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Reminder to go visit society once in a while to compare your opinions to reqlity

Some of yall niggux are to far up the internet anus to see shit wint half as bad as you'd think. Get out of your doomer shelter and go hug people or something.

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Left house today on Kellere's drugged recommendation. Sunlight brighter than I remember. Hurts eyes; skin. Paused to examine strange, Marsey-like creature lazing in next door garden, when elderly neighbour greeted me with "Good morning". A good sign: outside people growing increasingly woke on gussy question.

Before returning to attempted categorization of :marseygarden:, took opportunity to ask neighbour his thoughts Re: trains. In response he recommended an autism helpline, no doubt coyly referencing AGP phenomenon. Decided he was too much of a ruqqoid to be worth inviting to Taytay.life. Perhaps baitable? Will fetch cumjar and return to garden later.

@Aevann snappy this NOW



Aevann, are you aware you're the best j-slur ever?



Marsey-like creature



Please make this inner monologue a reoccurring thing.


I hate you, and probably so does God.

god here, i love it

Sorry guys I'm kinda druggedand just trying to share my POVs


Out of drugs

if you post bussy with this thread I'll do as you say

Finally, a worthy Kickstarter campaign

Making some wine.

Plan better next bender.

Throw the pills in the trash, kellere. You dont really need them

They didn't hit for shit so whatever

Which drugs?


You know I'm an Adderall fiend. It had better be Adderall.



I don't care for reality.


Be careful Marsey, acid did bad things to me!

What happened to you?

He ended up here


I took a trip over the last few days to my local wine country. I didn't encounter one train, or commie, or lolbert, or rightoid or leftoid, or masker, or anti-vaxxer or any of the loonies that make up the internet.

I did enjoy a nice place with the people I love, eating good food, and spending time in the sun exploring what the world has to offer. I thought about taking pictures because I saw things that could make a funny drama shitpost, but also autism is a choice and I choose not to be that way.

Disconnecting every once in a while is a good thing :marseyunabomber:

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I’m sorry that this place crosses your mind when you should be happy. What a terrifying set of wires to cross.

I saw a (choo choo) train, and a j-slur service, and a homeless guy (#1) with his bussy out yelling at another homeless (#2) about how #2 better give #1 more crystal meth or #1 would spill the details of whatever crime #2 had committed.

As I gazed upon the stark, raving crank-junkie and his bussy, I couldn't help but feel connected to this place

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No ❤️ 🤗 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️#BLM

💖 Student Body President! 💖

Let me just walk down the street in any city real quick.

I’m back, looks like it’s all still shit and piss


Every time the incredibly based Kim family (imagine having your own personal, nuclear armed nation of lunatics relying on international handouts because your only real source of income is meth production) tests another ballistic missile, I grin a little bit because the West Coast urbanoids shiver in fear and cope post.

"Mr. President, the ABM interceptors were 70% effective. I unfortunately have to report that we lost LA, San Francisco, and Portland."


Why did you walk down the designated shitting street? You could have picked any other street but you chose that one just so you can complain

In some parts of the world, every street is the designated shitting street.

Amen bro


Trying to get us all dead with ronacoof!

normies OUT OUT OUT




Get out of your doomer shelter and go hug people or something.

I did that, then I got beat up by a cop :marseycop: and I'm in jail now, can you send me dramacoins to help me pay my bail?

Reality is transmisic, only wild delusions are valid.



Are you drunk, friend?


nice cock bro. a little on the small side, but the shape is overall pretty symmetrical, and your balls have just the right amount of hair.

Hug people? Like 60% of people are 🚂🚃🚃s so no thankyou sir

Either you were drunk when you typed this or you've got disgusting fat hands like a r/fds poster.

Touch ass incel

check your priv, i'm in lockdown sweetie


Completely true. Its really wild to compare internet ideas of how people are vs. my actual experience. I've met quite a few trains and they're mainly kinda weird-ish but very nice. And most of my rightoid family isn't cartoonishly evil, they just have some dumb opinions.

Having an extremely offline wife helps a lot with being normal too lol

>go into real world

>all of my opinions are reinforced

I do do this. Except instead of visiting society I do mushrooms alone in my house. However I am quite confident the experience amounts to much the same thing.

shit wint

i definitely need to get out more.


I'm not Joker to interact with "society"


Society is half womxn. It makes me sick.

Stay Grounded, Kings.

thanks, now I have herpes

I visited Seattle two weeks ago. Lots of commies. Lots of trains, but almost exclusively FtM. Very odd. Can any castratos that actually live in that shithole confirm if that was the norm? Even the airport had many FtMs.

Black trans lives matter


When I'm home everything is chill. Drive around, enjoy the beginnings of fall colors, go out to eat... or just relax with my IRL marseys and gussy.

Traveling for work is hit or miss. City I'm working in is still mildly limpwristed with a mask mandate. It's a left-leaning college city so I'll see the occasional 🚂 but they do their thing, I do mine.

I'm not on the west coast so homeless people are limited to holding signs on street corners.

Someone mark this loser with agenda poster, he deserves it


Brah go outside and touch bussy.

I have bussy ready to go on myself 24/7.

My uni started this Friday so i have to visit society wether i like it or no

I'm not a doomer. Videogames are for children.

no thanks, i live in france

I generally don’t tolerate strangers touching me, much less hugging me. Keep your hands to yourself. Im an insane redneck, I smell real bad, I’m covered in you don’t even know what.

Fuck that shit.


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