Blame @fartbinn for this she enforced me shittz ideas. What you see here is my beautiful legs of course. I have the best legs! In terms of food you have bread, Beer, Mayonnaise, Morzarella, Settle, Eggs, Schupfnudel, even more Beer and Caucasian cheese. Also some jam. What Zou can see in the fridge door is garlic sauce.Very nice for kebab. I have lots of stuff in my freezer too but that might have to wait for a different post. Well whatever. Have fun criticizing my inventory I suppose.

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tiny feet

Its true. I only have a shoe sitze of 43 European even though im 6'2 or 188 cm.

Huh. What's your dick size?

I second this question, how big is your dick? Can I suck it?

I do not second the second question.

That's okay, more cock for me!

Like 17cms

That sounds huge but I google converted and itsa decent 6.693 inches. Nice

Please eat some green vegetables tho

It's well known that every moid dramatard is blessed with a huge cock.

Interesting. We have the same dick-size-to-height ratio.

Whats ur height

5'7" lol

heightdoxxing and feetdoxxing in the same post

smh Kellere what's this shitty opsec?

Also what is that beer with orange label?

Also what is that beer with orange label?



You may act like a slav online but I know german 'culture' has already consumed your soul.

shoe sitze of 43 European

That's 9.5 in human.

What's in the small jar farthest to the left with the green and mayo top? It looks like some type of spread which interests me.

HOMEMAde jam

Cool what type ?


That's what you get for being a little king

Yes I feet mog you

Kellere31 Marsey :)

NICE! Here are 1000 dramacoins.

Post your phone number

That might be a bad idea

there's some kind of primitive language on those labels that I can't understand. Are you some kind of foreigner or something?

Only r-slurs can't read German

Deutsch Weltsprache Nummer 1


Lauf mit, Frau, das ist Männergespräch. Wenn du uns ein Bier einschenken musst, werden wir es dich wissen lassen

Why do you have a baby in the lobster drawer? (Lettuice crisper for you moneylets)

Probably something terribly foreign, that's considered a delicacy to locals.

That's a ceviche drawer fam.

Wtf. I don't think there's any one thing in the fridge I could warrant using the drawer as the actual container for.

For some random stupid reason this post reminds me of this:


So true?


My BMI is in the normal range so I'm not I think? Idk I'm not a doctor.

Sorry, terminal fat legs with cankles and tiny feet. It's over 4 u

idk if bitched give a fuck abut my feet. I mean tus far they didnt.


All that rockstar

Sorry about your horse piss addiction

sorry appreciated and accepted

are you amish

fuck no god damnit

Take another picutre. Take off the socks and remove the food.

мне нравится твой холодильник, спасибочки

you didn't even mention your fruits, even though I can see them

Those are vegetables not fruit




Kaiserbrötchen 😋

put it back

Na, hast dein Rausch ausgeschlafen Meister Kellere?

Post body

Uh, your white? That is not Ok

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