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The day I see Maxime Bernier fight for immigrants, LGBTQ+ and womens rights, Ill believe hes peoples party because right now he is Trump Lite.

Here's how this Canadian politician I don't like is actually orange man 2.0 :marseytrump: :contentiouscereal:

I also love how not being pro-globalhomo means he's actually not for the people

:marseyglow: There is not wrong with globalhomo, citizen :marseyglow:

Plebbitors whining about the US 24/7 and then comparing everything in their irrelevant country to either US politics or pop culture never gets old.

Look at me, I'm so noble and righteous

This is a sleight of hand.

Not only will a journ*list edit and sandbag anyone stupid enough to give them the time of day, but they will do so with smug glee. But oh, wow, you claim we are mean to immigrants?

Canada doesn't have an immigrant problem because they literally stole the Eskimos. We arent close to even until the US [rightfully] spreads down to the panama canal.

Redditors who say :marseysnoo: ORWELL WAS A SOCIALIST :soyjakfront: must not know even the slightest bit about how his later years went

Right, Orwell was a traitorous snitch and Brave New World is way better than 1984

Brave New World had rocketships in it therefore better.


rockit shep!


Orwell was a democratic socialist. He hated tankies b/c of his experience with them during the Spanish Civil War, namely how they ended up crushing the anarchist factions (which is classic tankie behavior).

What's the difference between Maxime Bernier and a child's tricycle?

Neither will get very far, but at least the tricycle has a seat.

This is what the leaf considers a funny burn

CBC journos are literally shamless propagandist trash. Thankfully nobody watches the CBC anymore it's just that terrible,

♻ Please consider the environment before printing this comment ♻

It really is true. I tuned in for election coverage for the first time in years and was surprised with how bad it has gotten, Rosemary Barton openly cheering on the Liberals smh.

Why wouldn't she? Like I said, nobody watches the CBC they're literally funded by Trudeau government "bailouts".

♻ Please consider the environment before printing this comment ♻

That's true but I guess I expected the veneer of impartiality anyways. Probably too optimistic for this country lol

In that email, someone who appears to be a PPC supporter says that they hope Somos is sexually assaulted and murdered and encourages her to kill herself.

based. Leafs get the blower

lol this shit was based as hell. love max

I can’t imagine being weak and useless enough to break a bone. People who break bones are the scum of the earth. If I was a doctor I wouldn’t bother putting a cast on a broken bone, instead I would just kill the patient. How can someone who breaks a bone function in society, pathetic. A couple days ago a 4th grader asked me to sign his cast, I spat on him and pushed him to the ground. I can’t be bothered with non milk drinkers. A cast is the mark of a bitch and a dysfunctional member of society