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oh god this bitch. I think this is the one I watched go over the "very little" she eats every day and I swear she ate about 1500 for breakfast, most of which was in that sugary Starbucks drink. That maybe would have been fine if she stopped eating for the rest of the day, but then she had snacks, a crappy lunch, and dinner. The fat bitch youtubers annoy the fuck out of me so I can't watch them for long. They're so whiny.

She had made one of her girlfriends get out of bed for late night McDonald's runs.

Queen shit tbh


yea the leading cause of fatness is ignorance. people dont know how many calories to eat and they dont know what amounts of calories the food they eat has. i'm 63 kgs and im going to maintain that by eating 1,900 calories. which means i can have snacks and the like but i can't eat for example an entire bowl of cereal, only a quarter of a bowl, and if i eat at mcdonalds i cant have a three course meal like these people do. a wrap on its own then maybe a mcflurry is what you should ideally get, adding chips is risky and adding a milkshake is a death sentence

She better not piss off her black girlfriend. Then who will wipe her ass?

:marseychonker: :marseykiwi:

I'm continually shocked that she keeps finding women to date. The well of people with standards that low can't be that deep.

She seems to have a knack for finding girls who are a little...slow or off. It's like she patronizes some kind of dating service for specials.

Anyway, I'm excited to see where this goes



Professional mass accumulator

I don’t know who Amber reed is. Tell me.

She's literally just a fat woman

Other than her size, how do you nerds know her?

She streams herself and lots of women like to be catty about her being a fucking fat mess of a person. It's really not that deep, Hodor.

Not deep but quite wide

mass accumulator


She sounds like she is single handedly causing food supply issues in Africa leading to famine.

Can I get a tl;dr on who this foid is?

She's a terminally online fatty that keeps lying about her weight loss

Is there any good drama about her? Fat women disgust me too much, I can't watch her videos long enough to search for it

I don't follow her. There were some spicy rape alligations with one of her girlfriends. One of the best moments was a kiwi literally doing a CSI image enhancement on a mirror to show that she had started to use a mobility scooter, instead of walking like someone who is trying to lose weight would do

So I’ve noticed there is a lot of people who are extremely insecure about their height, and I think it’s insane!

I believe short men are much more attractive than tall men. I believe around 5’ and 5’5 is the perfect height for men.

For instance, the shorter you are, the easier you are to pick up and have anal sex. Guys who are tall usually weigh a lot more, and are harder to adjust it properly. In my experience men who are short also tend to be cuter than taller men, though that’s not a fact, it just happens more often that I see a cute small guy.

The weight is a major benefit, the fact that you can be 110 lbs without being super skinny is awesome. I can appreciate a man who is in shape but isn’t going to break my back trying to lift.

In conclusion, be happy about your height