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On the one hand I agree with Redditors for once, this is a really fucking weird thing to buy for a friend while keeping it secret from your girlfriend.

On the other hand I'd like to see their reaction if genders were reversed, although I don't know what male object would be equivalent to heels.

If this is a real story (unlikely) he's leaving stuff out. Like, there's no reason to keep something like that secret unless your girlfriend has a problem with it for some reason, which could just be she's insane or there's a history we're unaware of.

could just be she's insane

ya she's a woman

Women and insanity. Name a more iconic duo.

Pretend women and insanity.

Although I guess that's just more proof that troids > foids.

Good points. What is the male equivalent of high heels?

They're sexually suggestive, but classy when worn appropriately.

A tailored suit?

Some really sexual cowboy boots and chaps for a job interview at a cowboy strip club.

Cowboys love big hard throbbing cocks

No woman has ever bought a tailored suit as a sexy gift for a guy she wants to fuck.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a gift from a friend I fucked later. I’ve definitely plied chicks with free food/weed before, but I can’t think of a time a chick gave me something in the hope I’d nail her later.

I don’t know if there is a guy equivalent here since social roles just work differently.

I guess there might be some very rare cases of cougars buying their boytoys underwear and clothing but nothing that would be comparable to buying your female friend high heels that you could excuse as a genuine gift to help her with an interview.

I used to enjoy fishing so I’d give a bitch a fish. Eventually if you give a bitch a fish, she might suck your dick. Doesn’t work every time. But it does work often.

Golden banana hammock.


Brand name boxer briefs?

A tie or some really nice cuff links maybe

This isn't that weird, I buy my homies (male) cute lingerie all the time and my gf (female) doesnt mind

The only reason a man buys heels for a woman is he's trying to bang her brother.

I'm not sure people missed the really offensive thing here, which is that he is encouraging this foid to misrepresent, nay straight up lie, about her height in a job interview. That's doing a fraud.

Making manlets look even smaller in comparison is a most noble of causes

Why not just buy your friend a vibrator while your at it?


Why are heels specifically considered such a sexual/intimate gift???

Do redditors really not understand what high heels are for?

Redditors think women go to night clubs to "dance with friends", so no.

They don't make you realize, it's just an fact of life you learn as you age.

Once you realize the only reason you're spending time around females is their pussy, you realize getting it really isn't that big of a deal and bussy is basically the same thing without all the headache.

The important thing is taking the bussy pill before you knock a women up, then you're better off being tied to that gussy for life for the sake of the child.