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  • UraniumDonGER: Weeb shit. Get a well proofed swiss knife with a pull through sharpener for 50$

Dramatards, why don't you keep your knives sharp?

Based on the wonderful discussion we had on my gumbo post, I'd figure I ought to do another post in a similar fashion.

It seems that many dramatards completely lack any semblance of knowledge when it comes to the kitchen.

Keeping your knives sharp is a necessity if you plan on cooking anything at home.

For 150 dollars, you can have a great knife, and everything you need to take care of it.

I'm willing to give knife advice to anyone who asks. I feel it's my duty to educate dramatards on (arguably) useful life skills.

Also, unrelated, but wtf is shave butter? I got a walmart online order, and they ran out of the brand of shaving cream I bought. Rather than swapping the brand of the product, they gave me their shaving butter. They were also out of Sam's Purified Drinking Water :marseygasp:

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Knives are so gay. A knife cut my finger earlier, and all I was trying to do was slice some onions.

I didn’t do anything to it, and it just up and cut me for no reason whatsoever.


maybe aisha, if you removed your burkha you could have seen what and where you were cutting with that knife

Just gonna be a boomer and pretend these things sharpen my knives

every knife my father tried to sharpen like that ended up a butter knife

They make your knives slice more easily, not sharpen.

Sharpening removes small amounts of material in order to regain a perfect point.

With extended use, the edge of a knife can become bent, the point can be worn down, and microscopic pieces of metal can be moved out of alignment. Honing solves 1 and 3 when done properly. It pushes everything straight and back into alignment. Leaving these imperfects can cause the cut to become slightly more ragged, which is bad when cutting things like tomatoes and bread.

That being said, eventually chips can form, and the point itself can degrade and dull. These can only be solved by removing material, in the form of sharpening.

I never, hone and instead strop. Stropping is like honing, but much more efficient. It also removes burrs (a slight lip on the tip of a knife caused by sharpening), which can also cause tearing and catching onto what you're cutting.

I just use an electric grinder. Works well. Never had tearing or catching on anything. You sure you're not a neurotic knife sharpener? I know someone you should meet.

I only sharpen once a month.

Tearing and catching usually happens when cutting very sensitive things.

You must chop up a lot of hookers.

keep yourself safe


Do you take Adderall by any chance?


Should I?

No lol just these rants you do reminds me of that first rush after taking Adderall and you just want to type stuff or talk to someone.

Let's just say I'm high on life ✌😎

Unironically though this is like the 8th time someone's told me my behavior reminds them of the effect of a drug.

I regularly get accused of being on drugs. No, baby, that’s all original me ;)

That's good though! You've definitely got a creative mind


okay but I have a $8 serrated knife, and it doesn’t work at all for cuffing meat, so I just rip the joints apart with my hands, and that’s better

You don't need serrated knives. Butchers don't use serrated knives. Closest thing I've seen is a serrated bone saw, but I doubt you'll be breaking down entire beef cattle.

Bread knives are serrated. I have a pretty decent knife that I sharpen with some zoomers brand of sharpening stone, but I also have my serrated bread knives for the bread I bake.

In his case serrated knives are useless.

For the average home cook, you really only need a single, general use knife and maybe a small cleaver.

If you're dealing with a lot of fish and trimming meat, a filet knife. If you bake a lot, a bread knife. Anything past that for a home cook is overkill.

A paring knife is useful too. Peeling shit with a chef's knife is both impractical and r-slurred looking.

I would say you should get a decent utility knife too along with the chef's knife. The smaller size means you can move it around the house with ease and it doesn't look totally out of place for when you need to say peel an orange etc. outside in your garden or even whenever you need to do something around the house that requires a blade (like cutting loose threads on your clothing etc.)

I don't use serrated knives for anything

they’re the ones I have and I don’t care enough to get anything else

You live in filth

you sharpen knives by holding them at a 90 degree angle and quickly rubbing it against a rock right

you misspelled "cock"

Oh no my 1 dollar knife only lasted me two months, guess I'll spend another dollar :marseyshrug:

I just throw my Wusthoff in the drawer when I'm done using it and throw it in the dishwasher if it get's too crusty. Knives that are too sharp are dangerous

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I refuse to be baited by this, but it's very difficult.

