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sobs quietly and hugs you

lol Good morning

Not even once.


Redditors are too socially r-slured to even show sympathy like adults.


Furry Roleplay vs Female Moment


who I hadn’t seen or spoken to since I was 9. I was 27 when he died

:O no way, wow

This one definitely seems more sad than funny. She clearly doesn’t think this is glamorous or desirable, clearly doesn’t want to be doing this. There’s nothing delusional here. Just despair and desperation.

Just despair and desperation.

Ya that's the funny part

Gonna seriouspost but I’m pretty sure she didn’t deserve this. She just seems like a pathetic, vulnerable person who never really had much of a chance at a normal life. I guess she’ll suffer till she dies. Lol.

I mean she could have stayed with her husband and stayed away from the pimp

I’m pretty sure her husband probably wasn’t the picture of a respectable man either if his wife was hanging around with pimps, hoes, trick-ass bitches, and hoe-ass muthafuckas.

Considering how venomous these types tend to be... The fact that his only crime was wanting her to act her age, and he won custody for jr. I'm going to go out on a limb that hubby is pretty good and this bitch is just a white woman.

Yep. The whore didnt want to be a mother and a wife. Instead, she chose a pimp and meth.

Then marry someone else smh

Then you are either young, or very naive.

I think you missed the part where the pimp made her feel validated in between whoring her out. Must have been a real Romeo.

You just know the simple minded bitch fell for PUA type shit, initially.


>"I still love him so much and I worry about him - that kills me the most. I hate myself for loving him."

bitch still gets wet for this unironic Chad

Goddamn. What a fucking stupid cunt.

Notice she doesn't say husband. Yeah, this woman's suffered a lot at the hands of a lot of some very bad men.

profile quote is literally “America is guilty of war crimes”

No, fuck this slut. Don’t feel sorry for any foid

Lives in Australia too lmao

They really do hate us cuz they ain’t us

This is the only comment that actually changed my mind. Fuckin un-American traitor.

I hope my country chews her up and spits her out/heals her perfectly.

:marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot:

I take back all the sympathy I had for her. Freedom, bitch :marseybux:

:killherkillher: :killherkillher: :killherkillher:

Exactly, feel sorry for the child.

Yeah isn’t it amazing that millennials raised by the internet thst aren’t quite all there in life end up being coerced into horrible decisions.

Some people are just evil inside. Anyone that would abandon their child to be a whore and a druggie is evil.

Counterpoint: if people take advantage of you, you are by definition weak.

True and based

Unironically simping lol

It's a pretty good comedy until you get to the poor kid who has a trainwreck for a mother. it goes from trainspotting to bambi for me at that point, as in I wish this bitch died in a forest fire.

My ex wife did something similar, only without the prostitution (to my knowledge, lol). I literally hope she burns in hell for doing this to our children. Well, they are mine and mine alone now. I wish she’d start prostituting, then maybe she’d cough up some child support.

It's funny in the context of that sub since they love to groom women into joining them as whores. It will probably get yalled as "concern trolling" to avoid breaking kayfabe

Yo she seems to have been a whore like before she got there. That’s a rough life she’s had. Listen I love whores too. That’s all I’m saying.

Did you miss this part?

I’m grateful for sex work because without it I don’t know what I would have done…

What a fucking trainwreck

That's the desperation lol. She's saying that she has no real education or skills, so whoring is her only option.

Didnt burger king needed education

I didn't say she was right.

Nah, she's still delusional.

I’m tired. I think about the things the guy did to me all the time still. It’s been so long and it hurts now just like it did then. Sometimes I think Im not strong enough to endure it. And The worst part is I still love him so much and I worry about him - that kills me the most. I hate myself for loving him. It makes me ashamed. I’m grateful for sex work because without it I don’t know what I would have done… but it doesn’t help my outlook on males.

Still disconnecting sex work from everything else, pining for her abusive pimp, and blaming males for her hanging out with the tweaker junkie bottom tier of society. It's still a fucking shame because, she's like tweaker mentally ill delusional, not just regular foid delusional.

She has so much love for the pimp, instead of for the child she brought into this world.

Yeah this is why we need a catholic theocracy. If you let f*moids do what they want, they just do shit like this.

