Marsey Crab (Real???)

Already posted in Kellere's thread a few days ago, but I want to milk as many updooterinos as possible for my "hard" work.

Jump in the discussion.

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Yes, but I've colored mine to fit the Marsey theme. It's different :marseycope:

we must seize the means of Marsey production

I like yours better. This one is too spider-like

Crabs are very closely related to spiders. I'm slightly arachnophobic and some of the more spider-y crabs can make me a little nervous

Why is eating a cow better than fucking it? I honestly don't understand bloodmouth logic.

Fuck a cow:

  1. It forgets it 10 minutes later, tops.

  2. It might even enjoy it.

  3. No harm is done unless you're like, super rough I guess? A bull penis is 25 inches long, your sad little human cock isn't going to disturb a heifer.

  4. In a vacuum, once the sex is done, the cow can go on and live a full and complete life with the rape having 0 impact on it.

Kill a cow:

  1. It's dead.

  2. It's dead.

  3. It's dead.

  4. It's fucking dead


Does this also apply to crabs?

Yes :marseycock:

Well I'll be damned...

In the bible there's a commandment, in the old testament, leviticus I think, that says anyone who lays with an animal is to be condemned and that the animal be destroyed. Even back in the olden days they didn't want to eat an animal some greasy incel had coomed in.

Leviticus 18:23, do not coom in the animals.

โ™ป Please consider the environment before printing this comment โ™ป

Jesus fulfilled the old law, no longer needs to be followed. Christians can coom in as many anussyies as they want.

Jesus keeps giving and giving that guy. So I can coom in sheep now?

โ™ป Please consider the environment before printing this comment โ™ป

Yes. Being Welsh is now ok.

ยฟPorque no los dos?

What this leaves out is that you have to tranquilize the cow before you rape it otherwise it might kick your nuts off.

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