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He takes a seat in the waiting room and died. One of the PAs walked out crying saying she was going to quit.

I love how there are two layers of nurses making someone's death all about them.

I hope she made a sad TikTok about it though, for the views of course.

Edit: All these nurses complaining about working 12 hours overtime sure have a lot of time to effort post of Reddit for updoots

For real. At one point at my old job there were three of us covering for a shift of normally 5-6 people. That meant working ~80 hours weeks, so you worked the afternoon, slept the night, worked the next morning, rested the afternoon, worked the night, then back home, sleep however much you can and back to work in the afternoon instead of a day or two of rest like we usually did. I did not waste time going on social media for the few weeks I spent doing that. I worked out a bit and slept as much as I could. These fucks have it too good if anything.


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walked out crying saying she was going to quit.

That'll definitely help make sure that the next guy who walks in with chest pains gets quick care!

Isn't there a nursing shortage because so many of them have quit because of all the vaccine mandates?

Yeah, brilliant time for that btw.

I would imagine most of them would have worked through the pandemic having either not caught it or had natural immunity by now, sooo...

There is no natural immunity to covid. If you don't get the vaccine you will most likely die.

If only we could have somehow predicted this outcome of the vaccine mandates!

"I thought being a nurse meant that I got paid to make TikTok dance videos all day."

and giving electroshock therapy to moids

Where's the edited photo of the "frontline nurses" that has the fourth panel full of twerking nurses?

We told people not to come to the hospital because of covid, but there was nothing to do so we made TikToks and laid off half of the staff. Then we laid off half of the remaining staff because they wouldn't get vaxxed. WHO COULD HAVE THOUGHT WE WOULD BE UNDERSTAFFED?

This must be the republicans' fault ๐Ÿค”

Not one person genuinely feeling bad for the chest pain guy. It's all about hating brapitalism and "the man"

Anyways its almost as if putting fat boomers in the icu uses up beds and labor. We should really throw ppl with covid into a mass grave and start focusing on people with preventable complications

Not one person genuinely feeling bad for the chest pain guy.

I mean, he is dead

Literally nothing in that original post mentions capitalism at all. The same thing could happen in a Canadian hospital, and they would probably be even more understaffed.

Leafistan hospitals are always crumbling

Capitalism didn't limit the beds or capacity here. Every government in the world's under all systems has these stories. Global pandemics are hard.


I saw the name but still lol

Please don't quit! Some of us are on here reading all you go through and aching for you, and appreciating the work you do...we need you!We need you, we need you...I mean, please don't quit unless you really really have to. I understand (as best I can, from reading all your stories here) if you.

Iโ€™m about to get mean here. You do NOT have the right to come onto someoneโ€™s post where they share a horrible story and say โ€œdonโ€™t leave.โ€ Do not guilt trip nurses into staying at the bedside by saying โ€œwe need you.โ€ I get that it sounds scary to non-nurses to hear all of us leaving, but that doesnโ€™t give anyone the right to use manipulative tactics to try to get us to stay in an abusive situation. If you really understood what weโ€™re going through, you would be advocating for our safety, including telling us to get out for our mental and physical health, not begging us to stay. And if youโ€™re worried about the shortage of bedside nurses, take it up with the hospital executives, not a nurse who gets paid $24 to get mentally and physically abused all day.


There were zero interactions like this on the internet before normie women got on here

Imagining that these people might end up treating me is all the encouragement I need to avoid ever going to the hospital.

If you leave who will look busy by my bed while the medical doctor does all the work

Foids are constantly patting themselves on the back or need someone to do it for them. They really are children and should be treated as such

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reeee guilt trip... that doesnโ€™t give anyone the right to use manipulative tactics to try to get us to stay in an abusive situation...

She says while verbally abusing a simp in a wall of text guilt tripping him to emotionally manipulate him.

Nurses are just mad nobody is buying the covid frontline hero shit anymore so theyโ€™re back to being treated like the bedpan-cleaning wagies that they always were.

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Thatโ€™s what it looks like on the internet but all the nurses I know irl are Qtards.