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The Great Dramanaut Purge :marseyworried:

Seeing all the dramacels (who thought they got away with no consequences) getting y'alled by the chadmins was funny, but not nearly as funny as every single one of the banned users feeling the need to make a post about it.

You all got your plebbit accounts either permajannied or marked by the chadmins, and I know half of you are so r-slurred that you don't know how to make a new account.

Queen Penny always wins. :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

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No email address required.

Queen Penny always wins.

Penny has grown accustomed to beating his opponents.


:smackfish: :smackfish: :smackfish:

When your toddler babbles something mildly transphobic and you have to get the nail studded baseball bat out again


When your toddler calls you 'daddy' for the first time

and last time

I imagine ol bardy is rubbing her big ol lady cock to these threads.

:marseyyikes: :marseygasp: :marseysick:

I believe its kindcock now sir.

She calls it her witch's wand, I hear.


Watch the crossfire :marseyworried:

:!marseyshooting: :bardfinn: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead: :marseydead:

They're all dead :marseygasp: :marseywtf2: :marseydepressed:

The marseys aren't lined properly on mobile so it looks like a crazy mexican standoff with the troomer dodging all the shots.

lmao i was wondering why there was crossfire cause it looks perfect here

It's pretty much a right of passage around here to get perma banned and stop using reddit (except when someone links it)

Letting the chadmins bully you off the site


Leaving the site willingly


Spending every waking moment autistically harassing moderators and admins on reddit through the extensive use of alts


Idk how to make another account because they instantly get banned. Plus I'm too lazy to and at this point don't really care anymore.

Go to your local library to make accounts and harass the Reddit admins and j-slurs. How do you think poor people get on Reddit?

lol I remember doing this when it got really bad

thankfully my ip is unbanned

Alternatively go to one of the dozens of Starbucks in the three block radius of your residence or workplace. But youโ€™ll probably have to buy a โ€œcoffeeโ€.

"yeah, I've got a soy caramel macchiato for BASED_SNEEDPOSTER_ACCOUNT109_JANNYDESTROYER"

Wasn't there an incident a few years ago where some starbucks employee did a racism to someone in the store who didn't buy anything and starbucks corporate gave everyone free reign to sit in their stores, use the bathrooms, etc without buying anything.

No only BIPOC

Ah, good thing I am transracial

You're so brave, Kween

They rolled that back real fast in the areas it mattered, I've been turned away while turtleheading since

Nigga just buy a black coffee; shit is like 1.50

Europoors and not being entitled to basic human health services like free sewage access despite having (((universal healthcare))) , name a more classic combo.

:marseyqueen: :marseytrans: ๐Ÿ’ฉ

Free rein*

Damn I feel like a fool now. All this time I legitimately thought it was "free reign."

I'd expect you to do the same for me :marseypat:

It's usually a device hardware + ip ban so the Starbucks trick doesn't work

MAC addresses aren't impossible to spoof.

Too much effort

Are you making accounts from one of their mobile apps? How would they know what device youโ€™re on? You can fuck with browser fingerprinting.

They somehow ban the accounts I make no matter what browser, even tor.

It's always a personal message relating to my original ban but idk how they know its me

How do you think poor people get on Reddit?

In these times they just take a loan and slowly pay it off with their unemployment checks

Phone posters seem to have the advantage here for once as long as you clear ypur browser/cache history you should be good to go. I've gone through dozens of accounts, it's all part of the fun as far as I'm concerned.

Step 1: Delete cookies and local storage and don't go on reddit anyone (in private window it's allowed, but not otherwise)

Step two: https://whatismyipaddress.com/ ; Check everyday if IP changes

step three: Might take a few days but when they have no cookie and new IP, reddit has no way of permabanning you.

Also be careful to not expose yourself from another device, like not deleting cookies on phone and visiting from there normally.

If you want new ip faster, use phone data (not wifi) and enable and disable airplane mode, will reset IP

Uh nord vpn big money salvia bro.

I don't really get it. The primary problem I have with reddit is that they keep cucking/closing down shit that is either good, or is tangentially related to shit that's good, thus flooding the actually good places with their r-slurred users. My reddit account is 10 years old and only got one warning ever (for cyberbullying SRDine j-slurs in modmail), despite me not really holding back that much.

How do you people get perma'd so fucking often? Is that a specifically rightoid problem or something?

Is that a specifically rightoid problem or something?


Nah you definitely don't have to be a rightoid to be banned, all you have to do is piss off the wrong people. I had multiple fresh accounts banned where I didn't even talk about ๐Ÿš„s or ๐Ÿ€s or post in any no no subs except for r/drama. I got banned for simple things like telling people they were r-slurs who had no idea how the world works or that the reason they were fat was because they were lazy sacks of shit and it had nothing to do with any perceived health problem they thought up.


Being opposed to morbid obesity is right wing, you r_slur. fuck outta here.

I god a warning for just using the word "retard" once.

I got banned for 3 days or saying r-slur like a year ago. Just depends if any gay r-slurs report you.

Is that a specifically rightoid problem or something?

Try calling people fat multiple times and your 10 year old account will forever be gone. I lost my 6 year account just for some light trolling every now and then.

I call people far worse than that. Regularly. Something tells me you've done something more than just calling them fat... There are some things that are minor/accidental that can get you y'alled (like upvoting same shit on an alt and a main because you forgot you switched accounts), but if you're even a little bit careful - you'll probably be fine.

