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Wew. A whole mess of screens to share today. They've devolved from trying to literally save lives by temporarily shutting down orange messageboards to 100% just fighting amongst each other about how-dare-you-delete-my-message-I'm-a-moderator-too and reeeee leakers leakers leakers and it's a disjointed shitshow. I don't even know how to format this post. It was impossible to parse even close to everything. It's all so bad and I'm tempted just to export the whole chat to our db again so I don't have to keep making these posts. I almost feel bad for them at this point.

Recent highlights:

Belle actually left!

The first bit of mop-on-mop action

Janitors discuss whether or not closing messageboards until administrators ban people is the same thing as marching for civil rights. Consensus is not reached.

Assorted seethe (of thousands of messages) about damned dirty leakers, in no particular order -

Spaceshit nerd speaks sense -

They are considering throwing in the towel. Allegedly.

Everyone's favorite SRDine conalfisher continues to be the lone voice of reason -

But then immediately signs his own fatwa

Seb is still planning to re-close subs on Monday. Will anyone go along with it? Does anyone still care?

I DMed this to Seb last night

along with proven access to his private super-verified channels

and he asked me at length to please at least censor usernames. I tried to, but it looks like I censored the timestamps instead. Sorry!

Jump in the discussion.

No email address required.

Trust me guys! i don't care about the risk of me losing my mod status! i-i just want it to be for something that counts o-okay?

This is gonna make me look forward to yucky Monday. I will sit here and wait for the first powermod to close their sub and risk their mop powers. It won't happen. lmao

i bet one of them will leeroy jenkins it thinking that the others will follow suit, but they'll pussy out, and the only subs that get closed will be the 3 subs he moderates. Then they will blame him for not waiting for the signal as an excuse.

Yep. Notice they feel all powerful with their dumb stickies and then going to the media, but when they have to do something that risks their mop powers, they start fighting. They compare it to Aimee Chanellor but the difference is everyone hates libertarians and users care about that, but users who just browse r/aww and their hobby subs for a few minutes aren't interested in some dumb j-slur blackout over a sub that they hate. Nobody cares but the j-slurs, and they only care because reddit told them no. This is their temper tantrum.

i bet one of them will leeroy jenkins it thinking that the others will follow suit, but they'll pussy out, and the only subs that get closed will be the 3 subs he moderates. Then they will blame him for not waiting for the signal as an excuse.

And then more will join in but with zero coordination and tons of infighting and getting banned from the discord, and it will be an absolute clusterfuck. Right? God I can hope.

They aren't going to follow through,they won't risk losing their life's work

My hope is just one does it, gets a gigaj-slur smackdown, and then has a meltdown that others didn't follow through.

Day of the wringer when

It's about ethics in gaming journalism

Civil war? OMG, this is just like my favourite Marvel movie!!!!!

I started to make a shitty edit of a poster for that movie with reddit j-slur nonsense instead of capeshit characters but it was way more effort than I was willing to put into this. Cheekily censoring timestamps for a throwaway gag at the end of the post was too much effort.

Nah, it was a good cherry on top, time well spent.

Actual effortposting on a mongolian basket weaving forum. B-based?

Remember when r/movies was like "Captain America: Civil War is more than a superhero film. It is also a penetrating analysis of the politically charged environment we find ourselves in today."

I hate capeshitters so much it's unreal. Can't be gulaged soon enough

Days since Belle last sperged out and slammed the door behind her: 0

woman moment

and he asked me at length to please at least censor usernames. I tried to, but it looks like I censored the timestamps instead. Sorry!

Negotiating with terrorists

After the years of oppression we suffered at the hands of the admins, it is disgusting to request a dramatard censor a username. It is identical to asking a freed slaves to wear his former shackles, or a Jew freed from Nazi Germany not to control the world's banks.

I thought that was some fuckery aimed at preventing outing the leaker via customizable flairs or something.

Itโ€™s just me being catty

Our boy Carp is the Taliban, smdh

Rdrama user, you are worthless.

Interesting, that's not what our bank accounts say. I wonder how much savings those mods have from their positions of power?

most have been quite responsible and saved almost 15% of their salary.

$0 salary j-slurs calling trolls worthless lmao

in my defense security is hard. like really hard

Then just turn on easy mode lmao

Shouldnโ€™t you be getting ready for church? โœ๏ธ

Yes, actually! I'll just go to noon Mass today though.

God is not real!!

