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I recognize that this word means something that I'll never fully understand as a mayo man.

Imagine being this much of a cute twink

As a mayo man it's literally impossible to understand black issues, it's called "lived experience", sweety. "i doN't ThInK LOOTINg bLaCk-owNed BUsinesSEs dOeS MuCH to AvEnGE THe DEATH Of gEORGe floYD", no, be quiet and listen to black voices. But not the black voices that gree with you, those are uncle Toms, listen to the black people who agree with me.

Lived experiences mean my forefather 5 generations ago was a slave so I know more about it than you ever will.

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

I hear black voices in my head, should I seek help?

no you should listen to their folksy wisdom, especially if they tell you to burn down a school or murder the government agents posing as your family

Magical neeeeeeegro


I'm too mayo to understand primitive savages

I dunno man isn't this what based is?



This cracker hasn't listened to a single uncentred hip-hop track. Not a single damn one.

Step down, mere mortal, and gasp in awe before the majestic savage that is the black man. His shoulders are broad, his penis big, his mind small. He has no need for mayo nonsense, no need for fairness or consistency, no need for police or job application. Just his natural being and simple pleasures. Alcohol, Weed, Fentanyl, you name it.


Ohhh his neck looks like someone should put a knee on it.

as a mayo man currently reading roots i finally understand what that word really means.

Being able to read is mayo privilege. Do better


So why the fuck does he feel the need to involve his honkey ass if he doesn’t understand it?

Gotta love seeing them seethe at the notion of sleeping in the bed they made.

What sort of dialogue have you created around this issue? Have you done any research on restorative circles and how you can discuss this issue as a class? Students who use this word as a way to bond with others culturally will feel as if they can’t bring parts of themselves to your class if you just do a blanket ban. You need to have a conversation with the class as a whole to discuss what’s going on. Also do not go in with the goal of compliance from your students but rather with the intention that they all leave with a better understanding of where others are coming from. Use this as an opportunity to connect your students.

💖 Student Body President! 💖

One time in high school I got in trouble for calling another Mexican kid "my beana." Fucken mayo imperialist teachers are just another propaganda mouthpiece for the Amerikkkan empire.

In grade school I got in trouble for saying two kids were rubbing their sacks together

Were they?

Back in first or second grade, we were playing chess and being a preautist, I commented "I'll be black like Levi". He called me a racist.

Also got detention once because I accidentally bumped into some stupid 'fence plank painted like a person" outside the classroom door. It didn't break or even fall completely over, just leaned against the wall.

Why am I remembering these things?

Why am I remembering these things?

I don't know, but Kindergranden me was fucking saltiy about not being allowed to take our craft made play money home with us when the teachers put away the pretend restaurant.

That's your internalized autism speaking, BIGOT!!!!

got in trouble for calling another Mexican kid "my beana."

Based and punishing-you-for-sounding-like-Carlos-Mencia-pilled.

I'm part Mexican, and lived in the Southwest, but I've honestly heard every other slur in person, but I've only heard 'Beaner' from Carlos Mencia, and I guess a couple people after Mencia seemed to make it prevalent.

I don't know why I'm typing this. I guess I just hate Carlos Mencia.


Please go back to Mexico

Please go back to the needle exchange

I got in trouble for using "gang signs" aka crossing my fingers across each other. Apparently it looked like the bloods.

How come of a black boy connects by saying BIPOC everyone claps but if a mayo boy says BIPOC it's a calamity.

🏀 are fragile

The thing that gets me is the insane projection. You see things like fragilewhiteredditor yet there’s only one group with a magic word that, once uttered, gives carte blanche for a physical altercation.

> how come when i call my boss a cunt he fires me but when my boss calls my wife a cunt she fucks him???

lol how hard is it for u to respect black folks after millennia of oppression

half millenia :marseytroll:

The mind of the mayo is truly a nigga

EDIT: enigma, dammit autocorrect!

Why do mayo women (and I bet this is a mayo woman) give this sort of wishy-washy advice that isn't intended to solve anything? She knew that a good portion of the class already wasn't comfortable with the g*mer word being used, yet she still told the teacher to let the students "talk it out"? She didn't even say that the discussion should be steered towards a certain conclusion. What if, after a very mature and respectful discussion I'm sure, the students still disagree with each other? Or worse, what if the students become hostile towards one another? Why do these people find the idea of using authority to set boundaries so anathema and treat everything in life as one giant therapy session? :marseyretard:

ITT: mayos educating blacks on what they can and can’t do.

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

35 years after they took the word back, stripping it of power or ability to shock or appall, YT holds onto the magical taboo nature of the word more tightly than ever. Rlly makes U thnk.

Unironically after seeing basketball American culture, that's a good thing. Ben Shapiro cultural superiority-pilled me.

I mean his username is literally Unironicdramadebater, so a r-slur

Ben Shapiro's culture? Those people who live in mushrooms and bake cookies?


Cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks.

The only Sharpiro worth mentioning is Abby Shapiro and her enviable sweater puppies.

There is nothing superior about the Munchkin race.

lol, ate the bait so hard, they had to b& you.

Math is racist!

I posted it. Upvote it and let's see who takes the bait 🙏

Its organically being upvoted.

