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Furthermore, influencers are being asked by brands to do more, including scripted product pitches and reshoots

So, advertising? Social media ban when?

Once again asking for your financial support of sharia law. Inshallah.


How tf do people simp over the D’amelio sisters? The are woefully average looking (for the internet). Solid 7/10’s.

Also, the answer to this issue is: get an agent (if you are popular). They can extort the fuck outta brands for you and link you to big players in the industry to help you further your career into more traditional entertainment roles (acting, music, runway/editorial modelling etc.) rather than just ethoting

Yeah, they're nothing special, they aren't even talented.

Tiktok has been one of the biggest blackpills ever.

Tiktok has been great for smaller musicians to get their music to go viral without already having a label though. It helps them build a fan base which helps them bargain for a better contract when labels approach them.

Tiktok is unique due to how easy it is for people to go viral (in comparison to YT, IG etc.) unfortunately as a side effect, you get a bunch of useless ethots becoming famous for lip syncing.

I think it’s foids who simp for them

I doubt they will have as many simps once they’re out of their teens. Their main appeal is to pedophiles.

Once you realize even 10s are insecure enough to put out for anybody, the only “hot” girls left are the jailbait.

Eh it’s not a solid career as you see not so long ago onlyfans banned thots, it unbanned afterwards but the point is even only fan doesn’t want to be thots spot

Lol an influencer union, pls post this on r/stupidpol pretty please!! :taypray:

Feel free.

Youngboy better

I've been on the phone to Tesla this morning trying to bag myself one of those shitty Cybertrucks so I can post pictures of it onto the internet for people to see and like.

I told them I've got like 4000 dramacoins now and they just hung up on me. Makes me sad that companies don't realise the marketing potential of dramaposting.

This is an ad for her sponsorship marketplace

"influencers" and viral tik tak shit makes me unironically auth left. Gulag all these subhumans.

The dipshit corps that built the first influencers must be hanging their heads right now, even after firing the people who made it possible

Who are you to say erdogan is a dictator erdogan won all the elections fair and square and who are you to be speak for all his people, bad dictator bad bad , the only reason people erdogan is called a dictator for the media is for not pleasing the liberals who control the media who hate Muslims and every thing they stand for they don’t want Muslim to to be Muslim they want Muslim to be cucks for their ideologies and who says a democracy is good , I would rather have a dictator who cares for his country than a democracy that’s their to serve western interest in the country . A great example of why a dictatorship is better than democracy is Libya under Gaddafis rule , Under Gaddafi’s rule 5 years ago, just before the US-backed/French-led NATO intervention into Libyan civil war in early 2011,