Catholicism has failed. Islam is the final redpill

Whore made her bed, let her lie in it. I got no sympathy for people that will do this to their kids. The KID is the one I’m sad for, not this Reddit whore.

around the same time dealt with the death of my father (who I hadn’t seen or spoken to since I was 9. I was 27 when he died).

"around the same time i dealt with the death of a stranger. it was a hard time!"


She expects sympathy, when she chose to abandon her child. You bring a life into this world, you need to suck up your issues, and worry about the child’s physical and mental health.

Absolutely nothing good has come from giving foid rights

Bardfinn gives them rights, and lefts.


We've had whores for millennia longer than foid's rights

Objectively correct

Reality is often misogynistic

Just like me :marseyagree:

In the words of Queen Nicki: You a stupid ho.

I upvote you before even reading every single time due to 1) amazing titles and 2) you’ve never let me down


Thx bb

@Account_109_ x FUTURE colab when??

need it or keep it⁉️

so glad Reddit hasn’t deleted this sub (sex workers VALID AF), it’s great, there’s only so many degenerate hellholes left

Everybody betray me, and I don't, idk, care. Things bad. Me good. I do stuff. Sex happening. Shower.

That's how this reads. I'm done, my brain is stopping to function.

Add in “Ice is fun!”

My ex always made me feel idk, ashamed of a lot of things about myself that made me me. Like the way I dressed or weird interests.

Wow, really vague on why she bailed on a long term relationship with a child.

Maybe if she just put on a fucking normal dress and stopped casting spells on people at parties she wouldn't be getting bashed by ice dealers now.

Very empowering stuff, #girlboss

Australian w*men are objectively the worst kind of wh*te.

Like your average foid will have a sob story with some stupid decisions, but every single Australian w*man has an absolutely amazing avalanche of r-slurred life decisions.

Oy, that is one big old wall o' text.

Ya but it's I a fuckin ride

can someone tldr? I don't have the attention span to read foid nonsense

Woman has kid with man, leaves man because man makes her feel bad about doing cocaine or something, starts selling her body, meets new man who gets her into doing Ice, new man beats and robs her, gets sent to prison for unrelated reasons, woman then starts overdosing on frozen dihydrogen monoxide, becomes r-slured, SINCE THEN she HIDES in FORCED JOBLESS POVERTY, ISOLATED ALONE with only SEX WORK as an income.

what an inspiring story!

sex work is hecking real work and not exploitative in the slightest!


you forgot her kid

fuck i'm r-slured, you didn't

Crazy that she can say all this shit and then at the end say

I’m grateful for sex work because without it I don’t know what I would have done…

Idk, maybe not have gotten addicted to meth, become homeless, and gotten beaten regularly? It literally all started with the sex work

I want to make a joke but a couple of lines in I actually got disgusted. Dignity is a forgotten concept to some people.

>hates males

>still chooses to fuck them for money

This is your mind on estrogen

I deliberately entered a profession in which I overwhelmingly meet dudes who only see me for the sex I provide.

Now I am mad about the number of men who are shallow and don't care for my soul.

How could this be happening to me?

I would say "foid logic" buts that's an oxymoron


When we met he said he had antisocial personality disorder, but I realised in the last year that he had narcissistic personality disorder and had lied to me.

Brain flickered when i read this

Women sure can talk up a storm. No paragraph breaks either, just one breath

🏀 btw. I'm a 🏀 and I'm proud, I'm not a nigga, I'm not a black man, I'm not an African American. I am a 🏀 and I've always been, my dads a 🏀, my entire family are 🏀s. But ever since it became illegal to own slaves my family couldnt make a living. So we go to random peoples farms and pick their cotton and whip each other. I'm a 🏀 born and raised and no constitutional laws can change that. #nigger4life


Close, snappy. It's about the 🏀s of genders, not literal 🏀

Sounds too me like this drug slut got exactly what she deserves.

The father is letting that drugged out crackwhore around his kid!!!! Some thug that cunt owes drug money too will come over there and fuck them up. I don’t let my street trash ex-wife around the kids. She can do supervised visitation and I’d have to allow it, but that costs like $25 an hour, so of course she’s never done that. What a fucking cuck. I can’t believe he’d expose his kid to that trash.

What a broken person.

When trains tell me they have a foid mind, this is the framework I imagine

not gonna read that

The flip side of the glamorous lifestyle SWO users like to pretend they live. Truly disturbing stuff.

Oh honey



Nothing worse than a woman woth free time