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[Not Drama] What happened to Fark?


I used to go on Fark like 20 years ago and granted I didn't care much about politics back then but it seemed like a cool place where middle-aged office workers hung out and talked about random stuff, free from the children of other forums. There were differing opinions and they even used to have IRL meetups that looked genuinely fun.

Cut to 2021, and it's turned into a low-IQ, TDS-obsessed r/politics seethefest, full of posts with unironic titles like:

Are there any places left online where politics hasn't ruined the community? The Register is mostly jaded middle-aged British IT workers and it tends to avoid politics, but then it's not really a community as it's just comments in news stories rather than a forum.

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Are there any places left online where politics hasn't ruined the community?

There is one. A hallowed ground. Tread lightly and leave no marks.

There are hundreds pages of threads. Wow.

Forums have generally taken an absolute downturn tbh

What happened to Fark?

It Farked off.

I only remember Fark for two things:

  1. sometimes funny photoshop threads

  2. the shit posting Terri plug pull

Died March 31, 2005

Fuck, it was so long ago. Life well wasted, laughing at retards while being retarded.

Good memories, Fark was one of the pioneers of memes too. I remember nearly pissing myself laughing the first time I saw https://images-cdn.9gag.com/photo/aRjqM7B_700b.jpg in a comment thread there. And then you had mustard guy, centipedes, is this a UFO?...

OJ and mustard guy are classics. And of course, Squirrel Nuts. I see all the archives are up, maybe I'll take a peek later, unearth some stupid arguments from the past.

Fuck, I forgot it was the different Internet back then, so much dead photobucket links. :(

Ah, good times. My favorite was probably the user Tatsuma, single handedly keeping Israel from the harm of disparaging words.

What's the story surrounding the "UFO" picture?

What always happens. Money. You can't sell advertising if your users make politically incorrect jokes. So then the very funny people leave. Median iq normies pile in. The marginally funny also can't take it and leave. Now it's a safe space for the terminally offended.

Tldr drew took an unsolicited finger in the anus from :marseymerchant:

My dad used to use fark.

There is absolutely nowhere on Reddit (except maybe The Great Awakening) where stupider, sadder, scareder, or crazier comments consistently get upboats and support than this place you linked. You might think, Hey look! A place where women aren't all sucking 🚂🚃🚃 peen! Weird! But then you find out that they are scared of 🚂🚃🚃 peen, and believe that in a couple years, women who don't assimilate and get a peen themselves will be locked up in suspended cages, let down from their gibbets only to be repeatedly viciously raped and denied STEM jobs.

That place is like r/drama if everyone here felt scared for their lives, and could only find possibly recourse in demanding mayocide and bussy. Swap our memes for 'white-female ethnosexstate now' and 'kill all men before they kill all women' and you have a pretty fair idea of their topics.

And that's where it gets interesting: they're unironically probussycide, unironically antifemayocide. Truly, r/drama has its antithesis.

And believe me: it is dangerous.


Good points, thanks.