Marsey tries the polyamory lifestyle


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These Marseys are all cute and therefore it is unrealistic for a gross poly relationship.

:marsoy: :marseypedo: :marseychonker: :marsoyhype: :marseysoypoint:

Lmao. I would love to know what happened to those folx since that video came out.

The lardo on the right beat up an infant. Horrible stuff.



โ€œ According to reports, the baby suffered a โ€œbroken leg, arm, ribs and skull fractures.โ€

The police report also reveals that Baucom, who told officers he needed to tell the truth,โ€ heard a โ€œpopโ€ during the incidentโ€

She had a child with the redhead and the dude in the bottom right abused the shit out of it. Thatโ€™s the last I heard.

Huh, weird, I never thought a man would abuse another man's child when cucked

Oh well, let's make another baby and try again.


I sincerely hope they don't have more children. All 4 of these goobers look like child abusers.

First thing I thought was that this was a parody of Piper Perri, then I remembered this was real

thats me bottom left

:marseydisagree: :marseydisagree: :marseydisagree:

Rocky marsey f*ck yeah

cracks knuckles

Hit em with the left, hit em with the right.


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@mom's ardent defense of Marsey against her attackers is just one of the reason's she's everyone's favourite Marsey maker

Pretty good. A non-obese Marsey in a poly relationship isn't very realistic, but that's my only criticism.

Why are the side hos flashing?

They're not flashing, it's just the cough medicine that rotted through your ocular receptors.

e: Dramatards upvoting cuz they know. DXM helluva drug.

I only noticed they had a white outline now lol

Strange, mine's like so:


Could it be some webp thing? @Aevann

thanks for unban btw lol

no idea tbh

@loli_esports maybe update ur browser or smth

No ๐Ÿ€, I'm never switching off my 6s+

pretty sure it's an ios thing. happens to me too.

@MarseyIsMyWaifu @MarseyIsMyWaifuAlt what do you think about this

I don't think he should use @mom's incredible Marsye nodding gif for something so disrespectful

Marsey still loves you, she just loves 4 other persons, too

The 100% truth is I have never had sex/intercourse, my penis remains untouched but for mine own hands. I have never been a hardcore sexual maniac. I've actually been against sex since 2013.

You are fucking psychotic if you believe in having sex. So it makes sense my enemies are sex maniacs. Nobody should have sex. I'll never have sex.

That's what you're all about and you think it's fine. Apart from a brief period of time when I was younger I have never desired/wanted to have hardcore sex. Insert penis into a hole - no thanks. That's disgusting and vile. No orifice. I never want to have with a woman, man, mammal or reptile or anything else.