Of course I keep my knives sharp



Shave butter is just shaving cream in a cum form. Just rub it around your face and shave.

And its fucking gay. Clogs safety razors like a motherfucker. Leaves a weird residue on your razor that builds up.

I just use artisanal vegan shave soaps because I'm a commiefornian and its my right to buy expensive gay shit like that.

Are Cutco knives trash? I got one for free from a buddy and left it in its scabbard and its edge rusted.

Never heard of cutco, had to look them up.

They're apparently fucking expensive. Huge handles, too.

Probably some of the most expensive machined knives you could get. For the same price you could get a good hand-made knife.

Not worth buying, but definitely worth keeping/restoring.

Cutco was like a MLM that used to go door-to-door selling knives to housewives back in the day.

But I never I legit don't know if they were actually any good.

I had a friend from my hometown who did the Cutco bullshit and everyone was like, "Dude it's an MLM scam, you're fucking yourself over." But he was so charismatic and knew so many people that he made ridiculous bank over one summer. Seriously. Like, every fuckin' family we knew owned a set of these knives afterwards. I think he's a jazz saxophonist now

That makes sense. Fucking ridiculous prices for machined knives.

High quality hand-made knives can run you $200. These fuckers are selling a 9 inch stainless machined knife for $217 on amazon.

Machined knives really can't improve past a certain point. Charging $200+ for one is criminal. My favorite machined knife is from Fuji Cutlery, and I guarantee its just as good as a cutco. It's $40 compared to cutco's $200.

If I google how to sharpen a knife or type into a jewtube I'll have about a billion results all showing a billion different ways to sharpen a knife

So, what's the best way to do it?

Whetstones by far.

For most people, a two-sided stone with 1,000 and 8,000 grits is fine. Get a strop as well. Sharpen at whatever angle your knives currently have.

So I should ditch my 2-stage knife sharpener and go for the whetstone? I've been thinking about going the whetstone route because I'm not crazy about the job the sharpener has been doing. I want to be wowed.

Whetstones are only good if used correctly.

Don't fall for the meme of looking up whetstone experts on Youtube. They're all essentially the same.

You don't need a nagura stone, don't fall for that meme either. Same goes for a flattening stone.

I like King whetstones. The two-sided 1000/6000 one is great. Store it dry and out of sunlight, and soak 5 minutes before use. Splash more water on it as necessary.

Get a strop (any brand will do), and strop every knife after using them. I only sharpen once a month.

What kind of strop? Leather? One of those weird paddle ones?

Paddle strops are leather

I only sharpen once a month.

Only? 🤨

Spyderco sharpmaker if you have no idea what you're doing, it's much easier to keep a steady angle that way and they include everything in the kit for a pretty low price. If you're not a poor, there are some pretty nice jigs that clamp and guide the knife and will give you a perfect edge every time for a few hundred dollars.

Diamond, shapton, arkansas, or ceramic stone if you're familiar with sharpening knives and tools. Don't buy any sort of porous/soft stone (japanese waterstones, india stones, SiC, etc) unless you're a professional because they'll make you hate sharpening.

Sorry, there's no MF DOOM song about sharpening knives

i'm too lazy to post a picture, but I do most of my food cutting with an always razor sharp Henckel, Morakniv, or Victororinox.

And I sharpen them as needed on a cheap whetstone on the countertop, sometimes daily.


I really like Fuji Cutlery.

The best cheap knives I've seen. To be fair, I do prefer Japanese style knives over German.

If you're having to sharpen daily, I'd recommend a strop.

I'm surprised you sharpen the Victororinox so often, they tend to hold an edge fairly well in my experience.

I sharpen them as needed


sometimes daily.


Are you slicing and dicing 12 hours a day?

why don't you keep your knives sharp

I'll be replacing my old shitty knives in the near future so they're not worth it and my mukimono I got for a christmas gift doesn't get used very often.

I got a spyderco tri-angle sharpener contraption as a gift once but it's still in the packaging.

dude bussy lmao


I bought a little angled knife sharpener but it seems to leave little shaving on my knives. It makes me nervous to use it. They are sharp as hell though.

I own one of these and it works like a champ

keeping your knives sharp

enjoy getting backstabbed by extra sharp knives I guess. :marseylaugh:

Edit: :marseybackstab:

I've got a King 1000/6000 that I use to keep my pocket knife and kitchen knives sharp. Also a really basic leather strop I got online.

