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How do (some) foids even function in real life?


This is the dumbest shit I've ever read. Knowing where to place things is a "privilege" to foids I guess, because they lack the lowly brain power imaginable to remember where they put shit.

JFC lmao

Big yikes. This post is why this sub gets the flak it does. It's both hyper-privileged and toxic at the same time.

If you choose to air out petty grievances to strangers on the internet, instead of communicating the issue with your loved one and attempting to resolve it, then you're just a pile of fucking drama. But to top that off with hiding crucial details of the story to make yourself sound superior... absolutely massive fucking yikes

Based. :marseyagree:

The housekeeper is recent. He, OTOH, had his entire married life to discover where the garlic press is.

And the foid didn't? :marseylaugh:

what do you mean, he is a very lucky man to be privileged enough not to know some tiny mundane detail of the kitchen arrangement.

you think she considers herself privileged for not knowing how to solder the all the components in her phone/computer together? Because there are factories filled with Chinese children who might consider her idea of what is privileged to be pretty damn privileged.

LMAO not living life on auto-pilot and actually remembering the most basic shit is actually a privilege I guess. Can't argue with that. :marseydicklet:

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Women like this function because men support them, in day to day tasks, emotionally and financially.

My BPD mother built this narrative in her head that she was the poor oppressed woman slave constantly struggling against the insurmountable workload dumped on her by a bunch of ignorant men. In reality she spent all day gaming or watching television, then one day a week woke up before everyone else and did the washing up once or some house hold chore before launching into a day long moan that she's a domestic slave and how no one else ever does anything.

Meanwhile my stepdad cooked every day and between us we cleaned the Kitchen every day, washed all the dishes, I cleaned the bathroom once a week and everyone washed their own clothes. The only real cleaning she ever did was decided that some non essential task like dusting the mantlepiece had to be done immediately on the weekend when everyone was trying to relax and go around loudly complaining and making sure that everyone knew she was doing it so everyone ended up doing it for her while she snuck away to game some more.

g*mer mom

it never even began for you

Oh it gets worse, after my dad decided he couldn't stand her anymore and moved out she joined up with this bitchy, spiteful isolationist feminist group and I had to endure that shit in my early childhood until she realised they were too crazy even for her. Then when I was teen she decided she wanted to have a career and became a teacher before quitting it because it was too much work, being a g*mer was better because at least she was quiet some of the time.

dysfunctional parents


many such cases

My mom played Animal Crossing on the GameCube when I was young.

Now I'm posting on rdrama.net


Goddamn, just how young are you tykes?

I'm 30

:marseysnoo: TFW when you realize 30 year olds seem like tykes, to you.

The future is now, old man

shouldn't you be dieing soon gramps LOL

It's getting closer all the time.


I hear that someone's mother was a g*mer and I'm thinking "Like she went to the arcade at the mall? Or she had an Atari?"


My mom played Dr Mario

one parent is birthing person

This is how incels are born

tbh he's lucky he didn't flat-out die from neglect, like that starcraft kid

How young are these kids on here? Or are we talking Atari 2600-era g*mers?

Based g*mer mom making her family CLEAN IT UP


But the chin is another pair of tits

It's nice that you had a cool stepdad at least, usually people like this don't choose the best partners

He was and is a trained simp, his mother is exactly the same sort of BPD spotlight stealing histrionic and has trained him well, watching her and my mother be in the same room was always fun as they fought over who could be centre of attention. He's a good guy but just lacks a spine.

I just came here to laugh at women not give you therapy what the fuck

As if rdrama isn't one big therapy session for a bunch of maladjusted weirdos.

No. Quit projecting.

Therapy is supposed to be productive.

Bully therapy should be real cause there's nothing better than talking shit

it's really not fair that he just unburdened himself on you like that

he pretty much demanded that you perform uncompensated emotion labor

It's like back to the future.

Sounds like the entire r/justnomil sub. Bunch of BPD wives and MILS duking it out.

