MAGAtards may never recover

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He gave up his retirement to launch his own political movement. Or he’s really that pissed. Either way I demand we mod this hero unironically

Credit to him, makes his statement look stronger, ie not partisan. @pizzashill I’m surprised you haven’t spergposted how the veteran officer is ackshually stupid and you know way better how afghanistan was expertly handled by Biden n co

Well he's been acting like he wants to be a martyr so I guess he's gonna get it. Does anyone know what kind of time he's facing for this?

A short stint in the brig until his case is brought to a court martial. Then they will kick him out of the Marine Corps. It's not like he committed a federal crime lol.

Yeah, after the court martial he'll either get an adsep or if they want to deal with the asspain of appeals they'll go for a other than honorable. Only brig time will be pretrial

Oh, I thought he did something considered much worse

Literally who and why should I care about this?

why are people calling this "gay"? as a mayo man, this proud tradition is part of my heritage. the buck breakers are no different to the pionnering men who tamed a horse for the first time, or built a bridge across a raging current. these are the stories of how we overcame nature, and while outdated to some, they are part of a proud history of conquering the wild which allowed us to have all the modern amenities we have today. buck breaking is a complex and beautiful tradition and im happy to say my ancestors broke bucks.


Ok yeah, we need a little more balance around here, Allah (SWT) forgive me. @pizzashill go recruit a few r-slurs for us please.