Washed up comedian rages on Twitter because of the Landlord/MAGAtard Alliance

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Probably wants the huge up front payment because covid means he can't kick out rentoids who stop paying.



This has been a tough year. Society truly has gone mask off with the landphobia. It's like the 1930's and 40's for the Jews.

I can pay $50k a year for my kid to go to the University of Second Choice but a landchad wants $12k upfront for 6 months of rent? This is heckin outrageous!

Good morning from Albania 佞

I hate rentoids

He also comes out as a male feminist and gets dragged pretty hard in the replies.

Who could have predicted that letting people not pay rent for more than a year would result stricter renting requirements.

Sounds like Andy is dealing with a very savvy landchad. He should really watch his mouth how he's talking about his betters tbqh

Hey everyone! My name is Juan-Elias Riesco, my mom and I own Nini's Deli together, and before I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I used to be a homosexual.

I still remember the day as if it was yesterday when my older brother Jose shared the Good News of Jesus with me and told me that I was on a path of destruction without Christ. I thank God that he did not sugar coat it, because it was his forthrightness that struck a cord heart. After that moment I was immediately convicted for my sins, and just a few months later I went to church and cried out for Jesus' mercy over my life!

Now, I am married to the woman of my dreams and we have two precious children together (and Lord willing many more). It is because of this that I as a business owner now have such a big heart for my #LGBTQ friends. If Christ could change me, surely He can change anyone!