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You purchased some fancy looking vegetable oil!


For the eggs of course!


Looks like it says on the bottle you can cook 56 eggs with it. Maybe in the future buy a smaller bottle and save some money for other items.


Nah bro buying in bulk is a good idea.

Make sure that your food labels are in english rather than just a bunch of random letters so that you don't buy the wrong thing. I lived in a polish neighborhood in college and accidentally bought inedible things thinking they were food way too often because I didn't read the labels.

I used to shop at a Hmong grocery to save money and ate lots of unfamiliar shit with moon runes on the label basically because it was cheap and fresh. Some of it was delicious, but then there was stuff like ​sour fermented Khmer sausage that's just :marseysick:

I'm still undecided about bittermelon

If you didn't buy pastries or eggs you could buy more jägermeister.

Finally, someone not trying to gaslight me into giving up my necessities.

Jager is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. Next time be a Chad and go with something like 99 bananas or Mad Dog 20/20

Sounds chucked. Jäger is fine straight out of the cooler (-20 degrees) or in a Jager bomb. Try and tell me Jäger bombs are shit.

Jager is shit for the simple fact that the mucus membrane 2 knuckles deep in your asshole will reject it upon boofing and violently excavate it. Something about the bacteria in the intestinal tract having a strong reaction to the deer blood in Jager.

Sounds like a pussy problem. Not my concern.

Imagine going into 2022 and still not ass blasting your booze, smh my head

More a bussy problem tbh.

Deer blood? Sounds pretty fucking metal.

Deer blood is what rednecks call Jägermeister because fuck if they can read a word with that many letters.

It tastes like good medicine tbh

Lmao I haven’t heard about MD 20/20 since college, that shit was sold for like $3 a bottle in Texas. It is literally syrupy wine for sleazy broke college kids

99 Bananas? Pop some Steel Reserves and down a halfgal of Admiral Nelson you animal.

Yes. Embrace the Jaeger

What kind of slav are you? Why are you not drinking cheap polish vodka?


Stop getting up so goddamned early and your breakfast won't need to keep you fed for 8 hours.

What my wife and I do to stretch the ol' budget out is this: she goes to our local trendy bar and flirts with guys until they buy her a cranberry vodka. Then she stealthily pours the drink into a thermos she has brought with her. Once the thermos is full, she comes back home and we have about 2 days worth of alcohol.

You may be thinking that this is taking advantage of the helpless hardworking men of the local bar scene. Don't worry, she fucks most of them.

Switch the Jag for boxed wine.

t. Freestyle pisser

Some guy made a fucking meme trying to frame it as being the same as domestic abuse and the people calling him out on it were being downvoted in the comments and being told that it was “just a meme”. One of mine got threaded to r/deuxrama or whatever that fasch sub is called, because r/battlefieldv notoriously houses actual fascists who can blend in thanks to the viral Wehrabooism.