He was and is a trained simp

Yes, you already said he's a stepfather.

You can type 10,000 characters and you decided that these were the one's that you wanted.

It's good that you had a good stepdad. As you get older and make your way through life, you can repay him.

g*mer mom

Zoomer detected

What games did she play?

I’m so glad I grew up with parents who had absolutely zero interest in video games. Exactly one time I played a game with my dad, and he held the controller with one hand like Tony Soprano.

If you hadn't mentioned gaming, I would have guessed that you were my brother because it sure sounds like you grew up with my mother.

What was her primary game?

I held an actual orientation in our kitchen when we moved into this house, 3 years ago. Anytime i rearrange, I hold a subsequent orientation.

When my husband or children ask where something is, I just shout, "IF YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION AT ORIENTATION, YOU'D KNOW!"

It doesn't really fix anything but the righteous indignation helps.

lmao housefoid thinks she's the dean of a school or something


imagine giving people in your house a lecture about where things are as if they give a shit, being enough of a smug powertripping retard to call it "orientation," and then expecting any of your kids to visit you when you get old

I changed my mind. Women don't belong in the kitchen. Kitchen is too good for them.

The best chefs are all men anyways.

Giada is cool, but a large part of that is because she has nice tits

She's a big slut because she got diddled but I her dad.

She's also aged really well. A woman who can cook like her and has a body like hers at 50 would be a dream come true for almost all men.


Losing shit in your house is an important part of marriage

I would unironically just stop paying attention to anything my mother said or did if she did or said things that retarded

What is it with women and feeling the need to constantly rearrange things anyway?

She does not randomly hide stuff into a different drawer to make her resident moid feel helpless and dependent

Do I need to teach foids how to be successful women?

I couldn't imagine being such an ungrateful twat to my spouse who was cooking dinner for me. And then having the balls to transcribe the incident and post my twattery on reddit.

Getting a lot of questions on who is cleaning our kitchen if I didn’t know where it was either.

I recently hired cleaners since I started a new job that requires long hours.

Prior to that I did almost all of the cleaning, cooking, etc. and would know where every little thing is.

And then going "lmao it's not even me who cleans lul point still stands tho right? :marseyshy: "

lmao calling the husband privileged as you sit on your ass and have someone else clean. I hate my own kind. lol They want things and then they want to pretend to make good things into victim points.

If a cleaning lady is privileged, then I love my privilege. It's awesome.

Uhm you're being a bit based but you're still a hole, idk how to feel about that. Is there any chance you are a hole(new)?

Calling me a hole and a foid and retarded is just another way for rrrdrama to say "I love you". As a matter of fact, I only see "I love you" every time you guys type these things.

Don't worry about that guy, he clearly isn't very open minded. I know that you're more than just a hole, you're 3 holes


Lysis10 does anal comfirmed

You will never be whole. Between your legs, there is a vacuum. A sprawling cavern, seemingly carved out of your flesh. But it isn't. You simply weren't born with any flesh there. An empty husk, a sheath without the sword. That's what you are. Remember that, foid. You are a hole.

3 holes mother fucker. You remember that.

Two technically. Your ass and mouth are connected and therefore one long hole

One hole, two tunnel entrances.

How bout you connect your mouth with my ass and we make it even longer

Sorry, but I only touch bussy with my benis.

That's gay

Dave Sim is that you?

I'm going to start calling you "mommy" from now on.

The time to get scared is when someone from here says the actual words "I love you."

lol very true.

Based and selfaware-pilled Foid.

Not knowing where the lemon juicer is in the kitchen is privilege but having a housekeeper isn't privilege

Most self-aware foid

Her comment actually made me seethe hard enough in real life I had to rewrite this comment. How hard is it to keep your mouth shut rather then make comments that are less then useless.

