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A journo liked my creative writing exercise

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Lmao @Aevann give this king an Anti-Journo Action badge.

done (not by me lol)

I just summoned you because you're the only j-slur that I remember. The janniearchy is too byzantine for me to comprehend.

understandable have a nice day :marseytaliban:

I like tagging @QuadNarca as much as possible

Lol for all his strange sexual appetites and being a magyar mongoloid, Quad is a real one and one of the few decent j-slurs around.

one of the few decent j-slurs around.

No such thing


Two essential words in this, Anonymous and Reddit. You could substitute Mumsnet for Reddit, though. What that means in reality is that someone made the story up and the DM ran with it for the clickbait value.

When a commenter is smarter than the journo.

The Daily Mail genuinely doesn't care, sweaty. They were trollposting way before the wokesters figured out their new scam in 2014.

The Daily Mail literally uses algorithmic headlines on the same news article just to A/B test their audience. That's the beautiful thing about them: trolling is already built into their business model.

ayyyy, lmao. Pinned!

Get them checkmarks!


The state of modern journ*lism is writing about shit posts on reddit


Democracy dies in darkness, sweaty

WaPo needs to add this to their slogan:

"Journalism keeps it dick wet regardless."

😂 You've been slammed. How does it feel to be SLAMMED?

Must be great.

But she’s twelve and he’s doing so without her parents knowing.

The same people that think a 12 year old can't choose to eat a hamburger without parental consent would be totally fine with them getting an abortion or taking hormone blockers. :marseyhead:

Not letting them get hormone blockers is literal murder though so that one makes sense. Why are you pro-child murder?

Why are you not?

Yep, parents who impose puberty on their children without their consent are monsters.

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The same people who think a 12 year old shouldn’t read rampant agendaposting are the same ones who can’t shut the fuck up about their stupid beliefs, idiot.

Gonna agendapost but uhh i think 12 year olds should definitely be having an abortion if such a need occurs, theyre children for fucks sake. Comment giving me pedophile vibes

Parents should be involved with that.



Children are retards and shouldn't be allowed to decide anything. They should also be beaten daily so they don't get knocked up at 12 years old.

Children are retarded, but so are their parents. I understand parents being able to force a child to be vaccinated or something, but deciding whether or not they have an abortion is none of their business.

Anything that involves their child is their business.

Not really :marseyshrug:. We don't let them keep a child chained up in the basement, not would we allow them to refuse a child insulin. By your logic (parental absolutism) - this should all be allowed...





They are involved though, the dad is usually the person that gets them preggers

Legal guardian yes, but you worded it weirdly

also for something like abortion for a kid parents shouldnt have a say, all up to doc

You're not entitled to my emotional labor of wording things, sweaty.


Weird combination of issues. While I agree with hormone blockers bit, not getting an abortion affects foid's (and probably a teenage moid she slept with) life in far more significant ways than getting one.

Holy fuck that's so true. Leftoids are fucked up.

Hormone blockers are a choice. Veganism is universal truth.

Reddit user u/believeblackbodies


A proud grindmaxxer as well.


lmfao at that username

That was really the icing on the cake for me

Wait that was you? Lmfao

Amazing work. I stan.

The Reddit username made my dick twitch and I knew something was fishy


My ex was one of the chosen people and I always made her bacon lmao

Venison jerky was a nice touch because it subtly suggests you're a red-neck hunter. Bravo bravo!

:marseythumbsup: :marseythumbsup: :marseythumbsup: :marseythumbsup:

Seems like ever since the great migration, one of our resident bussibois makes the news every week. I'm so proud of this community!

Really? Do you know who that is? Do you spend any time on the chans, or 8kun, or Gab, or Voat, or Discord/ Telegram/ Riot, or a wide variety of lessor known neo-Nazi hangouts?

I do.

But please, tell me all about these "pranks" and the "it's just a meme, bro"..


This is the 2nd time this snappy has been posted in the last 30 minutes. Someone check and make sure lawlz is ok.

Snappy knows what's up


> u/believeblackbodies

> I noticed how much smaller and paler she is

I kneel :marseykneel: you have clearly been chosen by Allah (SWT) and the prophet grand mullah warm_bussy

10/10 flawless.

:marseyking: :marseyking: :marseyking:

Absolute king shit, the invisible hand of r/drama reaches all corners of the web.


YTA, if you have concerns about her being malnourished, talk to her parents, or cps if you suspect abuse. Feeding long term vegans animal products can make them sick

Just call CPS sweaty :marseysad:

Lol if you get sick from eating animal products you should reconsider if the vegan diet is so good for you lmao

CPS is too busy closing cases by haphazardly pairing orphans with dangerous foster parents.

Image credits: believeblackbodies


yanno...thinking about it a bit.

that "journalist" is a huge bigot.

at 12 years old kids are allowed to pick their gender. why the hell can they not pick their diet? someone needs to cancel this bigot before he spreads his bigotry to others.


congrats man that's some good work

Bet can I see the proof that you made it all up? Not that I don't trust you, I just want the link to the original thread. Anyway:


:marseygivecrown: :marseygivecrown: :marseygivecrown:

I can only bow to your superiority

After all, the man isn’t deceiving the little girl and she knows what she is stuffing inside her mouth — it’s her choice.

Damn straight. :marseycock:

No shit.

Shouldn’t this be country club?

Once people already fell for the bait, it's better we leave all of this stuff public. It's way funnier when people are seething about it even though the proof that it's all fake is literally a Google search away.

Naw, country club is for plans, after action reports can and should be public.

Country club is for cute twinks

Meh, it has its place, especially considering how quickly reddit bans dramautistic subs nowadays.

This is absolute A-tier trolling. The parallel to current events is subtle but totally obvious if you know what you're looking for. And it's designed to be maximally infuriating with even just the slightest degree of effort.

Congratulations, and thank you for feeding us this delicious A-tier drama. Please accept this Marsey until I figure out how to award Dramacoins to people.


Ohhhhhh this is about 🚂🚃🚃s too I'm a fucking retard

Why do foids always start autistically screeching when someone inevitably pulls out a gun?

LMAO it's so good because:

  1. you're being really nice about it

  2. the vegan girl LOVES the meat and asks for more. so you're doing nothing wrong

  3. you just slide in the subtle lines about how she looks thin and pale compared to your daughter, and she wolfs down the meat, has a healthy glow. this enrages the vegan because they know it's true.

excellent bait. congrats

:marseyking: shit right there.

It takes a lot of guts to trust someone else with the most valuable person in your life. To give another parent control over your kid.

Only a journo would consider a child valuable, then again it is their only source of future potential readers

Well done

if you call this journ*lism i swear by Allah (SWT) i will shoot myself right here

Just because she looks malnourished doesn't mean a thing. Aa a kid I was super skinny. As I grew older some even thought I was anorexic. But I wasn't.

Well, you ended up being an active poster on this subreddit, so maybe something went wrong in your childhood.

Rokas Laurinavičius

A disgrace to the entire Baltic world.

Or maybe a perfect Baltic guy, getting the bag by writing 0 effort articles that simultaneously cause outrage and contribute to the destruction of Westerners.

I personally believe u/believeblackbodies

journ*list is now a title of mental defect

Looks like tumblrinaction took the bait

LMAO. Nice job. These journos are a fucking joke.

This is the good shit I crave from this place. Trolling these clickbait morons and their shitty websites

I'm impressed, well done

Bravo good sir.

Your doing gods work lad.

a journo