Honestly I probably should upgrade the stone and the strop but it's really been enough for my needs so far. When they wear down maybe I'll get something fancier, but it's hard to justify replacing something that already works.

I don't know what shave butter is, I just get a nice soap lather going and use that. I should probably get some shaving-specific soap but I'm a little too enamored with my adorable little rounds of Hermes scented soap.

Why are you buying purified drinking water? Is this another burger thing?

It's just bottled water

Do you not have functional pipes?

I'm convinced the water in the area gives people kidney stones.

Every man I know has kidney stones at least once a decade. I'm convinced it has to be the water.

Also, my childhood home had a really good tasting well, and my current house doesn't. This water tastes like the water from my childhood home.

Possible causes include drinking too little water, exercise (too much or too little), obesity, weight loss surgery, or eating food with too much salt or sugar. Infections and family history might be important in some people. Eating too much fructose correlates with increasing risk of developing a kidney stone. Fructose can be found in table sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Are you sure its not just the american diet and lifestyle?

I live in a rural farming shithole, not suburbia.

Nobody who's grown up here is fat. Nearly all of the men I know have a high-protein diet. My family has a history of high blood pressure, so we all try to stay away from processed foods, and lunchmeat in particular. We all drink lots of water (you have to as a farmer in the summer). I can only think of 2 people I know who've had kidney stones that drink a lot of soda.

Believe me, ever since I had my kidney stone, I've looked at the causes of them. The only conclusion as to why they're so common here is the water.

Buy a water testing kit and then a filter. Bottled water is for women.

I'm convinced the water in the area gives people kidney stones.

So you're just r-slurred. If you're paranoid about it get a filter. It won't change anything, but it's cheaper than bottled water and will fulfill your foil hat needs.

A few things.

  1. Pull-through sharpeners don't get nearly as sharp as a whetstone.

  2. They take off more material than a whetstone.

  3. Only 1 or 2 angle settings, meaning knives with a 17 degree edge will be forced into a 20 or 15 degree edge.

  4. Whetstones smooth the metal as well as remove it, while pull-through sharpeners roughly grind the metal off.

  5. You feel cool when you sharpen with a whetstone.

Weeb shit.

I have a swiss made pull off sharper and knife. If I would cut into my finger I will end up cutting directly into my bone because they're sharp as hell.

There is no way you can sharp away that much material from sharpening. Probably a life time case study

There is no way you can sharp away that much material from sharpening

It depends on how often you sharpen.

I've seen chef knives look like boning knives after a year from daily use of those things.

it's racist

Nothing. These sharper are easy and the best for average Joe. My kifes are sharp as hell from these. Don't get the weeb obsession with wetting stones.

I don't need a knife, I only eat canned foods.

They were also out of Sam's Purified Drinking Water :marseygasp:

Drink Nestle PureLoife you godawful bong.

Also why not just use the $5 sharpener where I pull my knife through? Seems better than all this :marseywords:

Who told you I was a bong?

Pull-through sharpeners fucking suck.

So you're saying I should push it through? Idk if that's going to work better but ok lol

Also are you not a bong? Let me guess, Ir*sh?

I don't sharpen my knives because I use a ceramic set my grandma bought me for christmas when I moved out, and damnit, they still work. I'm not gonna shell out for a fat artisanal blade that I gotta shave down every couple months til I'm using it as a fillet/boning knife when that gaudy unnaturally colored shit still works fine.

I’m really bad at it and I can’t keep a consistent angle. I also have no good knives and am a poorcel. Help.

How do I actually maintain an angle?

What do you mean? While sharpening?

Find your angle, put your thumbs on the spine of the knife, press your fingers just above the edge of the knife, and keep that position as you drag the knife along the whetstone.

I use a spyderco sharp maker snd also a speedy sharp (but mostly for sharpening high carbon steel in the field). I don’t have the patience to freehand sharpen on a wet stone or profile, it’s also extremely reddit to use a whetstone on the regular. It’s one of those stupid goony fedora things like mustache wax or straight razor shaving

I have a modest, non reddity collection of fixed blades and folding knives that I use for bush craft and general outdoors stuff