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Where's the reality show with Dogg the Bounty Hunter running around investigating random women for abortions and pepper spraying them?

Go with Christ, brother

Trans Lives Matter :D

not go too overboard

well that's never gonna happen

Who wants to bet over/under on how long until u/Sneed1488 posts "Advice for bounty hunting ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒs?"

Lmao you're going to get some seethe. Republicans are about to experience a very large backlash. There are few issues that mobilize the left like abortion does.

There's a reason the GOP slammed those voter suppression bills before this.

I'm now much less worried about 2022. On top of that, the SC has made it certain they will be gutted in the future.

Trans Lives Matter :D

Most of the country supports abortion. The GOP has been tricking moderates for years by pretending they aren't gunning for abortions.

Imagine the SC just let a state ban guns. That is what just happened. The left will be incredibly active in the 2022 midterms now, which increases the chances dems hold congress.

Mใ…คakes sใ…คense. Who do you support?

Nobody rly tbh, I vote dem because I'm against conspiracy cults.

Trans Lives Matter :D

No, I posted an image of a gun to my local Facebook, and now all the leftoids in my area are afraid to go vote.

Are you purposefully saying dumb shit to make me seethe? The abortion issue is literally as close to 50/50 as you can get on a cultural issue in the states and it's been that way for half a century.

The USSRโ€™s two greatest mistakes: educating Ayn Rand and treating Solzhenitsynโ€™s cancer.

It's not 50-50 lol, we have exit polling showing it is not 50/50. You believe it is 50/50 is because you're neck-deep in cherry-picking.

This is about as delusional as when conservatives claim climate change is 50-50.

The only time it is near "50-50" is when you use questionable wording, when you get into the specifics - yeah sure, it's 50-50 on the question "should there be any limits at all."

But when you start asking about what kind of limitations, over 60% of the population supports the right to abortion.

And if we want to look at actual polling averages and the gold standard orgs - pew for example:

Pizza do you seriously believe people tell the truth on exit polls? I lie to pollsters compulsively and I'm definitely not alone in doing so.

Is this where you literally pretend all empirical data that says you're wrong is actually not valid because you have no real argument?

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By that logic, Texas' new law is still pro abortion since it allows it before six weeks.

The USSRโ€™s two greatest mistakes: educating Ayn Rand and treating Solzhenitsynโ€™s cancer.

Not gonna convince anyone.

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oh yeah pew is so heccin valid

exit polling, pew, other orgs, all say the same thing.

tricking moderates for years by pretending

Are you in a different reality than the rest of us? There has been no pretending like, ever.

Idk about a different reality, but I probably have a deeper understanding of GOP political strategy.

The GOP heavily depends on the courts striking down their more unpopular stances so they can continue to dangle them in front of the base.

The GOP on a local level, in moderate areas, also runs heavily propaganda claiming abortion is settled law and anyone claiming they want to ban abortion is "hysterical" etc etc.

You can see an example of this moderate republican strategy being deployed by Susan Collins when she voted to confirm Brett:

Maybe I just don't consider politicians saying blatantly false, easily verifiable shit to their constituents "tricking" any more.

Nigga no one even knows how the system works. You really think people would have willingly voted ro raise taxes, triple gas prices, destroy the border and give up Afghanistan?The whole reason trump lost was uninformed gaslit voters. Also that's barely even true. It's almost exactly dead even.

Even if people won in 2022 (imagine voting) that wouldn't change the scotus ruling and biden already proved he can't legally gut scotus. He clearly would have already if he could. Also this is a double edged sword. If you gut scotus somehow reds are going to go fucking ballistic. Also also also Alabama has had a similar week law on the books for years. There's like 3 abortion clinics in all of Alabama.

At some point, you're going to have to realize that the shit you read on Breitbart is not reality, and you not being able to understand how things work does not mean others do not understand how thinks work.

Trying to cherry pick Gallup and ignore polling averages is even more evidence you do not know what you are talking about.

Biden alone can't gut scotus, the senate and house and the WH together can in fact gut scotus.