Worth it

Nevermind im unbanned. Thanks Carp

Real question if you donโ€™t mind: do you go in a suit or do you โ€œcome as you areโ€? Just curious bc you have a very individual/strong style.

God says I look better in these cargo shorts

God says o look best in a cutoff and spandex with my cock moved straight to the side

Always wear a suit to Mass. Or a dress and chapel veil if you're a foid. It's not sinful if you can't dress well to celebrate Mass, but it is if you choose not to.

I think God probably cares more about you guys putting the Shabbat on the wrong day entirely than which dress you pick out for it

Just my 2 cents from one of God's chosen. ๐Ÿ’…

God cares about you denying the divinity of Christ, pharisee.

I always wear a dress but I basically only wear tradwife dresses anyway. And omg I love chapel veils 100% unironically.

christcucks? in my rdrama?

it's more likely than you think!

Christianity splintered into so many sub factions or variable quality that I cannot judge them without further context.

But like a Jehovas Witness is the lowest of the low.

Worse than christcucks: papist swine.

No one asked for your opinion, Prot.


Browsing Rdrama is a key preparation for Church on sunday

I feel called out because thatโ€™s literally what Iโ€™m doing right now

Me too! โœ๏ธ It always surprises me how many faithful are here. Dramamine is pretty religious too (Lutheran). Iโ€™m like half Catholic half Calvinist

So full heretic.

Somebody told me yesterday that forums today are missing a token fundie, so I'm stepping my game up for the future.

All Catholics must read the 95 theses

Become 100% Catholic plz.

I might when I move in a few months. I like my Presby church for now.

I love how this is a more tight nit group than rdrama when it had 10000 subscribers. Its great

Send bussy pics then

i too, go to mass every sunday

Indeed, Iโ€™m a Presbyterian.

rdrama did this

And that's a good thing.

hwhouston517: Yes, you. Rdrama user reading this message right now. You're worthless.

How... How could they.... How could they do it for freeeee????

I'm still having a great time. This is quality entertainment and the best thing to happen on this site since it started.

I could never get tired of this. Its the Heisenberg effect of drama: the more we look at them, the more drama it creates.

Also: at the Trekkie mod confirming every stereotype of Trekkies being loud mouth slacktivists who think some show in the 60s was a beacon of civil rights because it cast a black woman in a miniskirt to sit in the background answering the phone.

TNG is one of my favorite shows but I would never want to associate with Trekkies.

Tbh I'm shocked r/StarTrek mods aren't all ViacomCBS puppet accounts. That sub bans anyone who's even slightly critical of the shitty new shows. It got so bad, they schismed into r/Star_Trek (w/ underscore) to have a "free speech" Trekkie sub (e.g. RedLetterMedia's videos aren't auto-jannied)

New TV shows are universally awful. I'm sure there must be something good on right now.

I kind of liked Barry...

Disclosure: I don't watch TV or movies, only RLM reviews of them. It all sounds awful lmao

If it hadn't been for RLM I would never have watched Nightcrawler or the remake of Suspiria. They are two of the best films in the last ten years. You should take the effort to watch films they recommend.

Only watching RLM reviews seems worse than watching shitty new TV

"Maybe the real leakers are the friends we made along the way, literally"

They are getting close, aren't they?

In their super duper secure channel they started to heavily suspect a top AHS mod of all people as our insider, so I'm pretty damn confident we're in the clear.

I hope they never figure out who the leakers are, seeing these powerjannies in such a powerless and vulnerable position is ecstasy to me.

Dont ever disclose the rat.

Divide and conquer

In the name of Drama

Maybe they should contact our AEO department.

Thatโ€™s got to be the funniest twist of all. Iโ€™m 99% sure I figured out the original rat but wouldnโ€™t be surprised if the dramapostings caused more of them to defect to our glorious cause

I think seb might be the leaker.

Carp is Seb's split personality. Carp is obviously the one that's aware of the other.

like jfc I'm 30 years old I don't gaf about my j-slur position on leddit dot cum

who does this guy think he's fooling lmao

IKR! Not to mentionโ€ฆ 30 years old and heโ€™s a Reddit j-slur? Surely itโ€™s just one sub or something.

Surely he just does it to keep himself occupied at his easy day job. Right?

Ah, the big 3-0. Does reddit match 401k contributions?

Please remind me what 10% of 0 is again.