Next time she complains about a 55+ hr work week someone needs to remind her of how privileged she is and how women in other countries can’t even work…

Check out by controversial, OP is getting bullied

Yes and it's a great read :marseyagree:

Prior to that I did almost all of the cleaning, cooking, etc. and would know where every little thing is.

The housekeeper is recent. He, OTOH, had his entire married life to discover where the garlic press is.

Why do women marry men who realise they can use these women as maids and housewives then complain about it. Did he do any housework when you were dating? Did this woman consider it a red flag that he didn't?

If it bothers you so much then divorce him and find someone else.

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Who? They're wrong and I would like to harass them.

No, I'm right. Before it was impossible to paste a multi paragraph quote.

Lol damn fair enough.

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it’s a privilege to not know where things are in your own kitchen, because that means you weren’t the one who cleaned the kitchen last.

They get shacked up with some poor fucker like OPs husband who does literally everything for them. Then they get bored and have to invent problems.

As someone with anxiety... doing the dishes, when you don't know where your roommate puts half the shit away, is a god forsaken nightmare.

What a hard and pitiable life for for Gamebird8

Least insufferable TwoX cunt. Imagine being the husband that pays the bills including for the cleaner, and this fat fuck starts bitching at you for privilege because she can’t even manage to do simple wifely duties.

Can you really expect much when you marry a redditor? It never even began for him

But wait, why doesn't she know, then?

She hires a cleaner to do the cleaning. So maybe instead of a cunty jab at her husband it's a semi-cunty statement of self-reflection.

But it's a 2Xer so prolly not

Oh I didn't read that far.

Yo, back off with the misogyny, chud.

Wow this is so accurate and a great way to explain it to my boyfriend. It's not fact that you're asking where something is that bothers me, it's that you're implying I'm the only one that has to carry all the organizational knowledge of the household

No wonder so many of these foids always end up single and using FDS. It's a living hell being with them when every little thing you say is taken as an insult towards their character.

Cunty wives who make their husbands' lives an unending hell unironically deserve to have the shit smacked out of them. They might learn to keep their dumbass opinions to themselves after a couple black eyes. There's a reason lesbians have the highest rates of domestic violence and gays have the lowest.

Ti answer your title, they don't, that's why we had to make up diseases specifically for women.

Now the more unironic answer. I am pretty sure mental illneses in quite a few cases develop over time, so you could theoretically nip it in the bud if you notice early enough that there is a problem. The issue with women though is that you can't ever blame a woman for any of her failures, which is put under the perview of toxic masculinity even though most women follow this belief system themselves. So society as a whole ends up with a far higher tolerance ceiling for weird behavior from women which results in a higher number of crazy women plus the fact that women even when crazy will generally be picked up by someone which isn't as frequent for men so generally retarded men are far more likely to end up dead than retarded women which makes it seem like there are far more retarded women.

I blame The Rules and the people who read it going on to write relationship advice columns.

Lmao :marseylaugh:

I think for some people it's definitely privilege/entitlement. I had 3 exes who all...

Yeah they were definitely the problem here.

I'm so privileged I never know anything.

We need to start a conversation about retard privilege

I bring this up sometimes, but there are slaves. Like, as in right now. I've met some. It's a thing. They're almost all women because the folks who enslaved them killed off their men. A human life is still very, very cheap.

But western women feel like they can complain that their terrible, no-good, abusive husband, who was cooking for her, didn't know where a kitchen gadget was.

Western men can complain that a little melanin slipped into their manbaby swordshit.

Western kids can complain that you are literally murdering them if you accidentally misgender them.

The Western World is so completely pussified.

This is where foids fail time and time and again with their self-obsession and stupidity.

She thinks that he asked her where the garlic press was because she's a woman and his patriarchal beliefs made him think she'd know where it is because she belongs in the kitchen.

It didn't cross her fucking dimwitted bimbo estrogen-addled brain that he was asking her because she's the other person in the household so who else is he going to ask?

Seething quite seriously here at how off the mark stupid and simultaneously mundane this story is.