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:marseydrunk: Wednesday night drunkposting [no scrotes] [only neet chads allowed] :marseydrunk:

This thread if for those loosers that are drunk on a Wednesday night. Why are you drunk? Is there any hope left? Why are you such a failure? Well tell us. :platytired:

Took me way to long to type this out coherently btw. I wanna see some appreciation. :marseydrunk:

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implying there are days when you are sober

Wow this place is way more functional than I thought

I haven't been sober since 2006

You a zoomer or something? I've been in a constant state of inebriation since 1988.

2006 I was 16. Before that I was weirdly afraid of all drugs, it wasnt till my boys threw me a party for losing my virginity that I got drunk for the first time. Tried weed a month or so later. Now I'm doing coke with my undocumented mexican buddy at work and doing shooters of 99 peaches lol

In 1988 I was 37.

Jesus christ your old bro. How are you still alive? I thought the ronies killed all the olds?

All the alcohol makes every germ and bacteria around me instantly die. I breath on wounds and they instantly heal like I'm some everclear powered Jesus.

I appreciate the constant “literally, every night” drunk because people think perhaps odd that I have an erratic schedule but because I hate the feeling of alcohol when I very much intentionally take by ADHD meds back to back for like 2 days and then can openly drink an entire bottle as a “reward” for getting some big project done, when I haven’t used my chemistry degree in 15 years, new grads can’t even get an interview w/ a 6 month search, so of course I’m just doing remote biochemistry I) , this is the magic degree!

I very much intentionally take by ADHD meds back to back

You didn't need to bring up your ADHD because my brotha we can all tell.

Hell yeah go off king

I pretend like I’m “in something deep” or have the awareness that something is wrong, not because “don’t tell me what to do,” but that since most people are kind and considerate it also means that usually whatever you actually wanted to talk about completely derailed to make sure everything is ok etc. I guess the consolation prize is that in my head I imagine a person who has interests so niche you can’t just Google to find good answers but then when he finds a tight knit community he resents them for truly caring for him as he doesn’t get a detailed answer and yearns one day a great dickhead will come, a person who incessantly argues details so trivial it’s heroic.

Are you one of those hobos with an iPhone?

I'm a polydrug addict


:marseydrunk: Wednesday night drunkposting [no scrotes] [only feet chads allowed] :marseydrunk:

This thread if for those loosers that are drunk on a Wednesday night. Why are you drunk? Is there any hope left? How big are your feet?? Well show us. :platytired:

Took me way to long to type this out coherently btw. I wanna see some feet. :marseydrunk:

We already saw Kellere's feet though, we need some variety

you can see my aryan as fuck eye if ya want

don't post your eye google depmind will cross-check it with data from facebook account verification videos and track down your relatives and send them your rdrama account don't do it please no

he thinks I have a facebook


Don't listen to him, he's not the boss of you. If you want to show us your eyes then it is your right





>aryan as fuck

Sure thing bro.

I'm drunk because my back hurts. I'm a backpaincel.

I haven't been drunk on a Wednesday in months.

Develop a crippling pill addiction instead. Still more respectable than Wednesday night drunkposting, backlet.

Wrong, being a drunk is time honored tradition. Pain pills are an invention of the industrial revolution.


Pfffft, I just eat whatever herbs I find in the ditch until I hallucinate, or until my tummy hurts too bad :marseygigaretard: :marseyspecial:

Wednesday night drunkposting [no scrotes] [only futa chads allowed] :marseydrunk:

This thread if for those loosers that are drunk on a Wednesday night. Why are you drunk? Is there any hope left? How big are your futa cocks?? Well show us. :platytired:

Took me way to long to type this out coherently btw. I wanna see some futa scat. :marseydrunk:


My feet are this big. I broke my ankle jumping out of a perfectly good plane like a retard.

Lul I broke mine in early April. 1st broken bone in my life, multiple fractures , one was almost a compound, 3 surgeries so far and probably more.

Stepped in a groundhog hole next to a fence post.

Honestly broken bones are a blessing compared to ligament tears and separations. I've broken my femur, my tibia, my ankle (twice now), a finger (2x as well), my collarbone, and 3 ribs, and I'm still healthier than 95% of burger adults (even with the alcoholism).

I agree but I also noticed you failed to upvote my comment about our painful shared experience...

Fixed, it was a drunken oversight.


Thanks and also thanks for not making me have to point out if you failed to upvote the reply where I pointed out you failed to upvote my reply.

Don't mind me, this seemed like a good dramacoin spot :marseyexcited:

Get anything good 🤔

Oh yeah

Jesus Christ, how fat are you two?

Hey man if you're going to try to troll maybe don't come off as a total idiot who can't read and use terrible bait.