They're so stressed about the leaks that their j-slur instincts kick in and start y'alling each other

It's like when a viper gets too freaked out in an enclosed space and strikes at its own tail, poisoning and killing itself.

jannies are upset that other j-slurs decided to y'all their comments

It is funny. Removing dissenting opinions is what a lot these j-slurs do on reddit. Is it really so shocking some couldn't resist the urge to do it on discord too?

Not shocking to us, but hilariously, it is shocking to them.

Every time a shitlib or tankie mentions rdrama...

just rightoids pretending to be who they aren't (centrists)

Every. Damn. Time.

It's almost like they have a disorder. Perhaps they suffer from Rdrama Derangement Syndrome??

Sort of like how they who are commies pretend to be enlightened centrists or libertarians or liberals huh

"If you don't perfectly align with my personal politics you are a 100% literal alt-right nazi. Also if I just don't like you, regardless of your political beliefs, you are a 100% alt-right nazi."

Will j-slurs ever realize they are powerless?

Their very first encounter with people they can't cry to reddit gigajannies to silence is not going well at all for them. This website is extremely important for their personal development.

Spez told them to fuck off and it's sparked an existential crisis.

It's especially funny watching them walk (crawl, really) towards a guaranteed failure with these additional protests. Spez already flatly rejected them, and he isn't going to pay actual people to be backup misinformation j-slurs when that work is already being done for free -- that's just bad business. And most Redditors either don't give a shit about the protest or find it obnoxious and an abuse of 'power'. So now the only two outcomes are:

\1. Mods get BTFO by the admins for continuing to fuck around

\2. Nothing happens and the j-slurs leave the situation having accomplished nothing except (somehow) making people dislike them more

Iโ€™m going to start requesting modships on subs while outing any j-slurs involved in the rebellion

They can always make their own Reddit like r/drama did...

But that won't help them achieve their J-slur dreams of stopping other people from saying things they don't like.

I know, itโ€™s fucking HILARIOUS!!! Welcome to the REAL internet, pussy ass Reddit bitches!

It's incredible. It's actually like they believe that banned users simply cease to exist.

41% of them eventually realize, and never recover

lmao this is the third time Belle said she's leaving forever. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

I love these j-slur leaks!

are you just trying to have a powertrip rn we're all mods here

They're self aware!

They arent though, they cant form the connection between another mod having a power trip and themselves having a power trip on their own subreddits. Which is fucking hilarious.

I'm sure they know and they believe they're right and different from everybody else. This is why they have difficulties with concepts like free speech and other institutional rules when they inconvenience them.

Anyone invite conalfisher? He's the only voice of reason and we could probably use one of those around here too.

Risky. If you have one SRDine at a table with 10 other people, then you have 11 SRDines.

Don't forget they'll remind everyone at the table to "punch up" because then it's ok to be that which you hate.

I tried to like 2-3 threads ago but he either didn't see it, or he ignored it

I would have welcomed an SRD j-slur back when LLM was more relevant just to balance out the rightoid sperg but now I don't think its really necessary and we have reached a happy balance.

We should ban you and all the 3 people that upvoted your comment

Yeah the balance is just about perfect right now

Holy shit get off the internet for just a day.




But it is legit drama, which is a fucking miracle for this place.

There is literally no way to cover discord drama without screenposting ESSIE

Clearly they want you to record a sensual reading of the chats and upload it for thier listening pleasure. Cause reading is the wrong kind of hard.

Preferable ASMR style, I get anxious easily so if you talk in a soft ASMR voice it will help me not get a panic attack when the j-slurs yell at each other.


Can you not animate it๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด

To whichever j-slur reads this, hopefully conal since heโ€™s the only self aware one, you guys fucked it up from by being the most insufferable people on Reddit, causing you to lose supporters. This failure is entirely on your heads and you deserve this very much

Send this to Glenn

Also I archived all of these images on, but imgur will delete them if j-slurs complain. Just use instead

Not yet. He'll just ignore us going into the future. There's a lot of dumb shit Glenn will post and if we give him one of those scoops, we might actually rope him in since he's not welcomed anywhere else on the Internet

SRD is better, fight me

I will end that twink

Jansexuals accomplishing nothing and then falling apart, wow what a shock. I thought they'd actually y'know, do something first, but much like a light jog it was too much for them.

Losers in the real, losers in the virtual.

Side note: SRD are smug until a stone hits their glass house. Luckily they are all cucks and thus don't reproduce.

They fucked around for too long doing nothing because they were overly cautious. The flame already fizzled out. No way we are getting a real Reddit blackout now.

oh yeah the momentum is completely dead