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Konichiwa! Marsey sending you luck from Japan

Marsey cosplaying as a Maneki Neko

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Whatโ€™s the worst part about breaking up with Marsey Chan?

Having to drop the bomb on her twice before she gets it.

yikes, it's Marsey-kun, don't misgender Marsey!!!!!

Marsey Lives Matter

Pretty sure it was officially confirmed that's she's a she. But if the Marsey of your dreams is a he, then who am I to wake you from your dream?

That comes from well after the original Marsey stickers were created, there are a ton of sites that compile Telegram stickers, my bet is that was written by a sexy Indian dude being paid minimum wage to compile as many stickers as he can find on the web and write one sentence desriptions.

Yeah, I saw that post. That isn't the original uploaded though, so I don't trust them. I feel like they wanted to ret-con her. Marsey is all the way back from 2016. That post is from 2020.

Yikes... you mean I put Marsey in a lesbian 3-way?

Falling cherry blossoms are a nice touch

Sank you werry much Marsey

Che Guevara Marsey would be cool and Chinese Winnie Poh

I was thinking of doing a Tiananmen Square one where Marsey faced the tanks


love it

Uwaaa kaway desu ^___^ :glomp:

I have a feeling this marsey and :marseyburger: aren't gonna get along too well

Marsey is a Glorious Nippon neko that has been edited over 1000 times.



You're not a femboy, you're a sissy slut with a god complex, go back to your dildos and your fantasies you fat fuck, and leave me alone.