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Yale law student almost gets y'alled for using the word "Trap House" to describe his apartment


The best part:

Within minutes, the lighthearted invite had been screenshotted and shared to an online forum for all second-year law students, several of whom alleged that the term "trap house" indicated a blackface party.

TIL a trap house is used for delightful parties. My white kind could never comment on such a matter though, as only a PoC could possibly comprehend the evil consequences of an injun highjacking a negro term.

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I guess celebrating whiteness wasn’t enough," the president of the Black Law Students Association wrote in the forum. "Y’all had to upgrade to cosplay/black face." She....

.... is stunning and brave! It's actually cultural appropriation of animesexuals. Not sure when black people(?) started calling crack houses "trap houses."

Black Law Students Association

I wonder why they got into Yale... 🤔🤔🤔

Purely socio-economic reasons :marseysmug3:

The fact they were eating Apple Pie was what triggered them, lets be honest.

They didn't work hard to get into Yale just to let people referencing white culture in a positive way and get away with it!

You'd think they'd be too busy studying to waste time on twitter about bullshit frat emails.... but wtf do I know.

That was a euphemism for the "Yale thing"

Which does make me wonder, is Yale the Alma Mater of choice for rdrama?

wat? Trap House is a blackface thing? I've never heard of this. I for real thought this was going to be a train derailing over the word "trap," but it's injuns this time.

Just seems like everyone these days is looking for some excuse to flip out and scream at each other.

Its fantastic.

Train derailment you say?


I was ready to bring my Mirror Force, but I guess I'll be bringing the face paint instead...

Law schools for some reason are wild hotbeds of drama. My law school would have some wild listserv blowup once per quarter. The law school of the uni where I am now has the same thing (I know bc I hook up with lots of law students 😎). YLS also has shit hitting the fan nearly constantly. It almost always fedsoc vs some minority, except for YLS where it’s the tiger mom groomer and her lusty husband doing something based.

I like how they're implying that trap houses are an exclusively black phenomenon. Or have we now segregated the terms so that white-owned establishments used for taking and selling drugs are called "drug dens" and black-owned ones are called "trap houses"?

Separate but equal fentanyl dispensaries

"As a man of color, there probably isn’t as much scrutiny of you as there might be of a white person in the same position," Eldik informed the Native American student. "I just want to acknowledge that there’s a complexity to that too."

diversity director Yaseen Eldik

Wtf your job is knowing you can't ever articulate the implications like that. This is one of the top law schools?

Is everyone at these top schools this insufferable? Seems like they're all just trying to one up each other with wokeness

No, there's this one Native guy that throws fun trap house parties

That sure is a bunch of college losers mad about a dude getting young puss. Take as old as time

Holy shit, what a bunch of snakes!

hahahaha fucking Americans, not even your university's law students are based

Yale Law is not for future lawyers, it's for future SCOTUS justices and senators.

So rapists?

Hey, I just like beer, ok?

These prestigious law schools have a massive contingent of affirmative action diversity students only there because they suffer from two dozen different structural -isms. The intelligent students have just learned to keep their mouths shut.

I have read enough drama to know the one rule of Americans is that they simply cannot shut the fuck up. They created Twitter for gods sake

An unforgivable sin


Because of this in a few years the flood of so-called "red-pilled-prestigious-schooled" americans will block out the sun, yes a flood will block out the sun.

I hope we've got wild stuff like floods blocking the Sun coming up because we're well past due for the end times.

I was talking to some law school professors about this and they were telling me how the affirmative action stuff directly and observably leads to even more problems down there road. You actually have to be reasonably smart to get good grades in law school because the exams make you do logical critical thinking applying complex-ish principles to new situations. Dumb people will definitely do a lot worse than smart people, and then this becomes observable to everyone bc law school goodies like law review and clerkships depend a lot on your grades. No surprise, the affirmative action people do bad, don’t get into law review, etc., and then people notice that black students are way underrepresented in these things and accuse everyone of racism.

Yaseen Eldik

But have Ya seen deez nuts as well?

Of course he's an NOI retard.

Lmao every suburban white dude I knew who sold small amounts of pot called his house a trap house.

Also, is the Yale dean implying that crack, hip-hop and fried chicken are black culture?


I don't mind as long as he doesn't invite Chapos in.

Lol, glad I went to college before cancelling was a thing.

I don’t think my fraternity’s Indian themed “Trail of Beers” date party would play too well in today’s political climate.

I say this to my friends often... We were so fortunate to have finished HS and college by 2012. HS in particular must be a lot less fun because 98% of the humor I remember would now be "problematic". I'd almost feel bad for Zoomers if they weren't also so goddamn dumb and annoying.

The only thing you missed out on was Free The Nipple day

alleged that the term "trap house" indicated a blackface party

They've been hoping to catch one of these in the wild for so long and jumped the gun in excitement.

The windows on my car are less transparent than these people.


Ivy League students should be shot into the sun.

Dubious discrimination complaints are nothing new at the Ivy League law school. In February, for example, a raft of affinity groups accused the Yale Law Journal of systematically excluding black students from the masthead. When the prestigious publication released its admissions data, it turned out that black students had been admitted at a rate of 61 percent—far higher than the rate for any other race or ethnicity.

cant believe they casually dropped this, based journo??

I may be a 🎅 white 🏳nationalist 👏 but If 😏 I see 😘 a fine 👯 asian 🍜 ass 👌 my bloodline 💦💦 bout to 💆become 🍘 a 🍙 riceline 🍱


At a time when American institutions lean overwhelmingly left, the judiciary has remained reasonably balanced thanks in part to the Federalist Society’s efforts.

Why does this country cater to the snootiest of extremist bitches

I'm absolutely speechless. The fact that they back-tracked the threats because he wasn't 100% white. Weeeeeow. Burgistan really is a meme country.

"Trap house" has been a term used in progressive pop culture since at least 2016, when the socialist podcast "Chapo Trap House" burst onto the scene.

I hate rich mayos so much it's unreal

People like the chick claiming that a trap house is slang for a racist party are why CRT should be banned