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So proud of her


@FrozenChosen remind you of anyone?

She stops at "with". So not only has the gif been sped up and saturated to shit but also cut short.

Thank you Jesus!!!

My classic FrozenPat emote didn't get added so I had to try again.I'm thinking it will be added this time and I'll finally get the Marsey badge I've been waiting for.

Nice one :marseyexcited:

I don’t have any more fireflies rn but I’m sending u dramacoin for this beautiful portrait of @MarseyIsMyWaifu

Go fuck yourself stupid whore

when will you stop fighting and just fuck already? the sexual tension is palpable


Pretty sure he is a teenager & I’m not a libertarian. Also, he’s with Marsey.

Pretty sure its an open relationship :marseyandmarcus:

Pretty sure he is a teenager

only lends credence to my theory that he's mean to girls he likes


also, foids cannot be libertarians

That wouldn't fit in with my character arc

are you saying you're just larping?


:marseylove: :marseyhearts:

This is blatantly antisemitic.

Millennial Moment

i bet you pretty regularly won the same price huh


This prize comes with a free train ride to a very special summer camp!

I was really woried the star was some sort of merchabt joke before i opened it

Can you make a version combined with :marseymerchant: