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What annoys me is I dress way better than most of these cute twinks running out there but these douche bags still get the women.

Took this awhile back of some goober in lame ass shorts and high school kinda shit with this qt. I guess you got to be an asshole to get women these days.


your shadow betrays you here dude

:lol: :lol: :lol: Nice one dude! Even better, I suspect @676974 fell for it.

I'm pretty neurodivergent, but sadly not neurodivergent enough to get away with being racist in public :sad:

Ummm… ok?

None of those self-righteous r-slurs wear masks during the flu season even though there are millions of serious cases and hundreds of thousands of deaths every single year.

hundreds of thousands of flu deaths every single year, huh?

Did he stutter?


According to the CDC, the US has about 30 million cases each season, with an average of about 61.000 deaths annually. In 2018 there were 800k hospitalizations in the US alone. Globally the number of deaths varies wildly but is usually in the range of 200k to 800k. On rare occasions it will kill a million people during a single season. In 1918 the A/H1N1 strain killed 20-100 million people.

no one cares about foreigners and non-US numbers are entirely irrelevant.

Truth in flaming.

Not last year. Apparently we basically eliminated the flu, which is proof that masks and social distancing works and definitely doesn't imply anything else at all

I like how some are pointing out that OP is a fat lard.

Good lord, his tattoos couldn't be more r-slured.

getting a tattoo of a literal children's show on your enormous arm




No he has 5 from 5 cartoons not 1

one is too many already, it doesn't matter if you get 4 more at that point

Is that the cow from rockos modern life? Hard to tell

Yeah. He's got tattoos for Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Batman, and other miscellaneous stupid shit.

Motherfucker had the audacity to make fun of other people’s tattoos too lmao

And this was 2 years AFTER getting BTFO on his own shit tattoo

It just shows how secure in his masculinity he is!

OP bravely defiant and maintaining a deadly BMI against the some of the best medical advice available. Science shmience.

BMI is a social construct.

Bodybuilders are a BMI outlier due to extreme muscle mass.

Unfortunately, doctors cannot immediately differentiate a body builder from a whale. Better to just throw out the system entirely.

My fiancé is an ICU nurse

Oh boy...

Imagine committing oneself to a lifetime of unqualified medical opinions.

In an ideal world that sub would just be creepshots of random fat people. Instead we've got this morbidly obese disaster being really concerned about other people's health because it gives him a crumb of authority.


You're killing unvaccined grandmas! (Who I want to die, btw)

Why are fully grown adults such attention seekers at times? Just comply. Stop being oppositional.

Redditors, confirming yet again that their self-awareness rivals that of an amoeba.

That dude is probably posting about how he's owning these cucks right now.

He probably is. This is such a low level of living with his only gratification resulting from having his ego stroked.

negative self awareness

Holy shit you guys I just got a vaccination! Give me awards! Shower me with upvotes!

Update 1: feeling fine. Just done my mandatory 15 minute post-vaccine chill out and I'm fine.

Update 2: An hour later and I'm still fine. Arm feels a bit bruised but it's well worth it TO SAVE LIVES! I'M SAVING LIVES!

Update 3: just seen some gormless Trumper out in the open with no mask. What an attention-seeking loser.

Update 4: Skype my parents and all my siblings were round there in person visiting! WTF! They are risking my parents' lives! I'm here sacrificing everything. I haven't left the house other than to get my vaccine and they're just disregarding the pandemic and acting normal!

Update 5: my parents blocked my on Skype. Well, the bigots and deniers are welcome to each other. I know I've saved lives by staying in and having a vaccine and that's all that matters.

Update 6: for those asking, it was the Pfizer vaccine. I had it in my left arm.

Update 7: Batch number was 15XGY663Z1. I've also heard its a good one.

Update 8: Well Reddit, this has been an epic Saturday evening but I'm going to hit the sack and let this vaccine do it's work!

Sorry ma'am, looks like his delusions have gotten worse. We'll have to admit him,

The Left: "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me."

Also the Left: "Comply" :npc: :npc: :npc: :npc: :npc: :npc:

I'm gonna post this next time paddy beats some basketballs ass during an arrest. Just comply. Stop being oppositional.

Same dude.

But boy shorts and bouncy bottom??



I don't get why they're so mad, it's not like parking in a handicap spot. If a handicap person needs that spot he can just get up

He also could be handicapped lmao. It's a common lefty talking point that lots of disabilities are invisible and you can't assume in situations like this. He could have like a bad knee or arthritis or some shit for all anyone knows.

Probably suffers from Asthema, which would explain both why he is not wearing a mask and why he is sitting in a handicapped spot.

But the redditor must appear righteous and correct, hence it will pass judgement knowing only the most cursory of facts.

ass-mar won't keep you from wearing a mask, but if you are ultravaxxed a mask will needlessly contain and reduce your spike plume

He can't wear the mask because he's handicapped

It's a common lefty talking point that lots of disabilities are invisible and you can't assume in situations like this

Well it's not a lefty talking point since everyone agrees that they can't see psychological disabilities, but lefties take it up a notch and say that everyone must be inconvenienced to serve disabled people

There really are disabilities that aren’t immediately noticeable though.

Like posting on rdrama

No that's pretty apparent from a distance

yes you can tell by the mighty bulge

You can already tell from the smell.

Oh yeah it's absolutely true. Broken clock and all that. I'm just pointing out that the types of people on that sub are the same types that constantly virtue signal on that point and then immediately drop it when it suits their narrative.

