Norwegian follows in his ancestors footsteps

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Didn't know Varg was into archery. Common sense bow control when?

Ban all curved sticks and sharp stones!


You being a convicted felon and me being pro 2A I feel I must inform you that you can buy crossbows on Amazon

imagine not being able to own a gun because you went to jail

i cant own a gun because im mentally ill😎

Are those rap lyrics?

no i dont listen to (c)rap, i exclusively listen to videogame OSTs and the sounds of my upstairs neighbor getting railed by her boyfriend every night (shes a screamer)

Oh yeah? Name all of them!

My favorites btw:

hunie pop

lego star wars the complete saga

half life


nba 2k13

civ 5

What's it like going through life being both a g*mer and having shit taste

Oxymoronic statement: you can't be a g*mer and have a life.

how would you know :hmm:

no Furi


Bit.Trip is a good one, need to dl that.

tfw mentally ill and still have a concealed carry license

:marseycool: get on my level casual

Imagine letting some cute twinks from god knows where tell you what you can and can't do

imagine not having enough guns to invade a small country

Seriously bothered about a job opportunity that would be a 50% pay raise but may force me to comply with a magazine capacity restriction

Usually these could only shoot two bolts per minute versus twelve or more with a skilled archer, often necessitating the use of a pavise to protect the operator from enemy fire. Along with polearm weapons made from farming equipment, the crossbow was also a weapon of choice for insurgent peasants such as the Taborites.


Even if I got my 2a rights taken away I wouldn't lower myself to using a peasant crossbow. Practice and become a bowchad.

It ain't the middle ages anymore poopy

Damn that's some AVP level shit. Might have to get me one, so I can hunt outside of boomstick season.

Crossbow tech has really exploded in the last 10 years. A 10 year old crossbow compared to one made today is like a flintlock musket vs a breech-loading rifle. The sport has exploded too.

Huh, and I remember being a kid taping a red dot scope from a toy gun onto a speargun, in order to hunt for the annoying beaver who swam around a certain place all the time. We failed, my dad did kill a beaver from underwater, the beaver meat tasted horrible.

So repeating crossbows, meme or the tool for the next manifesto-writing incel?

Imma say meme.

Is there a counter-movement that is all about minimalistic crossbows that are the opposite of the normie++ shit, just the stuff that delivers enough joules into the target?

there's that german guy who makes plywood crossbows in his garage - besides being a living proof that arms control laws are retarded, it's kind of that

Yeah you can get a decent 300fps crossbow for about $275. It still comes with the scope etc but it's like using a 1970 manual transmission car with no AC and can't go over 35mph compared to a 2022 luxury car. The ones I posted are some of the most expensive you can buy. Primitive archery hunting is also a thing.

Not gonna lie, if I'm gonna use something to fire projectiles that isn't a gun, I'd go full Rambo and learn how to use a compound bow.

A compound bow doesn't have the maneuverability of a rifle like crossbow. You can't run and shoot a compound bow like you can a crossbow. They also have farther range.

Yeah but I'd look cool as hell when using it.

You're going to run and shoot a fucking crossbow?

You aren't really gonna notice the difference between 350 and like 380 fps. The real advantage of using a crossbow for your incel spergout is that you can pop off from a prone position and nobody has to know where it came from. Good luck shooting a bow laying down.

Funny how you all fail to understand how a crossbow is way more maneuverable than a bow and arrow when it comes to defense. If they have a gun you're not gonna get more than one shot off before they get you and aiming a crossbow is literally the same as aiming a rifle. Try holding a drawn compound bow and walking around your darkened house looking for an intruder vs an already cocked and locked crossbow up to your shoulder and tell me a bow is equal in maneuverability.

If you're worried about people coming to murder you just buy a gun like every other upstanding citizen. This thread is about going on Rittenhouse Rampages tyvm.

I still have my recurve but damn that does look purdy 😍



Cross bow or rent money :tayhmm:

$3500 with tax included.

A rentoid and a poor rentoid at that yikes


Rural people exist sweaty 😘

Outside of the polis exist only barbarians and the divine, and paying rent firmly excludes you from the latter category

Wtf is a polis? Speak English nigga

This will probably kill you if you dry fire it.

You can't dry fire a modern crossbow without a bolt in it. They all come with built in safeties.

Cringe tacticool shit

Take the most pointlessly medieval thing you can think of but make it all sciencey like in He-Man. jfc.