Gallup is the best pollster on the planet. You also didn't debunk anything. All I did was google pro life vs pro choice and gallup appears first on the list. It's the definitive poll result on every search engine. Your assertion also ignores state nuance. Even if the country is more pro choice that's irrelevant as there's a shitload of people in NY and CA skewing the numbers. The laws go by state. In most red states the average is pro life. Only 12 states fund abortion meaning 38 of them + puerto rico would probably ban it if legally possible. If not for roe v wade which is considered one of the worst legal cases in history by scholars that would probably be the case. Hell the woman who cased this cause to occur spent her entire life trying to undo it only to die alone and changing it futile.

give up Afghanistan

Bitch all I heard from you r-slurs for the last four years was how Dems are warmongers and glorious Taco Bowl King was going to get us out of the sandbox. Well, your boi wouldn't pull out, but Big Joe doesn't mind sloppy seconds, and if he leaves a mess dribbling down her leg, well so be it.

Trump actually did try but it has to go through congress and he got blocked by neocons and dems. He wanted a full withdraw from like 5 countries. The problem is trump had an actual plan, not literally leave 15k americans do die and not tell the fucking afghan gov and then also want to send the taliban aid.

I thought Trump did try to pull out? Makes sense since he did it in Syria

DDR signed an agreement with the Taliban to leave, but he didn't actually leave. Why not? Probably because he knew it would be a messy shitshow.

The President is commander-in-chief and can [mostly] do whatever he wants with the military, which is why it's rslurred to say he was "blocked" by congress.

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It will take 18 years for the flux of unaborted foid babies to grow up to be foids themselves and vote out the roids, but in the meantime all babies will be saved.



Oh my god I want to see that reality TV bastard shot down so badly.

The law of God and the law of the Great state of Texas go hand in hand. I plan on donating my bounty proceeds to the Greek Orthodox Seminary in Boston to grow our great church, spread the blessings of the lord, and Baptiste the babies that are saved.

![]( <- me dunking on papists

Ya know I've never thought about it till now, but do they change the water between baptisms? Dunking crying snotty infant faces into the same pool of stagnant water sounds like a great way to spread cholera. Or make sure they don't grow up allergic to oxygen, who can say

It depends on the church. In the Greek church typically the baptismal font is filled with regular water then holy oils from Constantinople are added and the whole mixture is blessed. After the child is baptised the water will drain into the ground below the church, since it's already been blessed and it's holy ground.

No clue how those fucking papists do it.

![]( <- me dunking on papists

Haga sofia

Didnโ€™t know Byzies called Catholics Papists, thought it was just a Prot thing

The only reasonable move with that is the rona special. Water gun baptisms.

โ€œIf the barista at Starbucks overhears you talking about your abortion, and it was performed after six weeks, that barista is authorized to sue the clinic where you obtained the abortion and to sue any other person who helped you, like the Uber driver who took you there,โ€ said Melissa Murray, a law professor at New York University.

Remember Gunslingers, not only are the rancid baby-killer wretches to be brought to justice, so is everyone that helped her do the heinous act! (helping is up to the Gunslinger's interpretation obviously)

I hope I can sue the barista for not reporting it first.

Shame it'll be banned in like 3 days

Tbf the union thing is still alive. The joke sint mind you, but the sub is.

  1. Set up a GoFundMe for the "legal fees" to sue Reddit

  2. Freeze peach Boomers give all their Trump donation leftovers

  3. Easy rightoid grifting

Try 6 hours lol. It's already been gigajannied

Banned a minute ago.

Tbf the union thing is still alive. The joke sint mind you, but the sub is.

Someone should make a post putting a bounty on there neighbor who the suspect is about to have an abortion at 7 weeks

Don't forget to post a screenshot of it in r/fuckthealtright too!

Just keep her in the basement for 6 weeks after the

Fuck, i need a leftoid alt for purppuses of bait. But yeah will do

Larp as a cowboy bounty hunter lol

Woah fella! None of that "make_pepe_dank_again" nonsense! We're tryin to run a legitimate all-American business here. Such a username risks attracting the wrong kind of attention, if you get what I mean.

Some people here are genuinely stupid


I have news for you.

Yea I removed that, too obvious

Well post the meme again at least