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Leftoids and History's Biggest Cucks Sneed Over a Long Dead Man


Natives are so pathetic. Should've forcibly integrated and genocided them, rather then push them into Oklahoma.

So many people on twitter seething right now. Columbus is a winner, so he gets a day. Indigenous people are losers, so they don't. Simple as.

People are also claiming that he fed babies to his dogs, which is starting to get into the "6 gorillion killed by masturbation machine" levels of bullshit. If it is real, Columbus may be the first recorded pitmommy.

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If they were vaxxed they wouldn't have died

Virgin Natives

Die of easily preventable diseases

Haven't invented the wheel

"What are cows?"

Easily conquered

Sigma Gigavaxxer

Fully immune to all known diseases, and another 14 undiscovered zoonotic illnesses

Drives in a car with 4 wheels

Farms cows

Unconquerable, shoots invading pibbles

The same thing is happening today but now the whitoid dies from 5 unknown diseases the moment they step into third world territory without a dozen vaccines


Mayoid, 🏀, Chink, Curry, we can all come together to shit on the second most pathetic race.

I will give you 1000 drama coins right now if you say “Boogus oogus oogus boogus” on my yeezys I swear.




Butcher each other for centuries and it's fine but an Italian BVLL comes and shows them how it's done and they bitch and moan about it

”Should've forcibly integrated and genocided” .g

:soyjakfront: : “What’s the difference?”

They’re getting their explorers and conquistadors mixed up. Columbus didn’t have war dogs on his voyages, that was more of a conquistador thing. And they were not fed babies instead given armor and trained to rip out a warrior’s throat.

Also, Columbus had a disinformation campaign against him during his time by both the Spanish Crown as well as his own crewmates because they wanted to snub him and his descendants of their titles and awards.

What the hell are the Italians gonna celebrate now? Tony Soprano day?

Columbus was a loser who couldn’t navigate and basically just settled down to be a degenerate fucktard, demand gold from the confused natives who didn’t even know what gold was, and get syphilis. He was so gay that the Italians wouldn’t have him and he had to go eat Spanish gussy to get funding. Then when the Spanish had enough of him basically being an idiot who had no idea where he was, he wrote an entire book of seethe about the titles and honors he was owed, the Book of Privileges.

So he landed, basically killed everyone he saw, and then positioned himself as a grand conquerer, despite the fact that the natives were dorks, and basically not very interested in warfare. They weren’t exactly worthy enemies.

Then he got cucked and chucked by the Spanish crown, themselves almost as inbred as your average pit bull breeder.

I conclude that Columbus was a coombrained dipshit.


Pretend I longposted seethe here for your enjoyment

Happy Columbus Day?


Indigenous People Day?


Columbus's fear of islam rooted in the crusades

Nigga what that's totally backwards

I love how they're all:

Happy Indigenous peoples day! Notice i said indigenous peoples day and not Columbus day!

I am thoroughly trouncing you. I've seen your mo and I spanked you at your own game. I found your flaw and exploited it quite nicely, my slaughtered braised goose.


One of the best quotes

I fuckin hate “indigenous” people. Anyone who’s actually read up on the history of the Americas knows that there were people here before them, who had mayo skin and reddish hair.

Why am I not surprised the replies are full of d/gens posting their Cashapp handles?