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I really want to believe stonetoss is a retard, but how was one stupid webcomic so prescient?

The message behind it is obvious now, but he seemed like one of the first to point it out.

why has this guy become an unironic, significant social commentator?


The slippery slope is very real and not a "logical fallacy" much to redditors' chagrin. Capital has judged this kind of marketing to be better for bottom lines, so we're now regularly getting the kind of commercials rightoids a decade ago kvetched about.

No it hasn't, these ads are produced without regard for the bottom line or at most smoke and mirrors analysis that claims it's good for the bottom line without real knowledge either way

You seem to be better informed than I am. Why would a company put out advertisement that they haven't concluded would improve their bottom line?

Companies waste a shit ton of marketing money, like 25-50% depending. They have no way of knowing what ad campaigns will promote sales, they just throw shit at the wall and hope some of it comes out better.

Marketers are snake oil salesman, they'll lie through their teeth with every data manipulation in the books to show "success" of ad campaigns. False click through, fake time watched, fabricated exposure, shifted demographics.

I'm not informed at all, I just know they do that. They do this because they're communist demon pedofiles

Yes, large corporations are clearly communist. I know you're joking, but the rightoids that actually think this way are braindead.


These corps contain a large number of true believers and an even larger number of loyal followers to woke creeds, any individual inclined to question this too strongly or even just try to prioritize profit over wokeness is painting a target on their back.

Yeah yeah sweatshops and stuff but that's a much lower priority than 🚂🚃🚃s and owning the rightoids.

Them being communist demon libertarians may seem like a retarded take but it predicts their actions as well as anything else

/pol/-tier comment




Buck Status: Broken

I do agree with you on the "communist demon pedophile" index being astonishingly accurate as of late.



Prove it. I bet the board meeting goes like this:

Chairman: so why is the ad about being trans? That's like what, 1% maybe, at most, of the population?

Retarded Director: yeah the gays are dumb though they'll buy anything with a rainbow. So will libs

Other Retarded Director: yeah and we can put this on our ESG report when we refi the term loan, they'll love this shit

Chairman: oh okay votes for? Unanimous? Thanks, passed, please make a note Mr Secretary

Source: I actually attend pubco and private board meetings on rare occasion

No, people don't know how logical fallacies work. Assuming something will lead to a slippery slope often with no evidence is a fallacy when in an argument. This does not mean that slippery slopes do not exist. They are just bad arguments when we cannot see the future. SSs obviously exist like with drug use. Weed leads to harder drugs a lot. As a straight edge objectively the best way to avoid drugs is to just never get into them.

He's also one of the first that I recall calling out the footfags and really cemented the male feminists=rapists meme

why has this guy become an unironic, significant social commentator?

Probably because the average 2021 American is barely literate


Like most people, one can have good, and bad takes.

All the comments saying this is willful damage and no policy would cover this are misreading the commercial because they are ignorant of the phenomenon of spontaneously manifesting trickster spirits who will trash your home

My home insurance makes me encircle my property with salt as a preventative measurement.

Salt only stops demons, you need more occult protections than that (it's in the fine print, that's how they get ya)

I got my comment in first

Nope he did by 1 minute sorry bby

Anyway he explained why I just needed salt.

My timestamp tells a different story

Sorry bby I was literally replying to him when I got my wholesome notification that you also replied. Anyways sugar you're missing the whole point: like I said I linked his comment to explain to you my need for my demonic salt block walls nothing about timing BBY.

I got more upvotes so I'm more right

Well considering :

  1. We have a history of upvoting lolcows


  1. The amount of autism here could cure cancer if our minds set to it

That really don't matter when it comes to upvotes. I mean I've upvoted you the whole time outta pity dollbaby.

Your pity gives me strength

That's because demons are only found in rural areas

Me and my pet succubus on our way to party in Louisville

What are you implying about the child in this commercial?

Notice the lack of a father figure.

Open and shut case, boys.


yaaaas queen destroy!

Kaczynski walked so t-girls could run.

Since when does home insurance cover when you failed to discipline your child and they intentionally smash the place up in a stunning bout of validity?


You've just been baited by a marketer for views. Reported for rightoid sneeding.

neurodivergent kid is a train

What did they mean by this

His test results were 100% fagginosis, and a partial Tardination of the Brain Ganglia. The boards verdict is repeated quadrasperg alignments.