genderless professional soldier (drone) & woman in her child-bearing capacity is to be replaced by the artificial womb, what are we left with but disembodied attributes?

This is in line with the nature of unfettered Capitalism. To unfettered capitalism, all forms of tradition and and identity are limits to commodification. It's nature is to take limits and turn them into barriers to overcome. Trying to maintain tradition or national identity within unfettered capitalism is like trying to force a river backwards. Any anti capitalist movement needs to not only address the material aspects of capitalism like wealth inequality and exploitation, but also the meta narrative of hyper modernity itself, which has been brought forth by Capitalism.



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no idea what "pocketstars" is, but I assume its free since no one wants to pay to see this ogre 丐

Blow jobs are real jobs.

Its good for the economy when you create many job opportunities, so you can smd.

What is smd? Send more diapers?