I can read fine. I read that you broke half the bones in your old body because your fat ass was too drunk to walk.

Lul this actually pathetic.

I'm drinking because I'm watching basketball preseason and right now the Memphis Grizzlies third stringers and g leaguers are beating the Pacers' starters. It's celebratory.

Go jazz!

Can't help but root for our boy Mike.

I never figured you for a fan of that...

What's your favorite song?

Watermelon man

watermelon man

cantaloupe island


there are quite a few jazz standards named after melon varieties now that i think about it

brandon clarke is back

Dude I love it. I've been waiting for BC to get back to form. His passing has gotten so much better too. Also, just got banned from the Pacers subreddit for gloating, it generated quite a bit of seething, but the mods are too thin skinned to take a bit of banter.

Pacers have down bad for years so they're gonna be pretty emotional.

Besides Aldama and Culver there's a lot to be hyped about

I actually liked Aldama the last couple of games. He gets a little frazzles and forces things, but I've seen some good potential out of him too.

Well maybe... Wouldn't be too shocked if he never played a meaningful minute in the NBA. Guess we'll see how his development goes

You are so drunk you had to copy and paste your last drunken post didn't you buddy?


Hi Kellere I noticed you agreed with my observation ( the only dramatard who cares enough to notice btw) but failed to upvote it.

Edit: thank you kellere

In Colombia. Throat hurts. Not because I have covid but the amount of cocaine I’ve snorted. Also fucked the complete shit out of the hottest girl I ever had sex with literally a 9/10 borderline 10. Best part was it only cost me $80. Oh that’s right this is a drunk thread. Sorry for the ramble, I’m drunk af right now though. Anyways got an afternoon flight to Europe tomorrow lmao. 8 hours bottle to throttle.

That must have been the low point of her sex life

Haha short joke XD XD

I just thought he meant you're ugly. You're pretty sensitive huh?

I think I am very good looking so I thought it was another (1000th) lame unoriginal height joke

I did blow for the first time in 5 or six years tonight bro, I forgot how much I like it lol. Also most Europeancels are shorter than burgers so that should be a nice confidence boost for you 🥰

Ya it’s a nice buzz. Mainly did it because it’s like $5/gram here. Don’t do it too much in the states

I went to Gemrany once. Half the guys there were 5'7" 140 lbs. I don't get how white burgers and leafs came from Europe.

Alcohol is Haram poison tho

Wasted Wednesday checking in. Drinking because I need to clean and it helps me get motivated to scrub my toilet. No judgment from scrotes 💅💅💅💅

Mate, how fucked up is the residue of your ass vomit that scrubbing a toilet takes more than eight seconds of effort. I cleaned my toilet tonight too, while I was lounging in the bath a few feet away.

The only thing worse than a g*mer is a nihilist or a hedonist, but I repeat myself

I’m drunk because I just made $55k this afternoon i wasn’t expecting to make a month ago. I’ve already made all the expenses i need to get my business off the ground, so all I need to do is not get hit by a bus and 2022 is looking great

Bro shoot me a stack, I have to finish kitting this gun I bought

My friend hit me up for money so shamelessly today after I told him I had to give it to him.

Did you listen to Yeezus on your drive? If not do so now.

I did

Have some dramacoin fellow Yeezus enjoyer!

:soyjackwow: :marseyyeezus:

I can't drink but I'm high on my own farts, can I play too?

Seek help

If you drank you wouldnt be so short

This is the 2 late night drunkposting this week and it’s only Wednesday.

On about 6 white claws 4-5 days a week now. Start drinking when I make dinner and end around midnight. It used to be a lot worse.

I'm not drunk, though I have been smoking a bit of cannabis tonight.

Here's a question for you people: who is "Cherry?" I've seen her referenced a few times on the main site.

dunno man

Get sober and get some bitches :)

Gussy? Yikes.

I do not drink the mead of common peasantry, rather, I delight in Mountain Dew^TM Voltage^TM at my own leisure. With the Dew, I am ALWAYS sober, AND ALWAYS GAMING.


:marseygigachad: :marseycrusader: :marseysociety: :!marseycrusader: :!marseygigachad:

Weren't you already shitfaced two days ago?

Not drunk tonight as it was my first day back at work after a 5 day weekend.

Never really liked alcohol until I started buying wine and chardonnay. Spent my vacation doing THC oil during the day and wine/chardonnay at night paired with some free HelloFresh food. Maximum comfy


During my nightly fent dosing I was listening to 90s alt rock and noticed this line in Third Eye Blind's 'Losing A Whole Year'.

"When you start talking I hear the Prozac

Convinced you've found your place

With the pierced queer teens in cyberspace"

Song came out in '97. Kinda ahead of its time

Sadly alcohol ain’t Kosher so I can’t cope with it.