Wait, he’s sitting in a seat reserved for handicapped too, isn’t he?!

Aren't these the same people that bleat on and on about invisible disabilities? Be better, bigots.

Wait, he’s sitting in a seat reserved for handicapped too, isn’t he?!

What happened to reddit's hard-on for bringing up "invisible disability"?

It got in the way of their religious worship

I look at that photo and I just know he's the asshole in the airport FaceTiming without ear buds, broadcasting his whole stupid conversation to the world. I hate him on sight.

whoa cool it with the racist remarks

Has "earbuds" replaced "earphones" in our lexicon? Thanks, Apple.

earbuds/earpods are the wireless earphones you cantankerous out-of-touch grandma

OP is sitting in the handicapped seats because being 400 pounds is a disability


Is OP the fatty that used the front camera on his phone with his left hand?

Fat, weeb, atheist and metal fan. Reddit incarnate

E: and he drives a girl car that can only go in straight lines

I'll never understand tattoocels :marseydisagree:

Cooyright laws should be extended to tattoos.

Get a laser removal as per the C&D order, or Time Warner is entitled to whatever appendage you defaced with their IP.

Bruh wtf did they get a doctorate in? Eating?

I love how they're jerking each other off on how he will suffer horribly and left to die in a hospital when statistically he's likely to be vaxxed

They literally want all non-compilers to die

If we make people wear masks we should make fatties go to the gym. Being fat hurts your immune system and makes you more likely to pass on the virus. Being fat makes you more likely to take up a hospital bed that someone needs.

For some reason I doubt Reddit-slurs would be on board with this though

make fatties go to the gym

We should just zip shut their mouths and inject saline solutions through an IV. If they want to accumulate 6 months worth of blubber, let's put it to use for once.

Bring back the brap barn

Nah. The delta will start taking its toll.

thanos snap

Please tell me this is one of you cute twinks baiting and not an actual redditor.

The guy is obviously vaccinated so not wearing a mask shouldn't be a problem.

Very true Talichad Inshallah ✊🏿

The person that took this photo is atleast what 400lbs?

Aw look how much fun that guy is having. How can they hate him.


Looks like Sam Hyde lmao

I considered posting this with the title “Sam Hyde spotted terrorizing airport with hypervirulent new Covid variant”

Be sure to check out yesterdays’s episode of Perfect Guy Life, there’s a hilarious part where they watch all the fight scenes from JCVD film The Quest and Nick uses essentially every racial and gay slur in the book

Looks like he's getting away with it

Dude is living a very normal life.

Nice dye job, jerk

Seriously, and the haircut is fucked up too

These women just totally dropped the pretense of hating maskless people because they literally murder people to be the pettiest bitches with the shittiest woman insults ever as well as whoever upvoted it.


I wonder if they noticed OP is a dumpy fat. :marseychonker:

Allow nature to take its course. Eventually, these idiots will receive the prestigious r/HermanCainAward

99.8% recovery rate btw. Average age of death in the 80s.

There's staff everywhere at airports. It's really stupid that someone on staff walking by didn't tell him to wear one.

You know those people have a penchant for violence, right?

Proof that violence works. Thank God for shanky antivax schizos, they've made these twinks too scared to snitch.

For all we know he has an invisible disability. I look perfectly healthy and athletic, but in truth, I have invisible disabilities.

Pressing X

How do they know he doesn't have some medical condition that exempts him from wearing a mask? I bet OP didn't even bother to ask and just thought he'd snap a quick pic and throw it up on social media for updoots.

Why do some subs’ css appear to vibrate/shake up and down?

Its not the screen its you. You're just seething. Totally normal reaction to reddit btw.


I remember when that hairy muslim chick got posted and reddit had a meltdown that it's a creepshot and not ok. This dude seems to be happy and minding his own business. jfc I hate redditors.

Asthmatic here, too. Vaxxed and I wear two masks everywhere. FUCK this asshole.

Posted before this thread... :marseysad2:

Dont sit next to him.

I wish too. I saw so many without masks when I was traveling, despite all of the airports saying it was federal law you had to wear them. Zero enforcement. I don't care if they have a penchant for violence - they need to be dealt with. Every single one of them is a threat.

It's funny how these redditors act like some kind of tough guys online but can never muster up the courage to say anything

For all we know, he could already be vaccinated in which case he has nothing to worry about.

This is just one of those guys I can look at an instantly determine we’re not going to be friends. And it’s got nothing to do with him not wearing mask.

Hold the antisemitism Hitler. Holy fuck.


Premise: We take advantage of the fact that Ledditors won't admit that ANY reduction in the annual Influenza/Pneumonia death count is due cases being misattributed to COVID.

Method: We find the numbers of lives saved from FLU DEATHS due to mask wearing, social distancing, and lockdowns. We say: if we were willing to do it to save 100,000(?) COVID deaths for 2 years, why not continue to do it forever to save 10,000(?) flu deaths each year?

Conclusion: Advocate for mask wearing/distancing/lockdowns EVERY YEAR FOREVER. (So basically an ironic reverse NoNewNormal). Advocate to ban packed sporting stadiums and bars forever.

What, you disagree? You selfish republican, you want your Grandma to DIE from the FLU because you were too lazy to wear your mask?

Name ideas: r/BeatInfluenza r/LearnFromCovid I realise these names are shit someone help me out here

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