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Bait idea, take Twox posts like this and replace "men" with "Blacks"


They're already copying old timey racist talking points pretty much word for word. Everything from "There are some good ones" to "It's not all of them but it's too many"

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Already exists:


Thread history also includes such gems as whining that no one values freelance “graphic designers,” longpost criticizing Charlotte Brontë for not foreseeing that an age gap relationship she wrote about 200 years ago would be inappropriate now, and coming out as an unemployed bum who supplements her welfare with Etsy kitsch.

:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma:

Lol you have to get all the way through that wishy washy post for her to reveal the men she encounters do listen and that she’s basically imagining this whole counter argument.

It would be y'alled by the end of the week

It could be a good bait sub, it would just need good moderation (a good idea would to instantly ban anyone who posts in actual rightoid subs using the same bot that twox uses), plus it'd need a good name, something like OneHaplogroupR or something like that.

You mad about me blocking you? dw I'll unblock you 'cause I know you're very sensitive and also severely attention deprived

Of course I'm mad how can I respond with apropos Marsey emojis if I'm blocked?

I think standing up for men when someone says things like "man up, get a real job" or "I can't date you, you're too short" is fair.

Lol, no

She's insecure. The only reason why she would put such a repulsive image on her Tinder is to stand out. It's the same in bed too, she probably grunts like a bison to make herself seem special even though she is most likely devoid of an ounce of personality. Better to just swipe right. Or left, I don't really know, whichever direction is the one that makes you ignore someone. I don't use Tinder because it's misleading - people shouldn't use an application as a substitute to real life talk. Stats show that around 0.78% people actually hook up with their Tinder match. 99% of them are either "catfish" or bots. What a God damn time waste. I'm pretty sure most people only use it to farm karma points, I doubt anyone expects to find an actual girl there. It's just Redditors talking to Redditors and Redditors talking to bots programmed to sound like engaging women.