Ok Darryl Dixon

It's 2021, we have lever action mag fed crossbows

They make repeating crossbows now, it's not difficult to get off a shot every few seconds, faster than shooting a bow if you're launching fewer bolts than the clip holds.

>makes custom magazine for repeating crossbow

>desgins clips for easy loading


You can air guns with as much power as a 45 acp handgun on amazon (In America, in canada you have yo build them urself)

Shit, don't go for that pussy medieval lifestyle, get a reproduction black powder S&W cap and ball revolver (and then the 45 LC conversion cylinder ayyylmao) so you can regulate cowboy style. Can be shipped right to your door no questions asked

And when the parole officer finds it he's fucked. He can have a crossbow no prob.

Does the parole office have the Big Iron?

Not today Texas Red

We're trying to keep it nice and legal for our ex-con. If we were going for actual modern firearms he could get a polymer80 and barrel shipped no problem.

He should just buy the glorious Nippon Steel and study the blade

That's his back up after the 1 crossbow shot. Someone asked about repeating crossbows being used by some autist for a spree killing and tbh the only one I know of costs like 3k and an esteemed scholar of the blade mostly uses $150 mall ninja swords or $20 wall hangers so they're not going to spend that on their weapon of choice. Matter of fact that might be why that crossbow is so expensive.

Edit NVM I found a sketchy looking one on Amazon for $470. Looks like we're having a mass bowing someday.

mass bowing

smh kids in the 90s got harassed for wearing trenchcoats, zoomers will get bothered by school cops for wearing green tights and tunics

Alternatively, antique firearms are also okay to bear

Shockingly this is not the first time it happened

A mass archery lmao

My ancestors are smiling at me Second Amendment hater, can you say the same?

Respect the drip, shooting to kill with a bow and arrow is hard as fuck. This man is just trying to return to monke. He's going bacwards throught time and is now at bow-and-arrow-age (fuck you I'm not looking up when the bow and arrow was invented)

Next killing spree will be with a sling, then an atlatl.

Next killing spree will be with a sling

Glory to the new king of Israel

Any retard can blast a dozen people with an AR but only fucking legolas could pull off a mass bow attack, like why did no one simply tackle him.

Modern repeating crossbows aren't that different from the bolt action rifles that people used to go on shooting sprees with when used at close range.

For real, how long is the reload speed for a trained archer?

This foid easily manages one shot every two seconds.

Kongsberg, Norway

We wuz Kongs n shiet.

multiple dead

Holy shit maybe this is the answer to my home defense needs! I thought living in a blue state would leave me with no options.

How do you lose a 1v1 against a guy armed with a monkey firearm?

I remember reading that British longbowmen trained from childhood to have enough muscles to be able to pull a longbow. Well, first of all moderns are much better nourished, second, sports bows use physical pulley-involving trickstery to flatten the pull force, third, they had to pierce plate mail at Agincourt, killing an unarmored human probably takes much less energy.

I can only contribute this comment by someone else that involves a broadhead arrow to the center of mass:

I'd rather just blame it on being malnourished.


Allegedly arrested alive so maybe another Brevik?

It's quite hard to keep yourself safe with a bow and arrow, not surprised he was arrested alive.

fucking wordfilter what is that

Newcute twinks out

ive never told anyone to kill themself before so i never noticed

Doesn't know about KYS posting

Remember what they took from us :marseydespair:

The bowman had converted to Islam, and police have been told that he had been radicalized before the incident.

He had been arrested on numerous occasions before too.

I’m kinda mad how fucking stupid this Twitter accounts name is but how quality the reporting is.

Much death such thwack, wow

Witnesses captured this image of the suspect who they say mumbled unintelligible ramblings about "Aryan autism" and "Christcucks" before pulling out archery gear and opening fire

i was only spared when the assailant noticed my intact foreskin

I picked mushrooms there a couple times. There is a weapon factory there, maybe ill pick one up to protect myself

imagine living in a country where you have to do yer mass shooting with a fucking stone age weapon.

it's the 21st century, norway. jesus.

Breivik already did rifle and bombs, who wants to be lame ass copycat?

That was a pretty awesome scene in Rambo I can see why he chose that.

Aren't they supposed to be the highest HDI country in the world? What's up with the archery?

The only way to stop a bad guy with a bow and arrow is a good guy with a bow and arrow :marseyhoodwink:

So I tried returning to deux, reminding them their chat was dead. 30 mins later its alive again with all my shitposting, so they ban me for making too much drama