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enjoy the short lines while they last.

Gonna last a good long while I imagine

Are the prices comparable to panda express?

Who cares. Panda Express is not an option anyway. Why compare apples with oranges? Or in this case apples with dead bodies? Well I'm sorry, the apples are too expensive, I'll have a corpse instead.

lmao "Who cares if it's massive more costly than the food literally 10 feet away from it, that has dEaD fElSh in it!!!!"

I ate the Steakburger and fries at Veggie Grill yesterday in downtown Seattle. Very good.

It unironically should be illegal to call something with no meat it in a steak.

enjoy the short lines while they last.

That one made me laugh. Pure cope. :marseycope: :marseycopeseethedilate:

Any time a new restaurant opens it always gets flooded with people wanting to try it because it is new. If no one is in line on day 1 it isn't going to be better a month from now.

The cope in this one:

If it just opened I'd give it a little more time. People will eventually get curious with those meal credits.

It's apparentlybbeen open ssince 2018😂😂

Why do vegans think the corpse argument makes any sense

Would they prefer if they cooked and ate the livestock alive in the table?

I would.

Literal soyboys have no concept of it being metal.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever eaten was in Vietnam, where they kill a snake in front of you, cut out the heart, put it in a shot of vodka, and you shoot it immediately. The goal is to feel the heart beating all the way down.

It's weird, because black bean burgers are really good. All the imitation beef patties are inferior in the sake of pretending to eat meat.

I think the beyond burgers are pretty comparable to actual meat. But yeah i think the best vegetarian or vegan food are dishes that aren't imitating meat. Like a lot of sihk food is fucking delicious.

Beyond burgers look and taste like cat food, which I guess is meat, but it sure as hell isn’t beef.

there is an extremely strong cat food smell and taste that beyond burgers have, yes

beyond sausages are better though, honest

Interesting. I didn't smell or taste any huge difference but maybe I got the 🅱️ovid

The whole industry of making fake meat out of plants is weird. Currycels already invented tasty vegan food, why try to reinvent the wheel with infinitely worse results?

Maybe they don't think burgers will buy/eat anything that doesn't have the word "burger", "steak", "bacon", or "cheese" in it?

I barely remember a plant-based "chicken" nugget commercial that said something along the lines of "Rethink chicken nuggets!"

Black bean burgers are fucking disgusting

You're wrong and you should feel bad

I love black beans, but the biggest mistake of my life was offering a black bean burger.

Breast milk is better than cow milk


How do you make a vegan steak burger? Do you press the sucrose glop into the shape of a steak and then shred it into ground not-beef?

:marseyconfused: :marseyconfused:

Idk but I bet it's mostly carbs and fat instead of proteins and it will taste like nothing even though they poured a metric fuckton of seasoning inside to make it "just like meat"

Usually from seitan

If vegans stopped trying to call things the replacement of what they are, they’d unironically be way more successful. No one wants a steak with no meat, but people might be more likely to try a grilled seitan sandwich. If you go in expecting it to taste like steak you’re going to be sorely disappointed. If you have no expectations you’re more likely to enjoy it.

Mmm, look at that cut of bean!

my university's food court was like that with Chik-fil-A. all of the other food court stands would have normal size lines, regardless of what they were, except the dead bird stand. it was sad, especially because our campus, relative to other universities mind you, was far more left wing, politically oriented, and LGBTQ+ friendly than average.


Does being left wing mean you have to eat shitty overpriced food?


“One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England.“

Orwell best man :marseyjam:

damn did he really say that lmao

Yeah he did. Besides fighting fascists in Spain he also snitched on a bunch of commies to the British government. :chad:

I'm starting to think that liberal is code for bourgeoisie

Unironically, that super processed vegan shit is loaded with so many simple carbs, processed vegetable fats and trans fats to make it palatable its probably more healthy to just get a bag of fucking cheetos.

If you’re a vegan eat some vegetables and accept your reality as a pathetic protein deficient r-slur, everyone hates a fake.

Their chicken is just deep fried bread lmao

Some brands put a wooden "bone" in it 🤢

Kind of pathetic tbh, and decadent to boot.

So much healthier than dead animal! :marsoy: :marseysoypoint: :soyjackwow: :soyjak: :soyjakfront: :soyjakyell:

seitan is the classic vegan chicken replacement and it's just pure wheat gluten that 90% of the time is battered, deep fried and covered in some sort of sugary sauce. There's nothing healthy about it.

Every vegan restaurant is just inferior versions of regular food that's just as caloric and difficult for your body to digest. I've been to one vegan restaurant that actually focused on making interesting vegetable dishes and it was one of the best meals I've ever had but if I have to go to another place serving black bean burgers and seitan nuggets I'm going to sacrifice a goat in the middle of their dining room.

Vegan food that doesn’t try to not be vegan food is good. Stop pretending that meat replacements are a.) Good and b.) Acceptable.

the irony is there are many national cuisines (Indian, Thai) that lend themselves to being vegan that are extremely delicious, but westerners would rather have a fake big mac that tastes like shit and makes you feel bad.

wh*tes bring only ruin and destruction.

