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Yet more shitbull (terrier) drama, this time in r/AITA


You are a b. YOU scared your kids. Guess what? Any medium and up sized dog can do damage? ESA bullshit? APBTs and other pit mixes are fully capable of being ESA, Service Dogs and therapy dogs. Try and catch up.

Which is why Service Dogs are bullshit

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"when his dog is the breed that it is" - Pitbulls are far from the most aggressive breeds

That's a literal lie. Bullpits kill more people than anyother dog breed.

Golden retrievers are responsible for more bites than pitbulls.

Again literal lie, but even if true it doesn't change the fact pitbulls kill more people.

You are part of the reason millions of pitbulls are euthanized every year and it's all due to misinformation

I wish millions of shitbulls got ganked yearly

"I told him to not to give me the esa bs" - Who the fuck are you to judge the validity of service animals? Seriously, what an entitled brat you are.

lol. I leave it to someone else to post all the videos of ESA?SA pitbulls mauling people

I wish millions of shitbulls got ganked yearly

There unironically are lots of pitbulls euthanized each year. Very few want them, and those that do can find them for much cheaper than at a shelter.

Maybe not quite millions, but it's a lot. Unfortunately not enough to outpace how quickly people breed them.

I hope shitbulls become extinct before I die

Where were you when you realized Michael Vick did nothing wrong

Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! ... Hell shall be their home

That's a literal lie. Bullpits kill more people than anyother dog breed.

Probably argued in bad faith because showing aggression=/=getting physical. Pibbles show rarely aggressive behaviour until they tear you up while wiggleling their tails. A dumbass chiwahwah could show aggression the whole day without doing anything.

What the fuck is ESA?

Emotional Support Animal, burger foid nonsense to justify bringing their four legged lovers with them everywhere.

Goddamn I hate women




Emotional support animal.

Look I need everyone to understand this ficking concept, it's very simple, dogs are 90% of the time good to their owners, 50-50 on other people. So dont be a r-slur and get surprised when your pibble gets poisoned or shot by a good man.


Except for pibbles if you are sick, a child, adult or elderly or stand next to it breath then it goes to 90% will eat your dumb ass

This is obviously fake but this made me laugh

At this point, he was pretty shook up, and he tried to say that his dog helps him with his anxiety.

Imagine being shook from your neighbor nagging you and having anxiety then one day you look out and its eating them or you


I totally realize most people are going to disagree with me here but I feel compelled to say that closing the sub for a joke wasn't a very kind thing to do. We have seen TONS of posts from vulnerable populations talking about how this sub is a source of support and humor in a dark time. Irony and dirtbagism aside, taking away that support without warning was not okay.

You can say I'm being silly, or humorless or reactionary. Whatever. I love the show and I love this community. But sometimes I come home after dealing with ableism and our nightmare reality all day, and this sub is one of many things that make me feel better. It wasn't a good feeling to find this sub closed for the sake of irony. Maybe that's laughable or pathetic. But for me, it's true.


Trashy dogs for trashy people

Day of the kennel when