Ahahahahahahaha wow

Get fucked cute twink

Post that did me in btw: https://rdrama.net/post/16272/marsey-cant-take-it-anymore/360767/?context=5#context





Jump in the discussion.

No email address required.

not immediately ban awarding them

weak move. now we know whos the alpha and whos the beta in this power dynamic.

He's literally on an alt, it woukd be a waste of dcoin

just ban both, its what I did.

He's got 3 alts rslur

for every alt you ban more they lose more credibility while you move higher on the "pack hierarchy". simple mindgames

I'm poor

I will never ban you, I couldn't even indulge "ban me for free Dramacoin" thing earlier, because the idea of banning someone is hateful to real Americans.

the idea that at some point another human might deliberately end my life and internally justify it with reference to the harry potter universe is so amazingly horrifying that i almost hope it happens