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Meghan Markle is fat


To be fair, she is about 3 months postpartum but she still seems extra chonk? Explains the giant wool coats in 80 degree weather.

How normal is this? She needs to buy one of those weight loss spells from Etsy!

Twitter all over it too!


Tl;dr https://ibb.co/2YPx8Ws

Before pic: https://ibb.co/q5Hm4z6

Edit: using my mystical proana skills, I estimate she’s about 50-60lbs over her low weight.

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He said he wanted to live a more normal life. Now he's a balding red head with a wife who gets fatter the longer he's married. A true commoners existence.

Being ginger isn';t normal and should be frowned down upon by any civilized society

For once you have a good take

I have loads of good takes, I'm a cool guy who has lots of cool opinions on music and modern art. Kind of a like modern David Bowie, except more erudite.

Also the libertarian part? :^)

I love reminding redditors that all their fav rock stars <3'd plowin' 14 year old pussy and never issued an apology over it

Are you gonna get coked out and let your wife see your 14 year old groupie side peice like bowie did?

I'm surprised he hasn't done anything about that.

He can’t or he will be shamed, you see niггa is royalty so because of that he hast to act like looks doesn’t matter so when he becomes baldcel and his kwin star cheating on him like his mom did on his dad he will have to cope

I used to be 25 dms gorgeous and slay bitches every weekend. Now I'm 39 and still okay looking and slay the same chick once a week for the last ten years. Sad! Many such cases

Imagine bragging about soiling your cock on multiple gussies.

Yeah, I am virgin king

At least we're living like royalty.


Anyone who cares what these two people think should be unironically roofed



A concert to raise money "in the middle of a pandemic" against the cause of such pandemic


he's just not as good as his family at culling the masses. Further evidence of his mental deficiencies

They are all vaccinated sweaty.

I think she probably took "eating for two" a bit too literally. Pregnant women only actually need an extra 200 calories a day, but some of them ignore that and use it as an excuse to pig out for a year, and then they end up like this

I knew some girl that basically binged on McDonald's for her entire pregnancy because "she was eating for two". I'm guessing the baby ended up being r-slured and the mother was a disgusting grease ball at the end of it.

lmao, I bet she'll still be calling it baby weight for at least another decade

some of them ignore that and use it as an excuse to pig out for a year, and then they end up like this

Its pretty hot.

Your feeder fetish is not valid

the architect marsey when?



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I've got me valid loisence roight here guv

Of course some 45 KG femlet would say that

It’s instinctual because the extra weight they gain through pregnancy is meant to carry them through breastfeeding (it’s why our ancestors would’ve done similar. Breastfeeding helps you loose weight because it burns a lot of energy producing milk so having extra weight meant you wouldn’t become anorexic and unable to feed your child)

They always do.

Fat people are disgusting. He needs to divorce her immediately.

Love you bae 💕

well, just make them pay more rent

she's not even fat by burger standards

please just let me have this 😑

burger standards

that's cheating though :marseychonker:

Foids are obsessed with Megan Markel. Literally every foid I know malds about her constantly. I don’t get it, who fucking cares

Because they are jealous that she bagged a prince and got him to leave everything behind for her. They want a man like Harry.





biofoids are the worst foids

But she's just four assassination plots away from placing Archie on the throne and then he's eligible to join the Crown and the Presidency in personal union.

And she's one assassination plot away from driving into a concrete pillar.

What was the last thing to go through princess Diana’s mind before she died?

The windshield

Thicc and has mommy milkers, I'm not complaining.


You're doing a heckin thicc bitch erasure

Let us commoners have our slampigs smh

Always nice to see what ED survivors consider to be fat, to balance out the posts of landwhales who think they are healthy.

Keep the centrism alive.


Maybe the cuck was the architect all along

Still would

Fair. She’s a good looking lady even if her eyes are too close together.

even if her eyes are too close together

Costa Rica with dat tummy kino


Frozen will you tell me why some of the people who share your disability (foid) feel the need to have severe parts in their hair?

I’m not sure tbh. I think she thinks it makes her look “polished”.

She would have to really lighten her skin if she wants to look like she's Polish

Follow up, why is she wearing Fidel Castro fatigues?

She’s wearing stilettos in all the pics in the daily mail? And flats in the before pic I posted?

I meant the pant suit that makes her look like she was in Bolivia trying to overthrow the fascists in the jungle with Che Guevara.

To create long straight lines to hide her fat thighs.

Couldn't hide them with an invisibility cloak

Followed 🤗

They look normal compared to her hubby. But maybe it's just the make up.

Oi he's bri'ish mate, he's in the top 90 percentile for symmetrical.

lmao, the article unironically tells you how to steal her look

50-60 lbs? I don't think so. Judging by the size of her arms and lower legs, she's just apple shaped. All of the fat is going to her midsection and ass.

Her thighs are way bigger too, but she’s wearing heels so they are already going to be “extra slender” compared to the pic with flats. Plus you have no idea what that coat is hiding 👀 ALSO she is ofc going to be wearing double spanx

Def at least 40, though.

oh dear that looks like a coat over a fupa. Come on, Meghan. Good women work out hard to get rid of that shit quick. Get it together, bitch.

Imagine being such a cuck that you let a fat negroid turn you against your family.

> simping for inbred anglos

I would kill my family for fat negroid bussy, you racist.

Yeah but she's not a 🚂🚃🚃

This is the third comment I have seen of yours in the past hour or so that wasn't funny and too replyguy-like. Please consider drinking more

She was too skinny before, now it's just on point. This is just anorexiccels coping


SO true queen. https://i.pinimg.com/736x/1f/43/6a/1f436ab97ba47f2c6c150d33dca1bdce.jpg How many calories have you imbibed into your disgusting little pig gullet today?

This but unironically

wait were you actually anorexic? Lol



I still don't get why someone would marry someone beneath them 😕😕😕

He's a ginger, about to be bald, and a bong. It's disgusting.



This is literally giving into the mindset the jew has raped into you


using my mystical proana skills, I estimate she’s about 50-60lbs over her low weight.

jesus fucking christ lady

40 years old



The last punishment for a simp made in the first simping

She's probably just preggers again, right?

No, they said they were only going to have two “for the environment”

> for the good of the earth, we'll only have two mansion-dwelling private-jet-flying whelps

lol they're so full of shit

I’d say to wait a year after she gave birth. She could’ve had a pretty traumatic birth or something. It takes women a while after birth to get back to normal. The standard of expecting women to be back to their pre-pregnancy bodies in 3 months (which is the lower end of having their vaginas healed enough to have sex again) is ridiculous.