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self-reported levels of offline and online hostility

Ah, there we go. They basically had them answer a questionnaire about their online and offline behavior. So completely worthless shit since people aren't gonna think of their trolling antics when they answer this. Or just in general are gonna realize that they act much more hostile online because the baseline is so much different.

The internet doesn’t turn people into assholes so much as it acts as a massive megaphone for existing ones, according to work by researchers at Aarhus University.

Yeah yeah, blow it my Aarrhsole. Couldn't finish the rest.

most aggressive online trolls may tend to be high in cognitive empathy, which allows them to identify when they’re pushing someone else’s buttons, but low in affective empathy, enabling them to avoid feeling bad or internalizing the suffering they cause.

i sleep 😴😴😴