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God dammit, why can't we build an artificial intelligence that doesn't hate black people?

We inevitably expose them to black people.

I thought we took that out of the bot's list of phrases lol.

I remember it showed up on a Tariq post and I choked on my drink, it's his best line

I also thought that. Apparently not.

Why would you? Niggerposting is hecking valid and tasteful when done by snappy

Did he live?


Apparently not

Castillo was rushed to the Puerto Rico Medical Center in San Juan, where he was pronounced dead at 7:05am Tuesday.

Nothing of value was lost though:

According to Dominican Republic digital news out La Colonia El Cedro Miches, Julio César Castillo had reportedly had fled to Puerto Rico on a raft several months ago after allegedly killing a young woman in the Miches neighborhood, La Boca del Río.

They aren't sending their best folks!

That's not fake?

Even twinks bleed when you shoot them.

Hmm I couldn't see any blood but someone posted some text from an article. Oh well!