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All olriginal Marseys from the Telegram sticker pack in HD quality for template purposes


Those are the ones I use. Simply download them and make high quality Marseys.

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anyway i can add Marsey stickers to whatsapp? No one I know uses Telegram and I want to Marseypost with people I know irl


just made this stickerpack have fun

couldn't make it work

dont click download files ,but click on marsey.wastickers , download it , click on the downloaded file menu in the browser, select the sticker and open it, it should then open whatsapp and ask if you want to add them.

  1. Who owns the copyright for Marsey? And how does that affect all the fanfic marseys?

  2. Should we be concerned that Marsey is being hosted by an alt-right social media platform?

Who owns the copyright for Marsey? And how does that affect all the fanfic marseys?

The working class owns the means of marseyposting, comrade.

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for all the vector losers out there i converted marsey to hi res vector glory


or svg


Omg you have no idea how much I needed that sticker pack

just because LLM left doesnt mean you have to too!

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