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If there was an award for best rDrama user profile page I'd nominate this one.


It gave me a stoke... feel better now though.

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I don't know why but my inner Mengele wants to kidnap you and do some experiments on your brain :marseybye:

Can you imagine how neurodivergent the new ubernaut would be.

Your fans are dying to know, what does your daily drug cocktail consist of?

Your fans are dying to know, what does your daily drug cocktail consist of?

It's the best one and it's not even close

@chiobu deserves an award for best rdrama user, period

We should throw him a surprise party?

:party: :marseyparty: :party:

Of course dramatards would be socially inept enough to announce a suprise party :marseyspecial:

Youโ€™re not supposed to โ€œannounce a surprise partyโ€ itโ€™s supposed to be a surprise you r-slur.


I'm going to be charitable and ask you to reread my message. Because I know your reading comprehension is better than this, sweaty.

Are you being facetious because Iโ€™m way too neurodivergent to understand someone being facetious. Thatโ€™s just ableism. Why are you handi-shaming me bro?


I had my phone turned up in a restaurant and accidently played @BrokeBackBuck's profile song yesterday.

I think it's pretty classy tbh. Kids don't appreciate good music like this anymore.

Lick my pussy Bobby

I instinctively hit the close down button when it said " suck this pussy like you should" and it just kept playing...

:marseycrying2: :marseycrying2: :marseycrying2:



Ngl I hate having to hear your song everytime I dm you bc it stops the music I'm listening too

Cope my grooming victim.... cope...


look at my profile next time you're in the hood

Perhaps I should make this my profile song then

Non age restricted vid lol

You should check mine from work

Cool. I used to hear that all the time at my old job. Brings back memories.

Definitely don't do mine then

This user is definitely gay in real life and browses rdrama with his bf.

Pretty jealous.

Could use some background music though.


Marsey put in music!

Much better!


Close 2nd to mine.

i own a VHS copy of this lol

Amazing. Didn't know they sold copies. I might have to buy a copy and a VHS player if they ever win again before I die.

Oh, yeah. VHS and audio cassette singles. They were everywhere in Chicagoland at the time. I got mine at a Jewel.

Good shit.

Also one of the top marseyrtists.

Make this the agendaposter theme.



:marseypat: :marseypat:


Great page! Very sexy.


Its like the myspace glory days.

I miss when we made websites slightly less retarded than this instead of only going to the same 4 massive cooperate ones. Its why I like you cute twinks so much.

Is this how it feels to be an agendaposter?

That was eye cancer

This reminds me of the time I suffered stimulant psychosis for half a month and spent most of my time hiding under my bed because I convinced myself everyone was plotting to kill me. It's got that persistent, uncomfortable and threatening aura to it and if I stay too long I'm gonna merge into a dimension I don't like. 10/10, would not visit again

This is absolutely terrible and I wholeheartedly agree

i'd nominate mine.


ehhhh pretty sure i would

that one slaps

I had my audio muted and that really detracted from the experience.

I never buy more than 4 rolls of TP at a time because i feel like if people see me carrying a giant pack they'll think to themselves, there goes that guy who's constantly shitting out his ass