Part of it was becoming a j-slur at one of the bait subs and making posts there.


I was a j-slur in a number of superstraight subs, including only major one that survived all the way until the end. Made posts there too. I'd say that's sufficiently baity, wouldn't you?

You're a leftoid. Deal with it

Never hidden this. Also - did you just make an account to reply to all my comments with /pol/-tier seethe? Make a new one, buddy.


You are a stereotype. keep yourself safe rule following milquetoast hall monitor ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ j-slur commie scum

KSP is a good game


"I'll show the mean pol guy I'm not a redditor!!!! You're banned, chud

:marseycool: "

Rope. Neck. Bridge. Now.


If only you could put that energy into your relationships

Your pulitzer's in the mail

I call people far worse than that. Regularly.

in the eyes of a redditor it is not worse.

'chud' isnt an insult sweaty

Were you banned for saying "chud"?

I was getting at your 'Ive said far worse shit'

Naw, never used that word, I try to avoid shitlib language when seriousposting. I prefer good, old-fashioned insults, like "retard", "cretin", "simp" etc.

Realistically all you need to do to not get flagged by gigajannies is avoid using words that would get caught by our word filter, and even then - only some of them. I'm not a big fan of it, since I'm pretty much a fundamentalist when it comes to free speech on places like reddit but it's really not that hard. Just use dogwhistles if you absolutely have to.

Calling someone a fattie is 100% worse than any of the words you listed according to reddit.

Also since when is 'simp' an old fashioned insult?

There is an entire subreddit basically dedicated to calling an entire nation fat. It's called r/shitamericanssay. I've called people fat repeatedly. My guess is that if you got y'alled for it - you probably had some aggravating factors.

Of course, it could have been one of AEO brain-farts (sometimes they ban for utter bullshit) that I've seen happen to even older accounts before. Reddit probably gave them instructions of erring on the side of aggressiveness, but these get reinstated upon appeal.

keep yourself safe reddit BIPOC.

โ€shitlib languageโ€


What is the chapoid vocabulary and why are you confusing it for libs?

Unless you want to make up a whole new ideological position for these people - shitlib will have to do. Far more redditors than just chapos use "chud" and shit like that, including SRDines who dubbed as such me for suggesting that class might be more important than race :marseyshrug:

All those words won't bring daddy back.

You are a r-slurred niggerfaggot commie who, like every other ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿšƒ j-slur, is the absolute last person who should be in charge of what people can say online. keep yourself safe

Wow, you must be a JP fan.

Annoy the wrong people. Iโ€™ve gotten banned twice. Getting unbanned consist of constantly messaging to the admins.

I think that still requires you to be a full-on rightoid, because if you're not - you'll absolutely get away with it. I've been annoying the "wrong" people basically since the very beginning, and rather extensively - here's a screen from like 9 years ago. AHS doesn't like me much either, and neither do the post-BEP SRDine j-slurs.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't be a rightoid on reddit :marseyshrug:

Damn that's a deep cut. Were you involved in the SRS/antiSRS/SRD wars back in the day?

Massively. That's where that's from - I was one of the primary participants in most of the early shit before r/drama even became an actual thing. I kind of miss them now, since, in hindsight, SRS was always much better in every way than what we have now. They had a sense of humour, they were willing to engage with others (and I've even had some almost-friends on the "other side") and generally only took reddit semi-seriously. The current pro-censorship crowd is very different.


Same. I kinda miss Irby and HarrietPotter.

I gave them a hard time back in the day, but in retrospect funny SRS was way way better than humourless AHS.

Pour one out for some real niggas.


That's the good ole SRS feeling!

I donโ€™t even know whatโ€™s going on in that picture.

The SRSisters are bombarding smug plebbitors with dildos. There's also a bunch of old memes and references (e.g. Ron Paul) that make me feel ancient.

Tbh, this may be just nostalgia kicking in but I would swap all current Bernie supporters with Ron Paul ones, though there is the legendary Ron to Bernie pipeline Iโ€™ve heard of so much might not change.

I commented on SRS a couple times back when it first kicked off in 2012. Dworkin banned me randomly based on a couple "problematic" comments but I actually argued my case and they unbanned me. That would never happen these days.


Posts like this is why I do Heroine.

Cope harder rule following leftoid reddit j-slur scum.

Is that really an SRS post? And SRDines used to be anti-SRS? Damn I missed a lot.

Yup. All original dramatards came from SRD when SRDine j-slurs started cracking down on no-no words. Original battle-line was SRD vs SRS before that happened.

Have they really became that irrelevant? I only ever saw them post-Obama when they got brought up in drama.

Yeah. Their goal was to basically call out upvoted unambiguous -isms in defaults and other major subs. Plus, like I said, they had a sense of humour most of the time. When defaults banned all no-nos and reddit locked out all iffy shit, their "mission" was basically complete. The more reasonable-ish once went away altogether or occasionally post in niche subs, while the humourless r-slurs went on to create AHS.

I donโ€™t really remember srs being funny, always seemed more like the current SRDines and AHS but with a rougher edge.

Also, what did they call out? I remember seeing those linked to SRS would often be politically aligned with them but happened to say a joke they didnโ€™t like.

Is that a specifically rightoid problem or something?

When all you have is the nslur, everything looks like a ๐Ÿ€