Fuck you for making me aware of this abomination :marseypuke:

Most of the customers for the processed imitation meats aren't even vegan, like a lot of them just keep kosher or halal, true vegans don't eat that shit except on rare occasions. I just eat normal meals that don't have meat in them, like pasta with real tomato sauce, veggie soups, burritos, differently cooked potatoes, fried rice, oriental food, and other stuff like that.

Look at all the euros seething that american universities have options besides shitty cafeteria food lmao

Even Chinese universities have KFC and Subway inside campus. How cucked are Euros?

:marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

It's because most euros live at home while going to uni or are all built around being in a city.

They can't comprehend that American colleges are often built with their own complete ecosystem so as to be independent from their surroundings.

UCLA actually has crazy good cafeteria food. They offer all sorts of healthy, fancy options and the menus rotate every day. They're regularly recognized for how good their campus food service is. I've eaten there on a handful of separate occasions and have always been impressed.

Imagine being proud of attending UCLA.

I didn’t go to UCLA and I’ve eaten at their cafeteria a few times.

I didn't, I just liked the food

I'm in Australia and we have these American style corporate food chains at our universities too. Overpriced shit.

I’m in Australia

I’m sorry.

You're forgiven

˙ʎɹɹos ɯ’I


"Typical Americans, always reliant on cars to get anything"

restaurants built in convenient areas accessible to tens of thousands by foot

"Whoa, such American consooomerism"

American classics


Plant based


High fructose corn syrup is vegan


It's fine, I'm sure they're just eating Panda's plant-based chicken.

John Oberg is :marseysoypoint: btw

Can we stop calling it girlcock and call it kindcock please?

:marsoy: :marseycock: :marseysoypoint:


it's so big! :!marseyspit:

Beyond meat is carcinogenic and should come with prop 65 warning labels

By school do you mean university? Because there's no way a private business should be peddling its wares to children on a school site...

Is this a eurocuck thing? Why is this person so retarded?

Yuros are both painfully aware and ignorant of aspects of America.



Both. Xe ain't even aware that school cafeterias serve food provided, often pre-cooked and frozen, by a private business that is the lowest bidder

Vending machines and Aramark.

Do you-knees rely solely on a community garden out back to provide for them?

Imagine complaining about having the entire joint to yourself with no line to worry about. Vegans, smh.

Veganism isnt about eating vegan stuff yourself, its about making other people eat it

Sounds like a kink tbh.

The popular liberal mindset rn is that being vegan is racist and classist so that doesn't mean much

I love how everyone shits on vegans. Commies can recognize it's bourgeoisie bullshit, Conservatives can recognize vegans are fucking pussies, and Liberals can recognize it's mayo nonsense. Never even started.

From the subreddit's sidebar

🐄💊? 😳

The cow-pill is just the average American foid.

Fascism and vegans though :marseyreich:

what makes vegans / portlanders wear beanies in such a way to expose their receding hairline? That looks so uncomfortable on the back of the neck.

That cow looks mean.

Yes it’s a university, which is also a school. There are only adults here

Much less likely than you think!

From a corvid perspective, what are your opinions on these people who've convinced themselves that humans are herbivores?

Plague upon them!

How much more expensive is veggie grill than Panda Express? Like double or only 1.5 times.

Just here to remind that this calculation must include the future financial cost of bowel disease on the panda side from eating factory farmed chicken and terrible produce.

r/vegan seems like a pretty low-IQ sub even by Reddit standards. Must be the lack of meat.

B vitamins don't grow on trees

I think they unironically think that a healthy person who eats meat will just randomly get cancer from a steak.

Not reading any of the comments here or there but veggie grill is really fucking good and cheap

Also if you aren't vegan you are a hedonist coward

seethe harder meatcuck

eats mostly hydrogenated oil solids and lentils

has the audacity to critique anyone else's diets

the absolute state of vegancels

Don't lump me in with the vegetable oil bugmen, but yes I do eat a lot of lentils

quick, give me your mile time/1RM bench/BMI

edit: my browser loaded the notification for the deleted comment for about half a second, it was a smart decision to delete it lmfao I run a 4:55 mile as of 2 weeks ago, 4:43 PR, idk how much I can do at once but I do 8 a few times a week so I'd guess at least 16.

I couldn't read the rest of your comment before the notification disappeared but I'm not even in good shape, if you are a meatcuck and slower/weaker than me you should keep yourself safe

How big is your cock?

7 1/4 on a good day, more realistically 7 1/8

I've got you beat by 3/4 of an inch. Meatchads stay winning


That's nuts, post a pic with a ruler and your username in sharpie and I'll donate all my measly dramacoin

What do you mean by a hedonist coward?

You're afraid to not cuck your own taste buds for cow wellbeing.

You're assuming I care for a cow's well being in the first place.

I mostly only eat goat though


You're too pussy to give up meat because it tastes good