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Something tells me it wasn't her ass getting stared at...

I Can't Fall Asleep Comfortably Anymore and It Feels Like a Breaking Point

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Yup, she's a fatso. Also, she says in the edits that it's a military gym lol, of course they won't let gussies dress like hoes.

Military gym? She should just be giga-jacked from all the second-hand roids, thermogenics, creatine and protein powder in the air.

second-hand roids, thermogenics, creatine and protein powder in the air

That’s not fair, when I was in the army we only did the finest bootleg HGH.

>military gym

>husband is ex military

>she's a mouthy landwhale

Many such cases!

Ugh. It is so gross when a chick brags about having big tits, but it turns out she is a landwhale.

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When I read that it's a military gym that really changed my view on her. She gets access to go cause her husband is retired military, but he doesn't even use that gym himself. He pays for for a normal civilian one. Military gyms aren't all that great (probably why her husband would rather just pay for one), and depending on the time they can be extremely crowded. I don't know why she insisted on using a military gym, but I doubt it was just for a workout.

She also posts in r/loseit and talks about being "her biggest" on her wedding day, replete with an insistence that her doctor said she was fine but everyone else called her fat lmfao

Several people are saying that men who stare should be asked to leave. Which is hilarious. They're even calling it harassing.

I had an argument with a super feminist friend about something similar. She was complaining about how she felt uncomfortable breastfeeding in public because sometimes people would stare. I suggested that perhaps that was the perfect barometer of whether something is acceptable; if it bothers you that someone stares at you while doing it, then clearly there is something about this activity that embarrasses you. You can talk all you want about how breasts aren't sexual organs, but if you can't handle someone staring at them, then maybe you really believe that they are.


The only reason they're offended when told to cover up during public breastfeeding is that that's the ultimate sign that they are unattractive.

Straggots have very high tolerance when it comes to naked boobs and if even they tell you to cover them that means you really are unfuckable (though somehow someone still knocked you up).

She wasn't even being told to cover up, she just didn't like that people were looking at her. It's like this psychopath.

men are behaving to woman in a way that is totally vile and beyond inappropriate

Nigga, they were staring.


How dare you invalidate the lived experiences of our Nubian brothers.


They never explain why the staring makes them uncomfortable either :marseyconfused:

Men: Exist

2X: I am offended by this

A day of reckoning will come to our enemies and of jubilee to my people. The hated yoke of English domination and arrogance will be broken in this land.

2X: Men

Sounds fair, I can't walk around with my nut sack hanging out.

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Not with that attitude.

Invest in ball shorts

You can they're called udt shorts

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Day of the hijab

100 Gorillion years of evolution vs. modern manners: who will win??

Globohomo will always win

Military guys are edged constantly by extreme homoeroticism that turns them into sex pests to the lowly gym bunny.

Basically, kill em all.

"My gym needs to ban short shorts for women so I don't stare and my wife doesn't get mad at me" - probably some man somewhere

Why would my wife get mad at me? The point is to get away from her.

Everything for broads has to come down to a specific invented scenario to justify their smugness at basic rules

That's not what the post says, though. The complaint is that she's forced to wear longer shorts, which is something that would indeed be annoying.


Their fault for complaining lul

Oh please. This is on a military post. If her shorts are shorter than ranger panties she's just being a hoe. Comfort has nothing to do with it.

99% of dudes wear shorts that length every day. Women are just spoiled and freak out whenever they can't push everything to the absolute extreme



They should just institute a rule saying that for every 3 seconds a man spends looking at a woman's ass, he has to look away for a second.

No one is stupider than the average redditor. If a chick is wearing skimpy shorts, and they have a nice ass, people are going to look.

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Just... Stop being a whore, it's that easy


please explain

l on twox when i click moe comments it is always empty??

Comments get fucked up by mods deleting them, but it remembers that they were made and tells you to expand them.

holy fuck their mods delete a lot of comments!!

Yep, pretty regularly 100s of comments on popular threads get blasted.

Thank you I have been wondering for like 10 years!

Every wahmen in that thread is super angry it makes me so horny