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

I don’t think there is an easy solution to your concern.

Sure there is. Tell the 🏀s to shut the fuck up.

I’m a mayo woman.

Good fucking morning.

I struggle with the idea of “appropriate academic language” because let’s be honest here- appropriate academic language was created by the dominant mayo culture. The argument of teaching students to “speak appropriately” seems kind of like a micro-aggression.

Allow me to translate: "Not acting like a r-slur is a concept created by mayo people and asking a 🏀 to not curse in the classroom is practically lynching them."

It's like "progressives" just repackaged KKK talking points but because they say it with a smile and pat the 🏀 on the head it's considered woke.

"They can't help but act like savages, it's their culture." Stormfront or redditor.

How is saying "bro" or "man" or "dude" "savagery" tho, mayo boy. It's your cracker ass that has the problem with bad juju words.


That quote reminds me of this

Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! ... Hell shall be their home

This legit has mayo supremacist vibes.

The AA wing of the Smithsonian keeps on delivering.

No, they just adopted the "white man's burden" style of racism.

Damn children are gonna be extra fucked up between all the technology and teachers like these.

My question to you is, why do you feel like it's your job to make the non-Black students feel comfortable at the expense of Black students

🏀s aren't allowed to call each other the soft a in the classroom, this is mayo supremacy

In a month someone should make a race switched bait post

Like this? "A bunch of mayo kids keep saying cr*cker in class and it's upsetting the BIPOCs. How do I fix this?"

Not to mention, she said there was at least one black kid in there that didn't like it. Probably five more that are scared to admit they don't either.

:marseyonacid: :marseyjam: :marseyonacid: :marseyjam:

It's the old BIPOC trope of hating smart/nerdy black people. It's the "tough," noisy ones who do this and the others can't speak out for fear of being targeted in response.

news flash every ethnicity in the world hates nerds

And that's a good thing!

Without proper bullying, nerds will never develop the programming skills needed to make our websites for us.

lmao the current nerd stereotype is only like 50 years old.

That's a boy trope in general, look up bullying. Happens to aristocratic mayos at Eton, too.


Unironically this though. Who gives a shit what words your classmates are using? These black kids seem pretty based, not giving a shit what their stupid mayo teacher is telling them to stop saying for the sake of their precious classmates

There's an obvious solution here... encourage the mayo kids to call each other (incl. the black kid) nigga.

The student apologized and seemed to understand. Then, he was using the word in class again the next day.


Sounds like some bucks need to be broken.

If the teacher had any guts, they'd walk into class tomorrow wearing a burger king crown.

What the fuck happened to BK crowns

I haven't eaten at BK in years, but they clearly still give them out.

This thread is the answer to "why do burgers hold public educators in such low regard?"

I identify as a mixed Black person

:marseyfacepalm: Either you are or you aren't and if you are, it's not like you can just self-identify out of being one.

I'm so confused by burger schools. Is telling the students not to do something and then kicking them out for doing it anyways not allowed?

Either you are or you aren't and if you are, it's not like you can just self-identify out of being one.

Ummm, sweaty it's 2021 and what you just said is very problematic.


Not since they published statistics showing bracks getting in trouble more.

I used to always respond with "What?" whenever a teacher called my name until this one teacher in 7th grade called me out on it. It took her a handful of times for me to break the habit but in a week I stopped responding with "What?" and switched to a more respectful response. Kids learn through repetition and all it takes is for you to calmly and annoyingly correct them every time they say something wrong.

Beating them works better

Not to the level that all black people do… unless mayo people have their own form of AAVE?

lmao have you never heard backwoods folk talk? No you fookin havent cuz that there aren't nothing what no one wood kal talkin

Doesn't everybody code switch?

Yea, but we have to act like black kids have it extra hard in an attempt to explain away their poor behavior in a way that doesn't place any blame on them or us

Oh that’s a big no no at my school. We are predominantly black and brown students. The PBIS team pulls kids out of class for these reasons and it’s a phone call home to parents immediately.

Tell me your school is rich without telling me

Yeah "parents" being plural and being able to be reached by phone is a dead giveaway.

Backwoods rslurs don't code switch because they never talk proper.

They still do, it just goes from

that's a right fuckin cunt there bud, shits real fucked


yessir, it's right busted


I remember people used to use the nigger-word all the time in my little Canadian high school, despite our total lack of blacks

I recognize that this word means something that I'll never fully understand as a mayo man.


What's not to get? Seriously? It's slang, if he's done it his whole life, sees people he thinks are cool saying it and all his friends say it then he's probably not going to stop.

There's nothing deep or mystical about this. Nigga = bro. That's literally it.

I had a student once ask for clarification about the identity of another student. She asked me, "Were they a b*h or a n**r?" I was floored. Me, the whitest of mayo guys, sounded like Marvin from Pulp Fiction.

:gigachad2: student "Were they a bitch or a nigger?"

:soyjakhipster: teacher "W-w-What?!?"

Apparently, those were her words for the sexes...

God I love stories about redditor teachers

I'm unironically 95% sure that student was quoting the boondocks


for a word all those people say is the worst word in any language, they sure do say it a lot.

when they all stop saying it every 5th word, then we can have a conversation about "no one can say it". until then? pick cotton.